Importance of Reacting Quickly (Baseball Bat Attack)

Hey guys Nick Drossos I’m here with big Nick 6’7” we are looking at the importance of… We are talking about reaction. How important is the timing, same thing if he was throwing just a regular strike, but with a baseball bat it’s even that much more. I have to time it. If I start moving now I’m getting hit. I got to start moving now at the instant he winds up, he angles off, he takes a step. I got to explode forward. If I’m moving back, let’s say I’m moving back… As I am moving back, look what I’m doing. I’m moving here, why? Because I am ready to explode forward. So even if my body is leaning back, I have to be ready to move in. The longer I stay out here the more challenges I’m going to have of getting hit with the bat. Now, if you have a chair, just throw anything at him to just intercept that baseball bat attack. And again timing is key… You could watch the video and understand it, but you need to practice it. Timing is something that you have to train. And the quicker that you can react and reaction means being able to pick up his body language and moving a few seconds prior to the strike or to and wind up. So once he’s doing this I see him winding up I got to move in right away explode. Once momentum starts kicking up, you either, you might get hit or you are not going to get a full good block and trap for you to strike. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you want to learn more self defense go visit our website Code Red Defense dot com Stay safe and stand strong. [BLANK_AUDIO]

9 thoughts on “Importance of Reacting Quickly (Baseball Bat Attack)

  1. Run, Fly or equalize! A baseball bat will cause serious damage to you if you are on the receiving end of one. Two of my rules with a baseball bat are like if someone pulls a knife on you — BEAT YOUR FEET! of find something to equalize if you have a gun it would be a time to use it.

  2. i actually have a small/medium backpack with a full 2 litre bottle of water inside that could probably take the force of the bat, but the only problem is its a bit fiddly to use and once ive drank it, well, there goes my shield! lol
    Nick, do you reckon you could do a video on what to do if they're not aiming for your head, but your knees, to take out your legs and finish you off when they're done? Thanks again btw

  3. How about if he's holding the bat with both hands instead of one? Isn't that a more common way most assailants would attack with a baseball bat?

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