Idaho Falls Chukars take crucial extra inning contest at Missoula Osprey

on the diamond the battle for first continues in Missoula the Osprey in Idaho Falls chuckers are tied at the top of the North Division standings with only three days left in the first half of the season the Pioneer League gives out a playoff spot to the top team in the first half so plenty on the line on a breezy evening an ogre and Park Allegiant steal the osprey crushed the chuckers in the series opener last night I’ll go 2/3 of the chuckers were out to a three nothing lead but Cam Corsi brings Missoula closer with his first professional home run that got out quickly to make it three to one now bottom of the fourth with a runner on first base spencer Brickhouse drills it into the corner and Wright rattles around enough to like Kris Tristen quran’s a hustle all the way around from first base and that cuts the lead to 3 to 2 and then just a couple batters later Dominic Enzo with the infield drawn in knocks it past everyone to bring in brick house that ties the game top of the sixth Chuck is threatening but his Mulder Rodriguez lines out to second to end that threat we got all the way to extra innings the Tucker scored 3 in the top of the 10th they lead six to four with the Osprey trying to come back right now in the bottom of the 10th

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