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Four jokers, one loser. We’re here
at Dix Hills Golf Course where people are having
just a great day playing golf. Beautiful. I don’t have to explain this
to you, do I? Nope. I’m just gonna
ruin people’s golf game. Both: Yeah. I added two and two.
I got four. There you go.
You got four? -Oh.
-And it all comes together. And that’s how it goes.
-Wow! Swipe. Swipe. Beautiful, beautiful day here
at Dix Hills Course, right? Sun is shining,
birds are chirping. -Oh, yeah.
-Nothing could ruin this day. -Uh-oh.
-Oh! -Here he comes.
-There he is. The ruiner of fun —
Sal Vulcano. You just got to mess up
every game. You just got to mess up
every game. Look out.
Here comes a ball. That’s a shot. Q: Oh, there it is. -Come on, buddy.
-Go play that ball, Sal. Oh, God. Golf is all about rules
and etiquette, right? -Yes, these people —
-You don’t violate this. -Traditions.
-And then there’s Sal who’s coming in to destroy
all of it in one fell swoop. Sal: I’m so nervous
and I don’t know what to do. who’s coming in to destroy
I hate this a lot right now. Q: Oh, my God.
Waving at no one. -Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hit it!
There we go! There we go! Hit it!
There we go! There we go! Sir! Sir!
My friend. Hold it. [ Laughter ] This one here is
a Top Flite, though. Well…
What, you picked it up? Oh. [ Laughter ] Maybe you need to
go over there. Q: “All right, thank you.”
Hit it again. [ Laughter ] Thank you. I appreciate it.
I don’t know. I thought you said that
that wasn’t your ball. Well, I… Man, I am glad
this is not me. Oh, my God. Murr: Oh.
There’s the ball. They’re asking you to move
right where that ball landed. I want you on a business call —
a big merger, buddy. Bob, I don’t have time for this.
I’m on the links. I say we merge.
I don’t care. I’m sorry, hold on, Bob.
I got to merge. I’m sorry, I was on a call.
I didn’t hear you. You can’t go on the green
with the cart. I’m sorry? You can’t go on the green
with the cart. Oh, I’m sorry, I was on a call.
I’m so sorry. [ Laughter ] Merge, guys.
Merge the two companies. Just —
Just spin in circles. No.
After today — After today, the two
companies become one. Yeah, I don’t know. Well, I have stock options. I’m getting nauseous. [ Laughter ] You knew where I’d be. Joe: Here we go, Sal.
Teeing off. All right, Sal,
grab the bucket of balls in the back of the cart. Go dump them
right around their ball. Q: Oh, that is good.
Here we go. Here we go. Q: Oh, that is good.
Here we go. Here we go. Oh, they’re watching you.
They’re watching you. Oh-ho-ho! Oh! Oh, yeah, yeah.
Absolutely. That’s why
I’m trying my best. [ Laughter ] -Sal, hit it.
-Sal, hit it!
-Hit it, Sal. Go! Sir, I was —
’cause you’re right in the way of the thing there. -Yeah, ’cause we’re playing.
-We’re playing here. -Oh, no, I —
-We’re gonna play through. -So wait until we’re —
-Oh, no. As well. As well. Me, too.
No trouble. I was — I was also playing. Oh! I would’ve got that in.
I would’ve got that. All right. I would’ve got that one
in, but… Oh, my God. [Bleep] Joe:
Get in there, Sal. [ Whistles ] Sal: How’s your game
going so far today? -Okay.
-He’s teeing two balls. “I’ll take
the closer one.” I could pick up the closer ball
if you want. We’ll line it up together.
We’ll double-team it. -Oh, you want to take that one?
-Yeah, I’ll take that one. -Yeah, Sal!
-I’ll get that one. Q: He’s a charming son
of a bitch, man. Sal, you sink this shot,
it’s over. ♪♪ All: Oh! -Oh, my God!
-Whoa! Are you kidding me? Ride off into the sunset,
champion. I’ll teach you everything
I know. I can’t believe it. Q: Wow. Here’s to a
beautiful friendship. [ Laughter ] Can’t get any better
than this. I agree.
We’re winning it.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Sal’s Shank Shots in Golf (Punishment) | truTV

  1. This is so funny, sometimes it’s so funny I can’t even watch it, just thinking about how embarrassing that would b

  2. Just like Candid Camera, these aren't jokes, just people getting pissed off at jerks that don't want to look like a-holes once this jig is up.

  3. Yeah I would prolly punch the guy if someone did that to me lol I'm a serious golfer with a 4 handicap so I take the game seriously (sometimes) other times it's just fun to hit the ball as hard as you can and relieve some stress lol

  4. Sal nailed this punishment, he was brilliant. This is one of my FAVORITE Jokers punishments. I laugh my ass of every time I watch this, I must have seen it 25 times and NEVER get tired of this one. Only Sal could pull this off, he is SOOOO talented. Merge, merge the 2 companies ? The ending is so cool riding off with his new golf buddy smoking a stogie ???

  5. There thinking for this punishment had to be great "Well we get recognized everywhere we go so where can we go to be unrecognized…… let's golf with old people!!!!!!!"

  6. How is nobody gnna comment on the fact that they end it by blazing some cigars after an awesome shot and the fact that this video is 4:20 long?

  7. In all honesty…if I saw this on the course, I'd know it was a joke. This type of stuff couldn't happen in real life!!! I would play along.

  8. A REAL joke you need to play on a course is to get there before everyone and take ALL the carts and park them on the course somewhere, everywhere, block entrances, hide the keys, etc. This is real fun!

    You can also take those little vote for whoever signs out there and pluck them down all over the course! You will need to set up some really good hidden cams to get the reactions of the staff though.

  9. Oddly, the golf club had to on some level sanction this, or there’d be a massive law suit for trespassing and illegally filming and publishing guests on their privacy property. That means some dipshit decision maker on the course is going to live with countless complaints from old members who would be pissed they were part of it.

  10. This is one punishment where if I were the random people in it I might still be upset after finding out it was staged. If I'm working hard at something, be it golf or something else, and someone else is intentionally messing it up, that's annoying, joke or not. I think this one isn't really in the spirit of the show, where normally it's only the jokers who are harmed.
    I don't really play golf, but if someone messed up something I took seriously, then it turned out it was just a prank, I'd laugh a little and take it in stride, but I'd still be a little pissed off.

  11. In general this show:
    – makes me laugh uncontrollably
    – OR –
    – makes me so uncomfortable I want to crawl out of my skin

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