“I Smoked Two Blunts Before Every Game”: NFL Vets on Cannabis in Football

I think people overlook that this is a medicine and it’s a healing medicine The only vegetable I need is right here Every weekend is like a car wreck And there’s only one test, right? In a way, the NFL is kind of like you know, they’re just looking away I’m ready now, I’m… Man, we’re just trying to figure out what the deal is, man So, we know everybody here in this roundtable smokes So, I’m curious behind the stories of how y’all’s first experiences smoking When was the first time you smoked? I was in high school, probably about, you know, 17 years old Got tied up with some of those skater girls, you know They used to kind of joke around with me like I was kind of a square, you know so I had to go prove myself I was 16. I was at an Aerosmith concert And Kiss too. And I had a bunch of friends that were smoking and we smoked in the parking lot Passed out on the lawn for all of Kiss but woke up for Aerosmith. It was awesome It was a great concert First time was in the sixth grade with a couple of neighborhood boys Ever since then, that’s all she wrote First time was in college and I don’t think I really felt it the first time, but there’s one time we smoked out of an apple and, man, I was so high. I’ve never laughed that much in my life before, bro It was crazy Hold on, man, an apple, bro? Hey, man, it’s college That is college, man You’ve never done an apple before? Nah, I’ve never done an apple, so that’s why I was like “An apple?” I didn’t ever think about that You need your fruits, man You need your vegetables, man You need to have your fruits The only vegetable I need is right here. It’s green I guess on the subject of also smoking did any of you guys smoke while you guys were active in the league? – Yes
– Yes
– Yeah Unanimous, all four of y’all? Yeah I used it throughout my career definitely for sleep, big for me and just pain management as well Just trying to recover, relax and decompress When you’re coming back on that plane ride or the night before the game giving you the Ambien Ambien, Ambien, you know I’m like, I ain’t trying to get addicted on that I’d rather just roll me one up smoke, go to sleep and I can sleep peaceful, like I wake up thinking about plays I’m going to make in the game on Sunday, like It was very helpful for me It was very helpful for like: anxiety, stress You know, the pain management, obviously That’s a no-brainer So, how many of y’all played while high? It’s just you Shaun Uh huh What’d it feel like? Unstoppable You’ve seen the movie “Above the Rim”? Oh, yeah, Tupac, yeah When he got in the zone? Yeah That’s how I literally am on the field Yeah It’s like there was no stopping me That mellowed me out, got me going and it’s the best thing for me What was that ritual? Smoke two blunts before every game Sit in the bathtub with some Epsom salt Play my music, smoke, eat breakfast with my family my kids, wife I fire up on the way to the stadium Go through the bad neighborhoods of whatever team I was playing with through the city and just reflect like, that’s my motivation I’m blessed to be in this position to get up and go do what I love. By the time kickoff comes I’m just at ease where I’m… I’m ready now, I’m… Piloting, I’m floating Shaun’s the only one that says he’s played while high Has anyone else even thought about it? I don’t know. It was more relaxing for me I feel like if I played high, I’d just be too, like I’d be giving up a bunch of sacks, you know I play offensive line That boy thought he heard something Like, I feel slow out here Ringo, Ringo, Ringo What’s going on? False start I need to be able to react and move I said Leo Missing calls. You’ve got to think too much on offensive line, man That’s the thing. I played defensive line, man Man, I either go left or right, man Did any of you guys fail a drug test in the NFL? In college I did, yeah I was just smoking during the break, you know when you’re supposed to stop Yeah And I just kept going And they did the thing, like, we came back And like, out of nowhere they’re like “OK, yeah, drug test.” And the doctor comes up and he’s calling out the names or whatever And they’re like, “Moffitt” And everyone in the room is just like, “Uhhh” Like, it was like I was already done Yeah, I took it and they were like, my coach called me in And he was like, “Your levels were literally, like the highest, like, we’ve ever tested” So, the NBA test is four times a year In the NFL what are the tests like and when does it happen? Yeah, it’s one time a year usually in the springtime after before OTAs or right after OTAs start You know, they usually do it by groups you know, position groups. So guys are always hoping to be in that first group Some guys have to wait all the way till – July
– July You know, which is upsetting to some guys, but Why is it upsetting? You know that the rest of your teammates is on it, so you want to be able to be on it too, so Like he said, the NFL knows what’s going on If you fail a test, though you know, you’re subject to getting tested you know, 10, 20 times a month you know, so, the punishment is harsh And then if you fail the test again and again, and again, you know then money starts getting involved They start taking away games, so And there’s only one test, right? So in a way the NFL is kind of like they’re just being like, “OK.” You know They’re just looking away But, so that’s why I think like, things like this is what’s important because it’s breaking the stigma It’s really just a stigma in power I mean, they could just be like “Let’s get rid of that one test” But really, most guys can clean it up for that amount of time and still have it during the season I think they know that So, how many people do you think smoke in the league? What percentage, do you think? Probably 80 80%? At least 80%. Shoot, the coaches do it Personnel, people upstairs do it Quarterbacks that do it Captains, your leaders of the team smoke as much as I do, might even smoke more than me When you tested at OTAs and you passed the drug test what happened afterwards? Shoot [laughter] What happened afterwards? You already know what happened When I walk in and I see my name? Oh, I’m one of the first ones Pull my phone out, call my plug He’s at the house by the time I get out of practice That’s how you get through training camp I mean, the trainer came to me one time like “Oh, you’re getting tested today” And I was like, “OK, cool, cool” Tried to keep a straight face then being like, “Yeah! Getting tested today!” He come in the locker room dancing Everybody all, “Ahh, he’s got tested Ahh, I hope they get us You think they’re gonna get us tomorrow?” There’s been times where you go on the floor during training camp hotel and it’s, it’s loud Everybody do it and, you know everybody has their reason They use it for their pain, but he’s a big guy. We’re all big guys Our body hurts I’ve heard like, that Monday morning feels awful. So is Monday morning like you guys getting up, rolling something up and smoking real quick? Or what was Monday morning like for y’all? It’s like a car wreck, essentially, like Every weekend is like a car wreck and you start feeling better about Friday or Saturday You know, it takes a few days to recover and start feeling like you can play again Tuesday is usually like, the day you really feel it because you’ve got all these drugs that you put in yourself just to play You know, the Toradol, the Advil and all that stuff. So, that stuff hasn’t even worn off you by Monday So, how long does it take to wear off? Usually like Tuesday, you come and you wake up You like, “Man, like the game was a couple days ago” But that stuff is finally out your system now so you really get to feel the effects from this past Sunday You know, I had an injury-plagued journey just to the NFL, you know I tore my ACL three times So, I had been on a prescription-drug route early in my life and I was in a dark place You know, I wasn’t feeling good and you know, they were giving me those things readily, so it was easy for me to, you know, start smoking and receiving the benefits of marijuana as a viable option opposed to the prescription drugs, so I think people overlook that this is a medicine—and that it’s a healing medicine and the rhetoric hasn’t always supported that I mean, I use these topicals all the time you know, on my knees, on my shoulders on my back I was just about to say that All that type of stuff Is that for like, the pain that you experienced in the league that you still deal with?
– Yes Yes So, you know, pain, arthritis any inflammation. There’s stuff all for these type of things Yeah, I was just about to say the anti-inflammatory But them topicals? Ahh, man, like My granny, I gave some to my granny and she’s calling me all the time “Hey, do you have some more of that cream?” ‘Cause it really works The CBD is a huge market now And CBDs, without the psychoactive effects of the THC, so that’s what CBD is So now you’re getting the effects of cannabis but you’re not getting the psychoactive effects that make you feel high Going on the subject of concussions raise your hand if you have suffered a concussion in the NFL Three out of four of y’all Have any of y’all smoked while having the concussion to try and help? I did smoke, but I wasn’t doing it I didn’t think of connecting it with the concussion as being healing I was just was always kind of smoking He was just smoking Just like, yeah, concussion or not, it’s happening I don’t know, you know, I would hope I’ve heard the same, similar things that you were saying about the lubricating kind of thing Do you know what I mean? But like, it kind of covers your brain or it helps the swelling I’ve heard the same thing And so, I would hope that smoking did kind of offset it to an extent Did you ever think you’d be on Bleacher Report high? Smoking? No, no I did not because I feel like you guys have reported me for smoking weed and stuff [laughter] I thought it was a trap for a long time Right, what y’all really up to, man? Nah, this isn’t a trap, man We just trying to figure out what the deal is, man Everything has been so hush-hush about it like They want the inside, they want the real Everybody has been being hush-hush and being fake I mean, the only way people gonna find out about something is if you speak about it and talk about it. Because if not you keep it like it’s a secret. How else is it going to expand and evolve for the world so everybody understands what cannabis actually does for you? So, the next CBA is 2020, right? And I think it’s just something that’s just got to be on the table You know. It’s a big change, it’s not something simple But the conversation needs to get started The facts and the resources need to be brought together and the wheel just needs to start spinning more But, Bo, I mean, you honestly have an opportunity right now to speak to Commissioner Goodell with this shoot. Like what would you tell him right now about marijuana? Just, you know, we’ve been demonizing this this plant for so long, so just take the time to do the research to educate yourself Ryan, if you had a chance to talk to Roger Goodell about NFL players using cannabis what would you tell him? I think I would just tell him that, you know I feel like you guys already know there’s a ton of players who smoke marijuana. We only get tested once a year. Why have that one once-a-year test when, you know, it’s so beneficial to all the players who use it? And we’re speaking with good intention anyway Absolutely We’re not— I’m speaking to help my brothers to help people who are suffering from the same things that we’ve suffered The NFL was a vehicle for us and now has given us this platform to speak You know, athletes are a powerful force you know, a powerful force for change and, you know sports can get it done

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  1. No winder they started doing bad. Trust me it helps the moment but physically it isnt. Black People been fooled once again by using "medical marijuana". They should call it estrogenic pesticides.

  2. I know what he's talking about. I played basketball high in high school and you get into the flow really easy. Same thing with video games. I can't play competitively unless I'm baked!

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  4. First time was 4th grade with my best friend I’m 19 be and the guy still hang out every other day and still best friends also some of the smartest cats you’ll ever meet … he got a full ride to ole miss with a 34 on his ACT and I just didn’t go to college but I started my own business and we still smoke lol weed is the best sht

  5. I didn't smoke right before my game but it was hours earlier but I was still feeling a lil bit. Anyways, I'm on the sideline and apparently everyone I mean coaches and players were yelling my name for me to come on to the field for punt and I was completely zoned out for like 10 seconds. Luckily we were up by probably 30 so it wasn't a big deal either way lol

  6. kinda cool seeing Clady, I mean the other 3 guys had their time but Clady was one of the best tackles in the league for a while

  7. I played DT for a large high school and played at a division 1 college. We used to smoke mad buds right in the locker room before and blasted metallicas master of puppets and rage against the machines know your enemy. We lost 2 games in 4 years. After when i moved onto college i noticed 2 types of ball players. Boys who smoked weed before games. The other type were hooked on pain pills and some graduated to snorting heroin. Was a bad scene. The pill guys never got old most of them died before hitting 50. The weed guys are still around doing their grind.

  8. Once you get use to smoking you can do your everyday activities like you're sober. It can energize you and relax you.

  9. When this dude was in college, he hit weed out of a apple.. what kinda broke ass student has a Apple to smoke out of daily. In middle school we would carry bongs in our backpack to be in college now, I only carry my Puffco around.

  10. Crazy I had 2 concussions and I wish I would have know that it helps you heal because the only thing the doctors gave me was Tylenol it took me almost 2 months to be cleared and I’m only in high school

  11. I play dline and played my best game high smoked a blunt hour and a half before the game was at the perfect level when the game started had 5 sacks in the first half and 2 forced fumbles finished the game with 7 sacks got player of the week after that one of the greatest feelings ever tbh

  12. Not much like a blunt music 1st thing in the am you cooking breakfast windows open sit down watch some of your fav shit while you eat thn strting your day ??

  13. great job big dude talkin about sports gives them a platform to speak that is some real talk there thanks guys good thing they dont test all the people who watch it lol probally on the agenda tho so

  14. I used too smoke before every game & practice in high school and I regret it. I was lazy as shit and always forgot plays.

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  16. I was 12 when I first got high (smoked a tad before) and I though that I was in a fucking movie and I was watching myself live my life. All my vision was in ultra high definition (hd) and then I just slept lol

  17. When i was a freshman in high school, i decided to go to my baseball game high af. And during that game, i hit the furthest ball i ever did hit

  18. Bruh on high school, summer going into senior year, for summer league ball in June, I smoked 2 fat ass backwoods before a game and damn near had 40?

  19. And then like my couch like called me like in and like he said like you’re levels like were like the highest we’ve like ever gotten, like.

  20. psychosis

    POSTED MARCH 07, 2011, 11:03 AM , UPDATED NOVEMBER 30, 2011, 2:28 PM

    Ann MacDonald
    Contributor, Harvard Health

    Teenagers and young adults who use marijuana may be messing with their heads in ways they don’t intend.
    Evidence is mounting that regular marijuana use increases the chance that a teenager will develop psychosis, a pattern of unusual thoughts or perceptions, such as believing the television is transmitting secret messages. It also increases the risk of developing schizophrenia, a disabling brain disorder that not only causes psychosis, but also problems concentrating and loss of emotional expression.
    In one recent study that followed nearly 2,000 teenagers as they became young adults, young people who smoked marijuana at least five times were twice as likely to have developed psychosis over the next 10 years as those who didn’t smoke pot.
    Another new paper concluded that early marijuana use could actually hasten the onset of psychosis by three years. Those most at risk are youths who already have a mother, father, or sibling with schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder.
    Young people with a parent or sibling affected by psychosis have a roughly one in 10 chance of developing the condition themselves—even if they never smoke pot. Regular marijuana use, however, doubles their risk—to a one in five chance of becoming psychotic.
    In comparison, youths in families unaffected by psychosis have a 7 in 1,000 chance of developing it. If they smoke pot regularly, the risk doubles, to 14 in 1,000.
    For years, now, experts have been sounding the alarm about a possible link between marijuana use and psychosis. One of the best-known studies followed nearly 50,000 young Swedish soldiers for 15 years. Those who had smoked marijuana at least once were more than twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as those who had never smoked pot. The heaviest users (who said they used marijuana more than 50 times) were six times as likely to develop schizophrenia as the nonsmokers.
    So far, this research shows only an association between smoking pot and developing psychosis or schizophrenia later on. That’s not the same thing as saying that marijuana causes psychosis.
    This is how research works. Years ago, scientists first noted an association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Only later were they able to figure out exactly how cigarette smoke damaged the lungs and other parts of the body, causing cancer and other diseases.
    The research on marijuana and the brain is at a much earlier stage. We do know that THC, one of the active compounds in marijuana, stimulates the brain and triggers other chemical reactions that contribute to the drug’s psychological and physical effects.
    But it’s not clear how marijuana use might lead to psychosis. One theory is that marijuana may interfere with normal brain development during the teenage years and young adulthood.
    The teenage brain is still a work in progress. Between the teen years and the mid-20s, areas of the brain responsible for judgment and problem solving are still making connections with the emotional centers of the brain. Smoking marijuana may derail this process and so increase a young person’s vulnerability to psychotic thinking. (You can read more about how the adolescent brain develops in this article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter.)
    While the research on marijuana and the mind has not yet connected all the dots, these new studies provide one more reason to caution young people against using marijuana—especially if they have a family member affected by schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder. Although it may be a tough concept to explain to a teenager, the reward of a short-time high isn’t worth the long-term risk of psychosis or a disabling disorder like schizophrenia.

  21. I rink it's fukin halarious how people that don't smoke actually think you bee tripping on bud. Weed ain't shit bro stop? they way more crazier highs and helusinugens out there . Weed doesn't fuk you up that much not at all actually. I've been smoking since I was 7 I can honestly the bs people say about what weed does to your system. It's fukin stupid. Read and research?

  22. It's been a massive conspiracy from day one…
    Politicians in bed with Pharmaceutical Companies.
    Marijuana has less people going to their doctors for pain meds…
    Politicians can't have that.

    All you need to look at is the first FBI sponsered "Marijuana Awareness" film… Titled Reefer Madness.
    A young boy smokes some weed an butchers his family with an axe…


  23. Soon, weed will be a performance enhancing drug, and banned for that..
    I like to play pool…A doobie, and a beer, and I would give Minnesota Fats a run for his money…I concentrate easier…
    Also Rally Racing…But that would be called impaired???
    Go figure…

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