Good morning all friends welcome again to my channel. It’s almost 10AM and it’s a foggy morning. It looks like it’s super early in the day. As you can see right in front of me the husband is on the rooftop nailing down the fabric. Looks like it’s almost done he woke up and started since 8AM. Waking up the whole town. However it’s OK to make noise at this time. Each city has a noise ordinance it looks like from 8AM to 8PM is OK besides that, if the neighbor deem it’s a noise nuisance they can report it to the city and file a lawsuit. This is so we can take each other into consideration and know when to make noise and when to be quiet. I wasn’t able to come out an vlog sooner because it was still cold at 8AM Look at the sky. The sun hasn’t shine through yet because it’s still foggy. It was even more foggy earlier this morning. A look inside underneath the roof. We have to some some lighting in this area. Right now it’s really cold. The temperature is 44F/6.66C degrees. That’s considered really cold. But it’s just foggy but it does not snow in this area. The fabric earlier was used to line the rooftop then you add these shingles on top of the fabric to help keep the water out. Now he’s going to lay the shingles down. Mommy, I take the egg. See? I don’t know what’s it’s called. The chicken is not there so she didn’t sit on it yet. No. I like hurry up because she’s playing with her friends on the bottom. I open the top (cover) at the back and I took 2 eggs. Then I run. Showing you the view from the top. That’s the house rooftop. They lay the shingles too. Some houses use bricks instead. The folded on the sides to protect the splashing water. Once we are done with the roof we also have to work on this area. Need to use the power washer to clean this out. We had flower pots here so over watering causes stains. We want to raise it up just like this stepping stool The step is a bit steep when you leave the house. Raising the level will help prevent misstep. We might wait until the summer to build this as we are not in a rush now that there’s a rooftop. See the smoke coming out? This means our body internal temperature is warmer than the very cold temperature outside. A lot difference that’s why the smoke. Last time I did that. Last night Oun Naly did that. When we were inside the house going to Stockton. Going to Stockton? We are in Stockton. It’s really cold and I came back inside I want to make pork rice porridge. The pork left over from yesterday fresh rolls. I’m not using all, just some. Some leftover ingredients from the fridge like dried squid, salted radish, and pork soup base. Today I only have these left over green onions. Not sure if we will have bean sprouts or Chinese donut since I just thought about making this. It was not planned. Will see if the husband would go get them. To speed up the cooking process I will be using this Instant Pot to cook it. I placed all the ingredients inside the pot. First I stir fry the rice grains with a little bit of garlic I used this pot to stir fry it. I then add the soup base the pork a little bit of ginger, and the dried squid. Then add enough water to cover the meat. I’ve already shared how I make this before. Every time I make it I tend to change it up a bit. It’s not precise but still edible. I then close the lid. Close the vent. Cook at 3 mins (high pressure). I just want the meat a bit cook then remove it and slice it into pieces then return it back into the pot. The 3 mins is not the total cooking time I don’t want the rice grain to be too mushy or the meat to be too tender. I choose not to add the salted radish to the pot because I don’t want it too soft I like the crunchy texture I am going to cut it into small pieces and added to the pot when I add the cut of meat. I used 1.5 cups of rice and not 1 can. It looks good enough. I am going to remove the pork cut into pieces and return it to the pot along with the chopped salted radish and add more water. This is the dried squid. It’s edible. Here’s the pork that has been cut into pieces. I got plenty and also the salted radish. Return it to the pot. Earlier, it would be OK if the pork was not fully cooked. I just wanted a bit cook then cut it and return it back to the pot. I also added more water earlier. I will give it a taste and adjust the seasoning. The consistency is just right. If it’s too thick, I can add more water. My rice porridge with pork is now cooked. There’s no bean sprouts and Chinese donut today because we didn’t get them in time. I have green onions, lime, salted soy beans, fried garlic, chilies and black pepper. Are you hungry too Eli? Wait until it cools down. Mommy put it already. We finished eating our porridge and now taking the kitchen scrape to the chickens. I have Asian pears, apples, cucumbers and carrots, and lettuce. We had leftovers scrape from making fresh rolls. They are happy to be eating fruits and vegetables. They laid lots of eggs this week. The overly ripen fruit that we can’t eat we feed them and they like it. Any house with too many fruits and can’t finish them save them for my chickens. Every day all they do is peck. They are happy to peck on fruits and vegetables. Now let’s go back and check on the builder. let’s see how far along he got. Been making noise since this morning. Oh my god! You sit like that makes me think of a place in Cambodia where they sit and lean on a pillow they eat and drink there. Sit, eat and drink here. I said to wait until Summer to do this but the builder can hardly wait. He gathered the used pallets to lay them. I don’t know what else he plans to do. If we add paver stones it wouldn’t be too heavy? There’s a gap, you would have to fill it. Otherwise the paver stone will fall through. So we got this much for now and short on a pallet to put in this spot. He said we could either lay some plank boards or lay the paver stones. Not bad. Starting to show up more. He found some wood scrap and put them together. This is the bottom layer. Still have to close the gap but I don’t know if he will use wood planks or use paver stones instead. It’s cold outside I’m watching him from the inside. Are you scared Eli? Missing out on your nap Eli too noisy past his nap time already. He stopped blowing right there otherwise it goes into the lawn. He loves his grass. I am now prepping the ingredients to make papaya salad this evening I just have a little bit of papaya left leftover carrots from making fresh rolls yesterday so I’m going to mix them together. I got green tomatoes from the backyard, red tomatoes in the fridge. I marinated some pork ribs and cook it in the Air Fryer quick and easy. At first I was going to make and eat at home Now my brother and sister in law invited us to eat and watch football It’s an important day for football fans. It’s almost Superbowl day. I’ll speak more on that later. I will be making papaya salad with salted crab and Air Fry the pork ribs to join them. The husband wants to show his skills and make raw shrimp salad with bitter melon. Let’s go watch him. Raw shrimp salad with bitter melon. The husband signature dish. He bought 1.5 pounds worth of shrimp He already washed, cleaned, shelled and devein them. He added lime juice scrub and massage it in and now squeezing it out the lime juice. The lime juice partially cooked the shrimp. Spreading them out on a plate and then place it in the freezer. On this plate he have sliced green tomatoes, cabbage, and bitter melon very thinly sliced. These goes on the bottom and then he will make his special fish sauce to mix in with the raw shrimps. I’ve never eaten it but he has made and eat it a few times and enjoyed it so today he wants to make and share it. Now he is adding some carrots for more vegetables but also to add some color to the dish. This is the raw shrimp salad with bitter melon that the husband made to share. Over there is my papaya salad. The host made fried chicken beef sticks and some intestines to eat with pahok sauce. Stir fry lemongrass and stir fry ginger. The special dish is this one everyone said it’s tasty. It doesn’t have a fishy taste. Now we are done watching football so it’s Karaoke time.

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  1. I am very interested because it is a recipe not found in Japan.
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