I Trained My Weak Foot for a Month | Football Shooting Training

Here we go! The first session using only my weak foot. I can’t remember when was the last time I did this. I don’t have big expectations for this session. Today I’ll just try to get comfortable with the technique and maybe score some goals. You have to start from somewhere. They make sure players see where they’re shooting at. It’s 12am and the light are on. Quality over quantity is my motto for today. If I take 100 shots every day, my leg would be totally sore. It’s not used to work that hard. Let’s begin. I hope I get a few nice shots. No matter how low the expectations are, I still want to score a few bangers. Training number one. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I’m not expecting too much either. A couple of weeks is a really short time. I still have skills to do things with my left foot so the improvement will probably be bigger compared to a person who’d be shooting for the first time ever. I’ll be working with my posture, follow through and stuff like that. It should feel natural. Then it would look better and the shots would most likely be better too. I’m feeling totally sore after yesterday’s session. My hamstring and the ankle are feeling it. I’ve been doing all kind of training in the last weeks. My body is screaming for a couple of rest days, so I’ll do this session and have a few days off. My left foot hasn’t got used to this much shooting. I have to make sure I warm up properly or this project won’t last long. I’ll take today’s first shots from the left side. I’m hoping to get a few nice driven shots to the top bin. Right after I thought that when I shoot I don’t bring the leg too much to the front even though it’s a driven shot. But I bring the leg back here and try to land on in. I tried to do it the same way I do it with my right foot. It’s mind games. It’s difficult to remember things from a long time ago, but I think these are the best shots are the best I’ve ever done with my left foot. What a feeling. It’s brings me joy when I can analyse my technique and understand where the problem is. That was a great session. It’s awesome when you understand what you’re doing wrong and you fix it. Now it’s time to take a few days off from the pitch and then I go again. The weather forecast didn’t mention the rain. Three in a row. I went to get the balls back and hit another one. The shots are looking good at the moment. Today’s session was the first in a two weeks. I was travelling and doing other things so I just didn’t have time to film or train. The first shots of the day weren’t too good, but they got better. The last spot was a bit difficult too. I didn’t quite get the kind of shots I wanted to. It’s all right. I guess I’ll continue tomorrow. I was in a flu for a week so I couldn’t train again. This was the first session after that. I can see the improvement in the technique even though today’s session wasn’t the best. I think the next session will be a good one. If I’m correct, this is the 8th session. This project was supposed to last two weeks, but it’s been a month now. I had so much to do and I even had a flu so that made things more difficult. Learning new skills doesn’t look at time. I will keep training after this last session. If it takes 6 months or a year to make it look good, I don’t care. This is a good start and I’m feeling very motivated. I’ll take five shots from here. I try to hit the right corner. Not more or less than five balls. Did I say left corner? Yeah, I though so too. I was about to say that I was trying too hard. The technique get’s worse if you shoot too hard when the technique isn’t great yet. Same five balls from this spot. Maybe I’ll shoot some curves after that. Not too many shots today. It’s all about seeing how much I’ve improved my left foot. This close. That wasn’t too good. The direction is so good. It’s very good very often. I need to make them go lower though. That’s the biggest problem. I have to shoot a few more. Shots are looking so good. That’s a good way to end this project. I’m not saying my right foot is even near to be perfect, but I can shoot well with it. It’s easy for me. I don’t have to think about anything when I shoot with my right foot. It’s not challenging. But shooting with the left foot brings me a whole different challenge and that’s why it’s been so great to practice and see the improvement even though eight sessions definitely isn’t a lot. I’d like to know how many times I’ve shot with my right foot. It’s probably tens of thousands of times. Still there so much I can train and improve. There no level when it’s perfect. Some wise man taught me that if my starting level is this and you start training, your improvement makes a little peak like I had in the second session. I felt that it’s quite easy and I’m doing well. When you’re at that good feeling, you go a bit down again. I think this as a mental thing. You see that the improvement isn’t going to happen that fast- After that the improvement should go up if you keep training. Shooting with my right foot feels totally natural for me. I think that’s also just a mental thing. Your brain, your eyes and everything what’s going on here are so used to what it looks like. When you try to do it with the other foot, you might get a bit confused. It doesn’t feel natural. It’s like doing a common thing the wrong way. You know what I mean? Slowly it’s starting to feel more natural and I think I’m on the right path. If you enjoyed this video, leave a thumbs up, comment and subscribe for more. See you next time, bye!

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  1. Kummal jalal te vedätte paremmin?☄️Tää "heikomman" jalan treenaaminen on oikeesti hauskaa hommaa.? Suosittelen!

  2. Oisko sellane video ett ilari pelaa oikees matsis ?

    Like jos haluut et ilari pelaa oikees matsis

    Edit: thx likeist ?

  3. Nätti video, Ilari! Voin todellaki samaistuu tohon kehityksen hidastumiseen, paitsi mun tapauksessa knuckle tekniikan kaa ja sitte myös siihen ahaa-kokemukseen ku tajuu yhtäkkii mitä on tehny väärin 😀 Oisko seuraavaks opeteltavaks yläkierre tekniikka? Aika haastava, mutta myös todella palkitseva kun oppii kunnolla.

  4. Mä olin ennen oikee jalkanen mutta mulle pistettiin pelipaikka vasurin peli paikkaan joukkueessa niin piti oppia vasuri ja nyt lähtee paremmin vasurilla mutta tosi hyvin myös oikeella

  5. Ilari julkaisee videon: Popcornit esille ja Finnkinolta lupa tyhjään saliin. Kyllä huomaa että käytät kyllä aikaa nykyään!

  6. Hyvä video mut ku tässä videossa treenaat pelkkää vetoo ni tee video jossa treenaat freestylee vasurilla/ eri päin miten normaalisti vedät

  7. Iha törkeen iso muutos?. Mulla muuttu loppuvuoden tavoite tän videon jälkeen xD. Ja oli kyllä hyvä video?. Mun vasen jalka on kyllä aika huono verrattuna oikeeseen jalkaa.

  8. Tää video on tosi motivoiva treenaamaan enemmän heikompaa jalkaa ja muutenkin omia heikkouksia…hyvä ilari??

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