I’m so pro in table tennis?

Hello! I’ve shown the video “Amateur Level” in China. Some players say “They
are normal. I can beat them easily”. Yes, you can. But have you filmed yourself
playing and watched it? I onced think that “I’m so pro”, but when
I watch myself playing. I was so
disapointed about my skills. Yesterday, I think that I play 80% like MaLong,
but today I know that “I’m a noob”. Today, I will show you the “Semi-Pro” level
in China. That means, they are not
pro players yet, but they are training to be Pro. Let’s look! This is the routine that every Pro players
must go though. Repetition,
repetition and repetition, until you have this incredible fast reflex. I just want to say “table tennis is one of
the hardest sport in the world”. Many
new players think that it’s easy, and I’m very good.” So film yourself playing, and you will discover
the truth. Remember: The
camera is one of your best coach. So if you watch yourself playing, and discover
the truth, the best thing you can do rightnow is …

34 thoughts on “I’m so pro in table tennis?

  1. In short: Without a good training routine and a good coaching program, you can't go pro in table tennis. No exception!

  2. I wish these people who said the journalists look easy to film themselves and post it on line. You will see the speed difference or even where the ball lands etc… And criticise yourself just as much.

  3. hello
    you are totally right
    my level and the level of whose I know is pretty down.

    in my country, the level is a disaster
    but I like table tennis very much and I would like to improve and show to my friends how to improve your level.

    thanks a lot for your advices, they are pretty interesting.
    can you give me some practices to improve my acceleration on my arm to make better my forehand and backhand

  4. Even if you cry dying to be a pro, it’s meaningless, because you can never be able to match the Chinese in table tennis. They work harder than you; they work smarter than you. And yet they are still so humble. Can you do that!? As the Chinese say, if you can be humble, you will never worry about failure. ★★★★★

  5. Video footage is the basis for my improvement. I know pretty accurately what I look like, and sometimes it's really good.

    I do remember not knowing what I looked like, and thinking I was way better than I am.

  6. Holy crap!!!!!!!!! but you are totally right, I watched myself on video and it's totally different from what I imagine myself looking like. It looks terrible! Rallies so high above the net. Just another n00b 🙂

  7. I already filmed myself and still got good results do you think I'm improving? need help here coach

  8. I can't believe you are telling people they will never be top players and that they are noobs anyone can be a great player and even a professional if they work hard enough,maybe they can be the best in their country or go to the Olympics.

  9. europeans like rallying when playing table-tennis, thats why when they see chinese amaetur players they think they can beat them easily as there are no rallies and their defenses are super weak. However, the hard thing of them to understand is, chinese players, especially amaetur one, focus much more on controling. If you dont have that mindset or dont understand what i am saying right now, u can never raise up an attack against them. Their short ball, serve, placement, spin as well as "quirkiness" (in same level with the opponent, of coz)of the ball will make one's accuracy of attacking falls massively, and even you can attack the ball, the power is hindered and the ball placement is under his control. This makes the chinese player always the first to attack, and once his attacking, his atk is fast and so strange, that you cannot block or even catch the tracjectory of the vall when you are playing. Those things, can hardly be imagained using a camera, as you see the whole body as well as the whole movement of him, but standing against them, you will start to feel strange and understand what i am talking

  10. Wow. One day I went to play a match and I felt like Ma Long playing, later on that week I saw my match on a tv channel and I didn't play as I thought I played.

  11. As someone who is a complete beginner and has no shot of being anything important in the tt world. I'm sure some of your viewers have a shot, and maybe they shouldn't cry. Maybe one day they will fight against the ma longs

  12. This is so true for so many different things. I thought I am a really good singer until I taped myself and listened. Errr….. Keep the day job.

  13. hi i love watching your videos. i have been playing table tennis for 1 and a half years now still very noob only play for recreation (how ever every week i have a guys night at my house about 5-9+guys come over to play. depending on no. of guys we play doubles or singles) what is the best angle to film myself. I would like to join a club someday just to play social and play other players as my hose is almost like a minni club on Thursday nights lol

  14. Something similar happened to me yesterday
    My coach told about an error I'm doing, and I had no idea I'm doing it since I never watched my self play
    This small tip he gave me helped me a lot.
    I guess that if I were to film my self I could see it as well

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