IE 101 Visits Iowa State Football Facility

So one of the trips that we’ve made this
semester in Industrial Engineering 101 or IE 101 was to the athletic equipment
storage facilities for our football team and we had two different trips of 25
students each get to make a backstage tour if you will of the facilities with
Jonathan Sedgwick who’s the head equipment manager. He did a wonderful
job of showing our students what it takes to basically run the football team
from the back end of the house and so one of the things that I think is
very cool about that as an industrial engineer are all the different
applications of industrial engineering that you can see in these facilities and
in the processes that they’ve implemented. When we talk about systems
this is an incredibly complicated and large system in terms of people,
equipment, information and all of the different things that go into scheduling
and getting the right stuff at the right place at the right time. So a lot of
things we were going over today are different processes and organizations
of the equipment room here at Iowa State and the different
things that we really need to do to be organized and keep in detail with all
the things that we do around here so everything from organization of how we
do laundry and and how we distribute everything to our players and coaches to
how we get ready for an away game and how we get everything loaded
onto our semi to different things with our helmets and shoulder
pads and different technologies that go into those as well. A lot of different
technology goes into those and really a lot of it’s for our players
safety and ultimately that’s the most important part of our job is player
safety and making sure they’re as safe as possible. Another component of
industrial engineering that we saw here is in the human factors and ergonomics
side. When we had some really good and interesting explanations and
show-and-tell of the different kinds of equipment that our football players wear
or have the choices in terms of options of wearing so different types of helmets
and shoulder pads and I thought that was very fascinating to think about as a
freshman you know with that question mark of what am I going to do as an
industrial engineer to stand there in front of the different
pieces of equipment and think someday I can help design that, someday I can help
manufacture that and someday I can help sell that and all of those are relative
to industrial engineering.

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