– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette here, a three-time PGA Teacher of the Year. Today’s subject’s a good one. In golf, what is a full shoulder turn? (upbeat music) (club smacks) So, in golf what is a full shoulder turn? I’ll show you what I think it is. And I’ll show you what I think is really a better way to go about it than really the concept of shoulder turn. If you like the video please
subscribe to the channel, got plenty of content for you there. is my home website, would love to have you check that out. So, what is a full shoulder
turn in the backswing? Well, typically we think
if it is 90 degrees of shoulder turn, or if you
like, back to the target, and for most players, approximately, they’ll have half that much
hip turn, about 45 degrees. That’s gonna vary a lot though
according to the athleticism of the player et cetera, et cetera. What’s the purpose of this shoulder turn? What are we trying to
accomplish with that? Well very simply, we’re trying to store
energy and store power. So, that’s the goal. So to me, a better way than
thinking of shoulder turn is really to think pivot. That’s the movement of
the body in this fashion. I think it comes more from the interior, from the core type muscles,
from the centered muscles. I think it’s a lot more powerful
and a lot more efficient. Now, a good example for that, I haven’t really used
the lawn mower lately, to be quite honest with you, but if you are pulling the
crank of some kind of an engine, or something like that, pulling the cord, you need to create some energy and you need to do it like that. You could think of maybe
a cable in a gymnasium, if it was on an angle. What would you do? Would you think of turning to pull it, or would you think of pivoting and creating that kind of action there, creating energy this way? I think it’s a lot easier and a lot more natural to
use the interior muscles and just basically pivot, and you’ll find your
shoulders will move nicely. They’ll be fine if you
just take care of that. Few years ago, I was out at a training seminar in California, studying with Fred Shoemaker out there, and he showed a group of us teachers. He said, take a golf ball like this, and with a little bit of a pivot, how would you load to
throw that golf ball? If you had to in a moment’s notice, skip that thing sidearm
across the water or what not, how would you move? Well, it took us a second to practice it. It’s pretty instinctive really,
you can try this at home. And as I worked on that, I
found a couple of things. Number one, my golf swing,
as I compared notes mentally, had a lot more movement in it than that. But number two, it really didn’t
feel as ready or as stored. So, this feeling I got here
was something I could start to translate into the golf club, kind of mapping my
right hand, and the body would just sort of spring
into that engaged position. That really was powerful but was coming much more from
the inside of the body there, not so much from the shoulders. Another advantage I really
think of thinking more in terms of pivot being dynamic like that versus the traditional
thought of shoulder turn, I think it’s easier to stay more centered and stable in the backswing and
easier to stay on your axis. I’ve seen so many people when they think turning
from their shoulders that move too much, they move this way, and they get all sorts of
unnecessary instability going. But typically when we think of pivot, especially that throw
the right hand thing, they were right on point there. Let’s have a look from this angle. Many times when I see people think of turning their shoulders, they’ll turn and the
plain will get too flat, they have a hard time
staying in their body angles, but again if we go back
to our lawn mower pull, if the string was coming up at an angle, you can picture the angle at my body. I can just pull and stay
right on that axis there. It is a lot easier to do. So, I think it has a real advantage to it. Let’s try one here, see
if I can stay on my axis. Let me rehearse my spot, that feels good. That felt okay. Just a simpler and more
powerful way to do it I think. So, I hope that’s helpful
with golf full shoulder turn, how to think about it, maybe a
different way to go about it. Subscribe to the channel
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  1. Thanks Adam. Some great thoughts to work with. I just love the comparisons with what we do in every day life. You make it so simple to understand.

  2. Great video as always ! I really like the image of the lawnmower! I’ve a comment though. For golfers like me, with a long history of high demanding sports like boxing and swimming, I literally can’t turn my shoulders that much. I have a huge lack of flexibility because of the size of my chest and my lateral muscles. So the only way for me to reach a ”full” shoulder turn was to straighten up my body and thus get out of the plane. So now, I stop my backswing when my left arm is parallel to the ground, that’s my maximum turn. I’ve seen a lot of amateur golfers doing exactly the same mistake as I did. I think that a huge majority of amateur players aren’t flexible enough to reach a full shoulder turn…

  3. Just had a lesson and the Pro said the same thing, but this was explained much more simply than the lesson I received and is video cost nothing. By the way, this does work!

  4. Zero dislikes for this video…for good reason. I have too much lateral movement in my swing and i hit the ball fat a lot. I think it's because we hear about width in the swing and it's caused me to get confused about the correct movements. This makes perfect sense to me and i have a feeling it will help relieve some hip pain i get after playing golf. Thanks

  5. I enjoy your videos and how you present it. I refer golfers to your videos as they are clear, easy to understand and very helpful. Thanks for the quality videos…

  6. I understand the pivot motion but with my flexibility it feels like the club is too steep when I do this and my left arm is very bent.

  7. This is something I have been working on a lot lately and I have improved. The two analogies you have with the lawnmower and the throw will, I think be useful. Thank you.

  8. Great video Adam. It’s like someone has turned the light on. Suffered from lateral movement but this is the cure. So simple

  9. I used a flymo lawnmower as a drill, bit heavy though, if I think shoulders! my hips don't coil, so pivot makes sense shoulders will follow great video 👍⛳⛳⛳

  10. This gentleman is the most articulate person I've ever heard. His advice is dead on. For the life of me I don't understand why lessor minds have more hits. I'm truly indebted to you for helping me so much with my game.

  11. adam, very goodthoughts and drill. when i get to the top my arms seem to collapes, is this from improper turn and pivot? whatdo you think is the cause of this as most of the guys i golf with all seem to do this.

  12. Be careful with the "lawnmower" action – this is a great way to get your right elbow stuck behind your body if you're focusing on pulling it back.

  13. Hi Sir im 8 handicaper before i lift up my backswing with arms now after watch your videos which is very helpful to me , i eliminate my hands movement on my backswing and really got very good contact with the ball every time but i am facing club shut club face problems at impact after this i tried everything weakend my grip but im get confused with this problem i was a high draw ball hitter before but now my ball flight is going low and left even with very good angle of coming down please help whats the problem with my swing now after maximize my shoulder turn.

  14. I was at my whips ends, my teaching pro, had move away, the pro at TPC Tampa Bay never call back, and I have gone to the web, "something that you should NEVER do, because you would end up very confused, I have taken many lesson's, but some how I lost my lines, I was not making a shoulder turn, and I had no one to look at it, even though I have taken so many lesson's they were all the same, when I ask, I need
    to know I have made a shoulder turn, and I was always told, but You do make a shoulder turn naturally, so we did not work on my visual for
    so about 3 weeks, ago, I decided to go back to the basics, and just set athletically, and punp the chest out, I did and I hit some good shots, I also came home with my lower back hurting bad.
    I also found a site that say let the left shoulder pass the ball, I did that and I was a reverse K, so I was very confused, to the point that I told my friend, I'm done, I do not know what to do, I can not find a pro that is not busy or would return a phone call.
    But I never give up, some how I came to these video, the first thing I say was, "There is no way, is that easy" so the next day I went to the Tampa bay downs golf range, where I go all the time, and gave it a go, first try, I saw the ball, I hit the ball.
    I went to play last weekend after 3 days of practice, and I was able to shoot an 80, note that my regular score before all went down hill has been 78 76, so I knew I wasn't so bad, anyways.
    Thanks to you, I'm hitting the ball again, and I have full visual of the ball, I had lost sight of the golf ball, I had no idea where it was, and I
    Knew had to do with my stance and posture, I used to be one of those, who would make sure the club is at the correct distance, then the ball position, then set the body.
    You fix it in one shot, I don't do that anymore, it is so nice to be able to see that ball again and hit a golf shot
    Thank you. , Thank you very much.

  15. 3:44 What kind of fairway grass is that? Not even a scuff mark on the turf! May I ask if you consciously you rotate your left-hand knuckles down toward the ball at impact to square the clubface? Thanks!

  16. Adam. Amazing explanations. I made 2 trips to Lake Nona in the early 90's and played to a 2 for 5 years until, ultimately, I lost the feel of the pivot. My handicap has been all over the map due to poor grip and poor rotation. Your video on putting the meaty pad on top of the shaft, hinging by downward pressure at 1 o'clock on the grip and starting the lawnmower got me back to solid ball striking in just a few shots. Faldo may not know you from a hole in the ground but he should. Great stuff. I'm ready to shoot my age (63)!

  17. Excellent video I have a question what shoulder should be the dominant shoulder in the takeaway the lead shoulder( left) or the trail shoulder (right ) for a right-handed golfer

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