Impressions from Kentucky football’s 24-7 loss at South Carolina

This is John Clay, Sports Columnist for
the Lexington Herald Leader along with my colleague Josh Moore,
UK Football Beat Writer. We are here outside of Williams–Brice
Stadium after Kentucky’s 24-7 loss to South Carolina. Josh, obviously not a good performance
from Kentucky, especially offensively. What did you take out of this game?>>Yeah, I guess the one thing you can say
is maybe the The best thing is that they didn’t get shut out. It sure looked like that
was headed that direction.>>We were all thumbing through our
little guides and stuff to find. When was the last time they got shut out? Which was against Vanderbilt,
Tucker Phillips last year. So avoided Stoops. Having his first shut out
during the Stoops era. But I didn’t mean to interupt.>>Which I think does not mean,
and yeah obviousy it sucks. It was not a good performance by any
>>Offensively at least you can’t look at anything they really
did tonight and be excited about, where things are headed that direction but
also, the fact that they didn’t get shut out does say something, they didn’t
they kept kind of press in there and Chris Rodriguez ripped off a really
good run there at the end. So, cool seeing him getting some touches. Man, I felt bad for
the defense though, I think. Especially, I felt that way
a little bit last week. But especially this week cuz I
thought they played their tails off. Especially there a lot in the first half. I mean missing tackles. They didn’t play perfect by any
stretch of the imagination but they played more than good enough
to win this Football game.>>Yeah, they hung in there considering
they were getting absolutely no help from the offense. And I’m sure some of that was at the end
was, you know they had to be tired. They had to be worn down and
Kentucky turned it over early, you know early in a sec and first drive And
then they’ve turned it over in the first draught of the second half which led to a
30 yard touchdown run for South Carolina. So yeah, the defence but
the offence has got to get fixed. Obviously Sawyer Smith is not healthy. He’s not 100%
>>[INAUDIBLE] biggest thing coming out
of the press conferences. You may be saying he should have
turned it over to Lynn Bowden earlier which suggests I mean,
he’s not listed the way on the dev chart. It sounds like Lynn Boden
is quarterback number two.>>Quarterback yeah.>>And I don’t know what he
stlil acted like Walker or somebody he was confident in. But I don’t know. To me, it suggests you’re-
>>He’s not showing it if he is. Lynn and you know they Lynn i mean i’m
sure as capable you know if it comes down to that you obviously we’d
rather have a healthy saw you’re going into Arkansas you got two weeks
said he probably won’t throw for a week as you know concerning
you know after he goes really plays the whole game all but
that last series for the cats and not. Got hit several times. I don’t know it’d be He
mentions two injuries. So he talked about,
I guess the wrist and the shoulder.>>Yeah, I guess so. He didn’t specify what the injuries
are but he did say two injuries, yeah.>>And so that would be my
guess is the that’s rough. That’s not something you want out
of your starting quarterback. This has turned into The Terry Wilson injury is turned into
quite a season changer. We thought it might be, but
it’s playing out that way now for UK.>>Yeah, we knew it was important,
but I don’t think we knew the gravity of how important What
we do now after watching his game?>>Was so sharp through the wave saw you
playing in the, in the forward again. After woefully he played, as all he
attempt to, he really wasn’t freed. No one is perfect, he made mistakes but he played in a way that you could
have won that game definatelty. I still go back and didn’t think shouldn’t have won that game
>>But don’t matter when you’re
playing football in the SCC.>>The good news, they have an off week. They have two weeks to get ready for
Arkansas. Can use this week off week to get healthy. Eddie Grant after the game, you guys were
offensive coordinator compared it to when they got
>>Beat 45-7 his first year. Their second game down in Florida. They found a way to figure
something out from that with Steven Johnson cuz
Drew Barker was hurt. He kinda compared the situation to that. And they gotta figure out how
to get the offense going. This is two weeks in a row. But tonight was much worse. About the way the offense played. They’ve gotta find a way
to get some offense.>>And it’s interesting that he did,
yeah, he brought all that up. And it makes you wonder Even if Sawyer’s
healthy, how much more they’re gonna work with Lynn to get more situated with
him because, it starts making you wonder even if healthy sawyer if he’s 100% or
90% of whatever he is. How much more going forward Lynn
might be involved in the offense it is Wildcat quarterback or I think if
you’re if you’re starting quarterback at that point you’re not really the Wildcat
quarterback anymore but Right.>>Yeah,
I think they’re gonna look at anything and everything over these next two weeks,
especially this bye week. So be sure and check out all of our
coverage of the game on and the print edition Leader. We’ll have plenty of coverage even during
the off week about what’s going on. We’ll get some media opportunities with
him, I’m sure during the off week.>>Yeah, player.
>>And then Kentucky gets back home for, and they’ll be glad to get back home
to play Arkansas on October the 12th. Thanks again, this is John Clay and
Josh Moore, the Herald-Leader. And thanks for watching.

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  1. Dude…. Sc had some backups in on that UK td drive…. It shouldn't be a bright spot for you. Also, maybe give some props to the dline that manhandled your line and gave the UK qb no time in the pocket

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