iCASE Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence

hi i’m Tom Valcke and i’m the general manager of iCase Ontario’s very first student focus full-time baseball academy and it’s coming to Stratford Ontario its beginning in September of 2013 I case has partnered with the Avon Maitland District School Board and Stratford northwestern secondary school to create a unique opportunity for junior and senior student athletes they are going to take their baseball skills to the next level taught by world-renowned baseball coaches in an academic environment so that they continue to strive towards their ontario secondary school diploma we’re going to train the players during the day so that the students can leave a more balanced life and after school get involved in other curricular activities do their homework or just hang out with their friends each individual athlete will be assessed upon entry into I case and we will groom their training programs towards their body in their state of development on the baseball team my case is going to ensure ongoing physical assessments to make sure these student athletes are on track we’re going to pay attention to nutritional habits we’re also going to incorporate anti-bullying and social justice programming into this so that these student-athletes not only become better baseball players but also better citizens my case wants to have kids from Ontario kids some other parts of Canada and kids from abroad and international markets are very attracted to Ontario education so we want to give them another incentive to come here and that is to play baseball while they’re obtaining their English ontario secondary school diploma well my career in baseball spans 25 years it’s a labor of love but in all the jobs I’ve had in baseball and they’ve been pretty well every of the spectrum coaching is my passion and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing a kid set a goal and reach a goal when that’s what I want to do we have of course two baseball fields on campus at Stratford northwestern secondary school we have an indoor training center called the Cavalier that’s almost 10,000 square feet that enables us to train throughout the Canadian winter will also will work on strength and conditioning at the YMCA and the school’s gymnasium and weight room really thank you hear about iCase more kids we get fired more baseball getting play and that is what counts really excited to hear about I case you know more baseball that we can play at school the better off we’re going to be Tom wish you all the best for this Ontario has some tremendous club team baseball programs and they have served the needs to a certain point but with the success of Canadians in baseball right now Justin Morneau Joey Votto we’ve got two dozen in the major leagues right now with that success with the Academy’s emerging out in Western Canada it was definitely time for Ontario to get on board I case is an innovative approach to education in the future the Avon Maitland District School Board and Stratford northwestern secondary school our leading edge we welcome you to Stratford and we look forward to having you be part of our community scouts could only spend so much time in Canada we have a big country in a shortened season so if we can gather those best athletes in one place and have that make it easy on the scouts and ages to come and see them and especially with access to three border points of the USA just a couple hours away from Stratford we really give these kids an opportunity to be seen and reach those goals that they’re striving one of the main reasons we’ve created I cases to give kids an opportunity to train baseball every day whether it’s the throes of the Canadian winter it doesn’t matter there are no elevators in baseball you have to take a staircase to get there so become part of the iCase team and it gives you a chance to hit those steps before anybody else can I’m first Jenkins I’m glad here Ontario’s entering a new here a baseball with I case every kid deserves an opportunity and this is it partnership a partnership Avon Maitlands board northwestern and I case the innovative thinking of Tom Valcke and he’s the right guy to deliver the goods good luck tom I case launches September 2013 I can’t wait they can’t get here soon enough there’s limited spaces if you want more information you want to know how to apply jump onto our website icasebaseball.com it’ll give you all the information you need

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