Huge Volleyball Tournament inside Cardinals Stadium! Club Volleyball Vlog |

– Well, hello there guys. Welcome to our big and
long volleyball weekend starting here on
Friday night at, let’s see– – [Sierra] University
of Phoenix– – University of Phoenix Stadium. Known as the Cardinals stadium. So they fill the field with
tons of volleyball courts. – How many are there?
Seems like a hundred. – I don’t know.
– There’s a lot. – We’ll have to
count ’cause we always say, “I think there’s
about 20,” and we’re like, “No, there’s like 50.” There are always
more then but anyways so let’s get this
weekend started. – Yeah.
– And go in. Wait, should we
explain what today is? Today is just the
little practice before the three-day tournament. – Kinda like to
get used to the courts. It’s really big and open and the
lights are really bright and the courts are different so just
kinda get used to the courts. – Yep. Get a little practice
in before the big weekend. So, let’s go in. Also, as we’re walking in… – Go check the “i” in
the sky for more videos of Festival Fiesta Volleyball. – The last two years he’s gonna
put it up in the “i” in the sky. – Yep.
– She says it better than me. So yeah, do that if you
want to see the other videos from the previous two years. I have to show off
this beautiful sunset. Look at the clouds. Alright, we made it inside. And I think there’s
about 20-something courts. So what do you think? – It’s really cool.
– [Tiffany] It’s crazy, huh? Fill the entire
thing with courts. Then, of course,
stuff you can buy. Ooh. Alright, let’s find your team. – Yep. (volleyball thumping) (girls cheering) – [Tiffany] Gettin’
her shirt early this year. Want to show the front? That way they don’t sell
out of all the sizes, right? – Yeah. They sell very fast. – Welcome to Day 1
of the tournament. This girl is super excited. She’s not excited that
they are in the P.M. pool because that means
she has to wake up and wait. She’d much rather
have the A.M. pool. But anyways, we left
the house a little early. We’re making a couple stops,
we’re going to JoAnn’s because she’s in charge of the
ribbons for the hair on Monday. – Mhmmm. – So we’re gonna get those today
and then we’re gonna meet Memaw, Mamaw and Papa at
Road House, the restaurant. To eat some lunch,
fill our bellies before our big tournament today. So let’s go
pick out some ribbon. Oh, decisions. – Whole rainbow. I don’t know if I pick a
color or I pick a design. – [Tiffany] Okay, we just
made the decision a lot easier. How come? – ‘Cause this is the
President’s Day tournament. We have no school on President’s
Day and we have a tournament. – [Tiffany] Right
and you have– – I have Monday which is
actually President’s Day so we’re gonna American flag. – [Tiffany] There you go. You need more
than one though, right? – Yeah. How much is it? – [Tiffany] Oh!
Jam’s here. I see them. – She’s ready for
the big tournament, huh? Hi Sweetie. – [Tiffany] So although
it’s lunch time, this little girl
wanted her breakfast. Got some protein.
– [Memaw] Looks good. – [Sierra] I already
had my waffles. – [Tiffany] Geez Sierra, we
staying the night or something? (group laughter) We are loaded down to the max. I mean we are
here for like, what, seven hours?
Six hours? – Really? – [Tiffany] One to eight.
Seven hours. (girls cheering) (team hitting the
ground and clapping in unison) (girls cheering) (crowd cheering) – [Tiffany] Alright,
good job, Sierra. Give us an update on the
first game of the tournament. – It was a fast game.
– [Tiffany] Fast game! – It went by really fast.
We won. – [Tiffany] And you won, in two. Good job.
– Yep. (whistle blows) – [Woman] Come on, Sierra! (crowd cheering) – [Man] Good job,
Sierra, good job. (crowd cheering) – [Crowd] Yeah! – [Woman 2] Over! – [Tiffany] Update. – We got pizza.
– [Tiffany] Pizza. (laughs) – We won our last two games. – [Tiffany] So you’re
2 and 0 right now. – Yep. We have one more game
but they’re gonna be the most challenging of the day.
– [Tiffany] Yes. – They’re placed 8th I think and we’re 13th out of like 40. – [Tiffany] 40.
– Something like that. – [Mamaw] It’ll be
a closer match. (girls shouting) – [Tiffany] Nice Sierra! – [Man 2] Well done, ladies. (crowd cheering) – [Tiffany] Nice! Come on, Sierra. – [Crowd] Oh! – [Tiffany] Oh no. Too much. – [Man 2] Good job, McKayleigh. Yeah, Sierra. – [Woman 3] Nice save, yes! – [Crowd] Yeah! – [Tiffany] Yes! Out! (crowd and girls cheering) – [Woman 4] Ready? Ready?
1, 2… – Alright guys, we
are back home finally. That was a long day. They ran behind and yeah–
– We ran an hour behind. – Yeah. So we sat around for two hours
before they even played. They ended up
losing the third game. – But we played really good. – They played awesome and the
other team was a very good team. So it was really fun to watch.
– Mhmmm. – I know I’m tired. Ready to hit
the reset button and do it all over again tomorrow. Except, except at
the Cardinals stadium. – Yep. – It’s gonna be a
better day tomorrow. They’ll play some
tough teams tomorrow though. I think the first
game’s gonna be really tough. – Yeah. – I think they’re ranked
number 1 in this tournament. – They are. We’re 13th. – And Memaw and Papa
are staying the night. They’re already in bed. Sierra’s gonna make us
breakfast in the morning. So we’ll see you
in the next clip. Right? – Yep.
– Can’t say the next video. We’ll see you in the next clip. Good morning, Sierra.
– Good morning. – [Tiffany] You ready
for your big day? It’s Day 2 at the stadium. – Yep. – [Tiffany] She’s
cutting her ribbons. Getting ’em ready for tomorrow. Thanks for breakfast, Sierra.
– Yep. – [Tiffany] Memaw
helped with the sausage. Alright, we’re walking in.
Day 2. – [Both] Cardinals stadium. – Sierra, (laughs) is super
excited for multiple reasons today but this is
probably the most exciting day. – Yes.
– Not tomorrow though? Tomorrow’s like
the championship day. – No. – Today’s the best day–
– Yeah. – of the three. Alright, I’m excited for you. She looks cut today. Pink, that’s your favorite
uniform, too, right? Alright, let’s do this. (indistinct chatter) – Found our name right away. – [Tiffany] Court 18. Is that gonna be
our lucky court today? Confident, Sierra.
Confident, yes! (indistinct chatter) – [Woman 5] Help it! – [Tiffany] Oh. Oh, nice! – [Girl] Let’s go, Sierra! – [Tiffany] Nice! Oh. (indistinct chatter) Nice, Sierra. Oh. – [Man 3] Out! – [Tiffany] Okay,
game one’s over. Update on that. – Lost.
– [Tiffany] Lost. – First game was 25 to 5.
Second game was 35 to 19. – [Tiffany] Very good
team though, huh? Great hitters. So now you sat, you refed,
and then you play, play. – Yep.
– [Tiffany] Yep. What do you think
about the stadium so far? – It’s good. It’s cool.
– [Tiffany] It’s good. – I think for some
reason it’s easier to see the ball now than on Friday. Friday it was like dark
so like the bright lights. Now it doesn’t
seem like bright lights it just seems like all light. – [Tiffany] That’s
true ’cause it was dark out. – All light instead of just
bright lights shining on us, it’s just all light
instead of lights everywhere. (indistinct chatter) – [Mamaw] Whoa! – [Tiffany] Help it, help it. – [Memaw] That
would’ve been out. – [Tiffany] Nice, Sierra. – [Mamaw] Good save, Sierra! – [Tiffany] Yes! Yes! Way to fight, girls. Oh! Yes, right there.
– [Memaw] Yes! – [Tiffany] There you go. Good serve. (crowd cheering) Nice. Nice. There you go, Sierra. Oh. – [Papa] They’re ranked 13.
They beat who they had to beat. – Alright, we ended at a decent
time tonight so we were able to stop and actually
get some dinner. Not some fast food
like we had last night. But Native for some
dinner and let’s give an update. – Yep.
– Last, wait. You have to give an update on
the last two games ’cause they played back to back.
– Oh, yeah. So the second game, we lost but it was to three. They won the first game, we
brought it back the second game, and then the third game was
15 to 11 something like that. It was really close.
– Yeah. You could’ve beat them.
You guys just weren’t quite on. – We missed a lot of
serves that gave them points. And then the last game,
we won in two games. – Yep. So because you guys won
that last game they play at the stadium again tomorrow. Excited about that, huh?
And it’s single elimination. They lose they’re done, they
win they play one more game. It’s up to two games tomorrow. – So we play one,
hopefully we’ll win, we’ll play again. – See ya next clip.
– Yep. – Day 3. Same, yeah, alright. I’m tired. Day 3. Final day. Alright, we’re gonna win and
then we’re gonna play again and we’re gonna win that
and we’re gonna end this awesome weekend
with a great day today. – Hopefully.
– Okay? Nope, it’s gonna happen. – No, it’s gonna happen.
– It’s gonna happen. (crowd buzzing) – [Woman 5] Nice serve, Ashlyn. Hit, yeah! – [Tiffany] There you go.
Nice crossover. – [Woman 5] Yeah! Yeah!
– [Memaw] There we go. Gotta get it over. – [Woman 5] Yeah, nice hit. Yeah! – [Woman 6] Nice hit, Sierra. – [Tiffany] Come on, Sierra.
– [Mamaw] Over. – [Tiffany] Yes, yes. There you go. It’s coming to you. There you go!
Yes, Sierra. – [Woman 5] Over! – [Tiffany] There
you go, Sierra. Oh, nice save! Yes!
(crowd applause) Sierra, why are we still here? – ‘Cause we won our first game. – [Tiffany] So now what?
– We play a second game. – [Tiffany] And then that’s it. So you’re going for bronze.
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] But it’s the last
and final game coming up here. Oh! Nice coverage, Sierra. Nice! Woo hoo!
(crowd applause and cheers) Nice!
– [Woman 7] Yeah! Nice job. It’s a good serve. Yeah!
(crowd cheering) – [Woman 7] Nice, Kayleigh. Yes!
– [Tiffany] Yes. – [Woman 7] Nice hit. Yeah! – [Tiffany] Nice. – [Woman 7] Nice, Sierra.
– [Tiffany] Oh, good Sierra. – [Woman 7] Yes, oh.
– [Tiffany] Dang it. Game point. – [Woman 7] Come on, Jayden. – Congratulations. You’re welcome. Congratulations.
– Thank you. – Alright, Coach! – Smile! – Okay, just got back
home from a very long, exciting weekend. And I’m gonna let
Sierra kinda do the recap. So we got this medal. It’s bronze and technically
we’re not third place out of all the teams, ’cause there
was like eight teams in gold, eight teams in silver. I don’t know how
many teams in bronze. So we came 11th place
out of, around 40. – [Tiffany] 40 13 teams.
– In the 13s division. We got 11th place. And we also won give games– – [Tiffany] Five matches. – Five matches and lost three
matches in the whole tournament. So out of eight matches,
we won five. – [Tiffany] Yep. So you happy?
– Yep. It was really fun.
– [Tiffany] It was fun, huh? – I love, I love
that tournament– – [Tiffany] I know.
– at the Cardinals stadium. – [Tiffany] Yeah, it was cool
that we were there again today. – Yeah. Last two years we
were only there one day. Thanks for watching. See you guys in the next video. – [Tiffany] Bye!
– Bye. (electronic music)

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