Howzat? Armless Cricketer Makes State Team

SAJAD: I feel that in the world there can be no-one else who plays cricket like Amir. COMM: Amir Hussain Lone plays cricket for his state team despite having lost his arms
in an accident when he was 8 years old. AMIR: After the accident, whatever bad things happened to me, it convinced me to do something
with my life. ZAHOOR: When I see him playing cricket, it is a lesson for all physically fit people.
If he can play, we too can play. He is a gifted child. COMM: Amir has had to come up with his own unique ways of playing the game he loves. AMIR: I have struggled a lot. I have tried lots of techniques in cricket. COMM: He holds the bat between his shoulder and his chin. He bowls using his feet. And
he has found ways to catch and throw the ball. COMM: In 1997, Amir lost his arms in an accident with a bandsaw when he visited his father’s
sawmill to deliver lunch to his brother. BASHIR: I had to sell my land to get him treated. But I told my family that we would work hard
together and not beg in front of anyone. AMIR: Whatever money we had was completely spent on my treatment. COMM: But the doctors were unable to save his arms, and at first Amir would face a struggle
to be accepted by society. BASHIR: People said he is useless, you should not have put yourself at risk to save him.
He is in no way useful. AMIR: After two months of rest at home I resumed studies. I then joined 3rd grade. There was
a teacher who told me that I should stay home. Education is not for you. COMM: Amir’s response was to become self-sufficient, selling walnuts to buy himself books. BASHIR: It was God’s miracle that with time he leant the art of bathing and washing clothes
and wearing clothes. And till now he does so. RAMMEZ: Since that whatever Amir heard and saw he never lost courage. I am thankful to
Allah that Amir didn’t lose courage. COMM: And he dedicated himself to pursuing his major passion – cricket. AMIR: I have never lost hope, I have never accepted defeat. I have always said that I
will keep going. This has been my desire.

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  1. Jo Zindagi Mein Kabhi Haar nahi mante woh hi saccha champion hota hai aamir is champion salute you ?

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    If you want to Listen the Story of this Champion in Hindi.
    Aamir Hussain.

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