#IMakeApps | Josefin Eklund | Neon light artist | Forza Football | Sweden

A couple of years ago
I only wore black, my inside also got black. But then when I found neon
I got very, very happy. I like this color. And started to dress
colorful again. I got completely
obsessed with it, started making
my own neon pieces. How about here?
I’ve had a couple of electric shocks. It makes me feel alive. Neon lights really
fascinates me because they are more
than just a still piece of art. They have this gas
dancing inside the tubes. When you put neon
in a very dark environment all of a sudden
it’s beautiful. It helps me see the world
in a new light and brings people closer.

22 thoughts on “#IMakeApps | Josefin Eklund | Neon light artist | Forza Football | Sweden

  1. Once an interviewer asked me "You just make apps then why I'll pay you this much amount?"

    I replied :
    I don't make apps. I make dreams

  2. What are this video doing on this channel? How does it related to an android development process or any other aspects of android?

  3. I have set min API = 15 , compile API to 28 , target API=26 , SDK build tool =28.0.3
    Still app is not running on API 24 mobile
    Help me please

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