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Toh yaha hume bhaitha diya hai to ask… as usual jo notion hota hai that women don’t know anything about cricket…which is wrong You know usually, women are always underestimated when it comes to cricket So, let’s see how we fare right now! Aise na! He does aise! Isko kya bolte hai? Second finger! Okay, is this the finger? I’m not sure I think this finger Index Is it right? Okay! Leg before cricket Leg before wicket. Cricket kya hota hai? Leg before wicket Leg off field or something like that Is W for white? Leg between wicket…leg before wicket! I think it’s leg over the ball wicket Left first ball…? Like you guys are really underestimating us For sure, duck is zero Mean’s he’s out A zero Duck means zero balls… I mean zero runs Rohit Sharma Dhoni? Okay, I know the Captain is Virat Kohli Rohit Sharma And he always stands next to the Captain and uske baad Dhoni khada rehta hai Hum dekhte hai wo national anthem ka poora panning shot… We see it and we stand also Is it K.L. Rahul? No? Who’s it? England? Chalo I think I’m gonna give a wild guess Pakistan? No… wait England? ah…. Af..no af.. no no West Indies? Australia? India? I don’t know maybe West Indies West Indies It has to be the man who just retired It is Yuvraj Singh Abhi news me tha yaar Man of the match right? Virat Kohli Dhoni Is it Yuvraj? MS Dhoni Wait, I know who is the Man of the Match… let me just guess it..I think it was MS Dhoni I think once Never! Huh uh trick question None, not even once That I know… I am sure of Zero Yay! Just like I had expected I mean it’s close enough… I thought I’d get like 5 And I was given a wrong question That would be there… which is how many balls are there in an over So, I came prepared thinking that I’d get at least one more right I got 7 right? Pakka? Rigged toh nahi hai? Okay guys, so I think I did a pretty fair job and… everyone should be proud of me And don’t you dare underestimate women cricket or women thinking about..okay bye!

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  2. Am I the only girl who knew the answer of all these questions………… And watching this video while watching India vs new zealand match

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