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– I want it to be
documented the first time I ever pull a card of me in it. This is super insane. Oh I got one! Yeah let’s go! I got it! I fucking got it! ♪ Blood run roja ♪ ♪ I got the world at my feet ♪ ♪ I was born of a made man ♪ ♪ And my roots run deep ♪ ♪ Blood run roja ♪ ♪ My blood run red ♪ – So then what was the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever
received in your career? – It’s actually an extremely raunchy piece of, well
a couple things, my dad gave me great advice which
is your word is your bond. So I was a salesman and so
that meant embellishing slash lying was part of the equation in my youth and I’ve become far less of that which is amazing because that helps especially in this transparent world
so thank God for that, huge. But I always think about
this, there was a super raunchy 80 year old liquor salesman when I was fifteen that came up to me and said something super inappropriate. And I don’t remember what the
context of why he was saying it but the saying was kid you don’t know what you have until you sleep with it. And it was kind of like
the what– it was a very Jersey 80 year old mobster
talk but what he was basically saying to me is like, look don’t overthink this until you go through
it you won’t know. You know there’s a great Russian saying that says man thinks and God laughs. And like that’s how I
think about stuff like I could have a million plans and then tomorrow a helicopter can go through the building that we’re in
right like yesterday New York. Like I just, you know that’s
the extreme but in the micro business I could be like
oh hey Jason’s gonna do this on this huge project in a month and you know something might happen Jason’s family where he
has to go home for a month. That fucked it up you know, or like Jason might fall in love and
like has to move to Ohio. Like I don’t like I, no I think
about this stuff that like as a true operator I
think about this a lot, and it helps me, be by the way, I think if anybody’s listening right now, it speaks to why I’m not super anxious. I know that I’m in control of nothing which almost automatically by nature makes me capable of
controlling everything. – That’s a big thing, I have trouble releasing
I like that one. control.
You like that one? It’s super interesting to me. It’s a huge it’s a huge vulnerability because you’re not in control. (hip hop music) – Biggest news of my life there is nothing besides buying the New
York Jets that I will do that is more exciting than
what I’m about to tell you. Several months ago I got
into negotiations with Topps, the iconic sports card company and Topps Series Two released today. And in the packs of Topps
Series Two, this is first time I’m ever gonna see it,
and the back in small, I mean Jesus Christ this
is small print I’m getting old but in the packs of Topps Series Two is an insert
card called Gary Vee’s top entrepreneurs in baseball
where there is a 12 card set? We pick 12 guys and then
there’s, so there’s 12 cards different players 12 different players. You get one of those in every 18 pack so almost one or two in a box, I think. That’s going off the top my head and then there’s a dual auto card where you can get an autograph
of me and the player there’s a, in one of these packs for example, I could pull right now. – [Man] It’s one in 5,000 packs. – I know it’s one in 5,000 packs. They do a lot of right? Gonna to try to pull a card of myself. I want it to be documented the first time I ever pull a card of me in it. This is super insane. Oh I got one! Yeah let’s go! I got it! I fucking got it! Let’s go! That was amazing! There it is Jose Ramirez Gary Vee’s top, I cannot believe I just
pulled it that was so awesome. How insane is this? I am literally on a fucking baseball card. Are you fucking kidding me? This is insane. That was so fucking cool. That was so fucking cool. That was awesome! I’m so glad we caught, my
face has to be ridiculous. (hip hop music) – One of the latest ventures for him is a curated set of cards inside of Topps nationwide release of cards
he is Gary Vaynerchuk. How are you Gary Vee? – Well Rich, I’m okay but last night’s KD situation and my Knicks future has me a little bit on tilt this morning. (laughing) What’s the scoop are your Topps national release of cards that you’ve got a curated set of cards inside? I know you were talking
about trading cards last time you were here. I give you the floor on what, why are you so interested in this? – Well Rich because I basically am an entrepreneur because of baseball cards and I’m 43 in that classic 87, 88, 89, those great known as the junk wax era the cards aren’t worth anything. But it was the height of
popularity of sports cards. Sports cards are the thing that I most associate myself and my youth to and if you told 15 year-old me that I would have a trading card literally in packs of Topps, I would, you know, this is easily the
single coolest thing I’m ever gonna do in my life outside
of buying the New York Jets. – So this is what top entrepreneurs
in baseball that’s what this Gary Vee’s top
entrepreneurs in baseball. – One in every 18 packs there’s an insert Gary Vee’s top entrepreneur in baseball. Lou, as you know, and I
Lou on my team went through a lot of data and you know
it’s a fun set because for every Alex Bregman
there’s a Trevor May because Trevor just happens to
be a phenomenal entrepreneur. He, you know, may not end
up being the most valuable baseball card because middle relievers don’t really dictate the
market but I, we really put a lot of effort into who’s an actual entrepreneur and then so
you have one and every 18 packs chance to get that insert and then above and beyond that there’s autographs and special inserts one every
5,000 packs is the dual auto. Rich you can go to a
store right now by a pack of Topps Series two baseball cards and possibly pull out a Derek Jeter, Gary Vee dual auto card. – So what is what is the
value of some of these cards that you’re pulling out of this pack if you just go ahead
and throw it in I guess some sort of, some sort of con– yeah some sort of coating or some sort
of protective covering Gary? – You’re talking about the grading system. So I don’t know yet. They just came out and
so the value of these cards is going to be figured out. I’d like to think that there’ll be some demand for my you know from entrepreneurs that want my insert so
we’ll see how that goes. I mean the market decides on that right? And so we’ll see. I mean there’s a big national convention in the last week of July in Chicago. I bought a table, Rich. I’m literally spending four
days at the National Convention as a dealer like back in my
teenage days so I’m excited about hustling there and we
will see what the cards hold. (hip hop music) – So if I’m going to be doing this I need to be getting towards the millions of followers not the tens of thousands. – Yes so I think that
makes a lot of sense to me. So I think there’s a lot of
ways to have that conversation. I think this is super important
what you’re doing here. I think the thing that I always believe is to get to the millions it’s a cliche game of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands,
millions that whole thing. But if you’re not anchored in something that gives you enough at-bats
that is practical to the way that you live your
life, it’s unachievable. And what I mean by that is
putting yourself in a position where you’re recording at all times and or starting a meaningful podcast something that is the mother ship is an imperative part to this model, otherwise it’s not achievable. I think the thing that
really runs through my mind is what level of patience
around the vanity metric of followers is running
through your mind I think you know, the thing that I see you and I speak to a lot of highly accomplished people with you you answer perfectly which is the same for everybody regardless of where they want
to deploy that attention. There’s a race to a
vanity number that I think is hurting a lot of my contemporaries people of your ilk in these genres that I almost wish that
LinkedIn and Instagram and YouTube would eliminate the follow count because I believe that people that actually have something to say would be more on their
way of achieving it. But I think that human behavior
with those kind of diet– – So what you’re saying is the volume of followers gives you volume. – What I’m saying is that
people are so influenced by the fucking likes and followers that they become a
caricature of that game, not the behavior needed to actually achieve what they’re trying to achieve. I mean that is no question
what has transpired for me and my analyzing of others and that are actually
creating meaningful impact. It’s only through these
channels has been predicated on a commitment to output of
creative, being talented enough to have something to say, and truly just running the marathon with marathon behavior versus sprint behavior. Zero buying of fans, zero
caring about the number. Making an outrageous commitment to relevant contextual creative at scale which inherently A. puts them in position to have a viral moment which could make what many want to happen very quickly. You know someone like you is always one piece of content D-Rock and I always talk we’re always one piece of content away from being at the next level. – And what do you intend to do with that one piece of content? – [Man] Go out and find it. – You know yeah we’re you know it and it is funny that there are a lot of my friends who don’t have
this impact and size that I have but I’ve had far
more viral singular moments. You know I think I’m winning
by a death of a thousand cuts. You know and so but we’re in play. We always know tomorrow
could be the hundred million viewed YouTube
video we do know that. And so I think you know,
obviously this has me very excited because I think first convincing someone the value of recording
everything or a lot of things, or the commit, you know I speak to a lot of super accomplished people
many of giving away, the crowd that gives away 50 to 99
percent of their wealth, the crowd I’m going to speak to tomorrow at Brilliant Minds and it’s
very hard to get them motivated to do a podcast three
days a week in perpetuity. Yet what they want is 55 million people to really pay attention to them and and what’s
really ironic and you’ll definitely appreciate this because nobody achieves something of true,
without putting in the work, like they’re also commonly
the people that understand how much work comes in play to actually achieve something meaningful. Which is how we actually got to this. In a world where many people are so busy that are achieving meaningful things, how do I eliminate friction at scale to allow them to be able to achieve
the creative output model that achieves the goal at hand? (hip hop music) – [Man] How are we going
to ensure the Westerners things you’d like with a new cultures would say and
what we speak, all of this change we’re gonna massive shift us to being like another agency? – Yes so I think I think
dictatorship, you know my willingness to fire Sarah
Daniel and I mean it, I mean it. Like it’s it’s a funny answer. It’s a funny answer but it’s
true like there’s nothing, a couple things let’s
break it down into nuances. First and foremost do you know how great it feels to not have a board not be a held not be a publicly-traded, there’s every single problem
at Vayner is 100% my fault. There’s nothing I can’t
do, I’m fully in charge. It’s the truth. Like it’s not fun to say that, because there’s a fuck-load of things running through my head looking at faces here of people who aren’t
happy right this second. So that doesn’t feel great but there’s an incredible
truth behind that. It’s a very easy answer
which is my appetite to make a move predicated on what I think is the right cadence to articulate to the 50 most senior people 100 most senior people and their ability to see that through as it evolves. It’s a funny game though
what Vayner stands for is also interpreted very
differently by people. There are people that have worked at Vayner for seven years that are in New York that think it’s something very different than what you think it is. So I think you also have to understand ideology is formed in a
very interesting way, right? And so that is actually the thing I least worry about on Earth, you know? In pockets it can deviate you know? When somebody is getting
bullied by their boss that’s the least people
first thing on Earth but that can happen in pockets, that can be happen in
pockets for four months. It’s very daunting when
you have passionate points of view and real
religious inside yourself yet the company’s at a scale
of a thousand and there’s a million variables in play at all times and you have to be thoughtful. This market’s incredibly impossible because of its laws of like how quickly I can fire somebody who’s
a piece of shit, you know? Like there’s a lot to
the right, interpret, we in a, you have to be very thoughtful, I mean the 360 nature of
everything we’re auditing now is so remarkable
because we live in a culture where everybody’s ready to sue about everything at all times at all ways like it’s real fun, like nothing’s more fun than being an employee
you get to blame somebody. You know but when you’re
in it and you’re actually the last, you know as everyone
here has probably felt if you’ve gotten to the
point where you went from actually doing something to the first time of managing something,
you have a new perspective. Super easy and fun to make
fun of your parents until you become a parent and
you realize variables. And so, you know, for me, you know I have to be empathetic
and balanced and all of that but keeping
the, keeping the intent of being the best communications infrastructure to support the objective at hand that is contemporary to the moment of what consumer behavior is about, as like in that narrow definition of your question that’s a piece of cake I don’t know anything else. I will do an all hands-on
meeting in this company in 11 months and say we are only doing TV if I believe for some reason TV cut their prices by 90% and now that was the best deal in communications. I am not romantic about a damn thing when it comes to the execution of make, having smart thinking around great outputs creatively in places where
people actually see them. (hip hop music) – What is the main swing to see
brands to build brand things you know we’re seeing a lot
like at home and instructional TV ads released in just a few days? – I think it’s a huge mistake
and I think you’re seeing it because they’re wasting
money and they don’t care and I think that they the biggest delta is we literally, what’s amazing to watch these brands go so heavy on traditional above-the-line creative is that the great case
study of modern creative comes in the form of Dollar Shave Club. For whatever happened at Dollar Shave Club after the fact, the Dollar
Shave Club video is this generation’s “just do it”
or “where’s the beef”. It really is an iconic piece of creative that birthed the billion dollar brand. The number one mistake that direct to consumer brands at scale are making right now is not creating long-form video on Facebook and YouTube
to build brand equity. And that’s how I see it and I think there are couple brands that
are actually for that matter Purple Mattress, if you nerd on this stuff you should go look at what
Purple Mattress is doing as a company versus what Casper
is doing as a company right? One is very hard core DTC and is growing is the leader, Casper. But Purple is creating a lot of creative ad-hoc, some of it’s not hitting but what I think they’re committed to which is something I’m more committed to which is $180,000 production and creative execution risk of making a funny video, a video that makes you cry,
a video that makes you think, if you hit that your CAC
and LTV numbers get really good real fast because now you’re creating a brand and and that’s the ultimate goal. – And then in terms of
platforms, what does that mean for social media platforms, retailers, what does the shift mean? – Well it means that the
Facebook’s of the world, the Googles of the world
are getting more of their, I mean it’s crazy you have
two gals in middle of nowhere starting a direct-to-consumer peanut butter brand and two years later spending more money on Facebook and
Instagram than Unilever does. Like if you go talk to
Facebook executives that run their business, they are
getting way bigger budgets from companies you’ve never
heard of than from PepsiCo and Budweiser and all this stuff and that is probably my favorite thing that’s kind of going on. Literally, literally
when you look at the top spenders on these platforms it will blow your mind literally a brand you’ve never heard of outspending
Coca-Cola, BMW and that’s because one trades on
sales data and another one trades on internal MMMs or reporting. (hip hop music) – I don’t I think it’s very difficult to give advice that says “become more talented, be
born with more talent.” Very not practical so where I found myself was going to another place that felt very practical
to me and as you can imagine it’s all I ever saw for the first 35 years of my life which was work ethic was a controllable part of
the game that if you did that if you’re out working
your competition practicing after practice, all the things we know about sports and music
and theater and acting and all those things that
that was an incredible advantage and in a time
and place where people were getting laid off and things of that nature it hit the right tone. It was natural to me and
the timing was right. To the more nuanced question
which I appreciate which means you’re paying attention, over the last 18 to 24 months, as the
world changes as we get into entitlement era after 15 years of economic or ten years of great global economic growth, much like my concern with entrepreneurship because there’s so much money in the system everybody’s idea gets funded and we’re not building businesses we’re just building companies to get more funding. What has also happened is
a more human conversation, more Nordic and European centric than US and China centric, about work-life balance, about mental health
issues, about burnout. I found myself two years ago watching contemporaries even friends start to use me as a poster child of bad, that I was pushing too much burnout and things of that nature, hustle porn and other things. And I was empathetic to it. As much as I was hurt and
wanted to make 500 videos of in the first book
which is my Bible I talk about if you want to work 9:00 to 5:00 and make 40,000 a year but
you’re happy you’ve won. I think I’ve been and
I have been incredibly consistent around happiness
not money and many other things but to your point
because of my personality traits what was associated was hustle and things that nature so I had to take responsibility for that and so over the last 24 months I have spent more time and energy to contextualize everything to make sure
I’m covering the bases so that people know where I stand on this which is what
I said earlier I don’t actually regret it because I loved, business is my hobby but if one wants to go to every softball
game or every track meet or you know work 31 hours a week and they’re fulfilled that makes me happy I don’t get the judge. So yes, I think what’s so great about communication and so great about advancements is you can create clarity, you can talk about different things. I talk a lot more about parenting today than I did in the past because not even because I’m a parent, because I’ve been more in tune to how I was parented. So yes, I’ve definitely
been more aggressive in making sure the things that I’ve always believed are more
associated with me because I have no interest in other people painting a picture
about me that isn’t true. (calming music) – The one question well what is the one piece of feedback you’re
most curious about? – The truth. – Yeah but about what? – Whatever the hell is in front of them. Running an operation is not a education or philosophical exercise. What do I want? I want to know exactly what is an issue operationally right this second to you from your perspective and you running your world, and how can I help? – When you think back on your leadership, what are you most curious about? – The reverse of that
coin, what can I do to put you in the best position to succeed? Are you looking to talk to me more often? Are you talking to me less? Do you need fi– you need some leeway with your financial P&L? Do you need me to rah-rah the troops? Do you want me to go talk to the most senior
client because the client that you work with which is the second most senior client is giving
you a very difficult time? I am in the ambulance,
firefighting, emergency doctor Bat Phone business. I am only built to act in helping for you to succeed within this framework. – It’s kind of massive that
somebody says that to you. I would be almost moved if
my manager said that to me. – And I believe when you
look at our organization the people that have been
with me for seven eight years, the people that are winning the most, really see it, and the people that don’t hear it and think they deploy cynicism, that I’m just want to hear
myself speak and it’s an ideology and that I won’t actually do it because what’s amazing
about employees is how many and this, by the way, I’m gonna set this up on the podcast I’m actually very excited to say this. I actually think for all the
very thoughtful conversation we just had I can feel
it in my body right, now this piece of content may be the piece that brings the most value. I am blown away by how many employees have made judgments on their organizations without trying to address it. The amount of my employees
that come into my office on year three, call my bluff
finally to address something. I address it in 48 hours, within a month whatever the issue is. They come back and say
I can’t believe you did it and then give me 31 other things that happened in the first 36 months of their tenure but they decided to be cynical. They vet with their friends at a beer. They talk about it in the girls bathroom. They tell their mother, but they never told me or the organization. It is the great shortcoming of employees in our world today, my friends
call the company’s bluff. Call the bluff. I mean if you haven’t
gone to HR or to the CEO or however your world is structured, well then you have no legs to stand on that the company stinks. If you have and they
haven’t delivered vent away. But until you call the bluff then you’re just complaining
because you like to complain. (poppy music) – [Girl] Before you go. – [Gary] Yes. – [Girl] I have two questions
if I can have two favors? One is a photo. – [Gary] Yep. – [Girl] And the other thing,
is I have a book right here. – [Gary] That’s awesome. – Here I have a pen. – [Girl] Oh, also I forgot,
I have some blueberries. – [Gary] Oh my God! You’re amazing! And a Jets thing? You’re amazing. – I couldn’t leave the Jets here. – That’s awesome. – [Girl] To make you feel at home. – [Gary] You’re so sweet. – [Girl 2] That is seriously. – [Gary] How do you spell your name (upbeat music)

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