Iceland Golf Weekend – Midnight Golf

When you find a place where the sun doesn’t set
It means the golf doesn’t have to end with almost 24 hours of daylight
this place is perfect for midnight golf I AM THE WEEKEND GOLFER
and this is Iceland. I’ve been trying to take this trip ever since
I saw this photo of a man playing golf with the sun setting
and this caption that read “play golf at midnight” with Iceland tourism trending
I’m going to show you two ways to play midnight golf
If you like playing tournament golf, or want to see the mountains
then signing up for the Arctic Open is for you
It’s about a 5 hour drive north of the Airport but it’s one of the most scenic drives you
will take. especially when the rental car you get is
a 2014 Suzuki with 120k kms on it… beautiful (sarcastic voice)
This is a fun amateur event that is open to people from all over the world
It’s a 36 hole stableford system that takes in your handicap
since you can book this through their tour operator
this option is good for people who need things planned for them. The second option is to stay closer to the
town center of Reykjavik Basing yourself in the capital city you will
pay through the nose for a hotel room that is the size of a closet at home. “There’s the desk, there’s my stuff and there’s
the bed… oops” That’s OK because with almost 24 hours of
daylight, you won’t be in the hotel much “So we are off to try to find this golf course,
called this” “Good luck pronouncing that”
“I’ve seen this on Instagram and been looking forward to this”
“Hopefully it’s out here” What I found was the most stunning challenging
golf course I’ve ever played This is a 12 hole course with plans to expand
to a full 18 I can truly say that if you are going to play
just one course in Iceland “MAKE IT THIS ONE”
“I hate to disappoint you all but I’m not coming back to Canada”
“Now that I’ve found this course, I’m staying here”
It’s dramatic It’s breathtaking
It’s a little bit of an adventure that you will remember long after you leave here
If you ever tell someone you went to Iceland, they will ask
“Did you go to the Blue Lagoon?” It’s a bit of a tourist trap and it’s a bit
crowded but you have to go
Just make sure you book well in advance The blue lagoon starts at 54 euros if you
book early that rate includes a towel and the first drink
is free It’s good to find a little relaxation between
rounds After the blue lagoon its off for the main
event Midnight golf
“So we are off to find some random Icelandic dudes”
“to see if they will play some midnight golf” this is the GKG golf club
I read about this program called the golf buddy
it’s where tourist like me can be paired with locals
after just a few holes, it felt like my Sunday foursome
I was pretty nervous walking in little did I know these guys had a perfect
ending to our day “ten minutes to putt out at midnight”
“about 6 minutes to midnight right now, the suns still up”
“one minute to go” “Midnight Baby!!!!” This is just one more thing that I want to
throw at you to show you that golf isn’t just about joining
a country club it’s now 1 o’clock in the morning
the sun it barely set and now it’s coming up again
everyone had a few beers and ready to go again so, golf around the clock? why not!
until next time follow me at the weekend golfer
and see our other travel videos

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