IHM Football Academy new football facilities

Pete: Hi Pete and Mick here from IH Manchester
Football Academy. We’re really excited today because we are taking a look round our brand
new training facility. So we’re going to be looking at how these facilities can help the
coaches and the players to be the the absolutely best they can be, so Mick you’ve been here
before, had a look round what are your feelings? Mick: Well it’s a brand new facility so to
have top class facilities like we’ve got here it can help the players and the coaches to
perform to their best. When we have a look round you’ll see that it’s modern and brand
new and all set up ready for elite performers to be in here and can focus on being at their
best as they are training and playing. Pete: Fantastic well lets have a look, we’ll show
you why we’ve chosen this facility for our players at IH Manchester Football Academy. Hi so you’ve by now seen a little bit of the facilities that we were really keen to show
you and you’ll have seen that it’s a brand new facility and that means that means our
squad are getting sole use of this initially because we’ve got some fantastic features
to show you later on. We’re going to go out and have a look at the 3G pitches there and
you’ll have seen that this is actually a centre that is used for taekwondo GB and so we’ve
got a gym, there’s some excellent changing rooms and let’s have a look and show you why
this is going to have such an impact on the IH Manchester football academy squad.

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