How Volleyball Brought the Gospel

In a remote region of northern India,
a Global Mission pioneer uses a volleyball and a net as tools to reach his village. Pioneer D.K. had a dream. He wanted to establish
an Adventist presence in this community where there were no Christian churches. D.K. started by creating
a volleyball club. He collected a small participation fee
so he could buy a volleyball and a net. Then he began teaching
the young men to play. The word quickly spread about the club,
and the participants grew from 40 to 150 players. Today, this club is a major attraction
among the surrounding villages. Mothers, fathers, and siblings–
the whole family– comes to watch the tournaments. This is my favorite game;
playing this sport always gives me energy. I like playing with my friends so much. We have good sportsmanship,
and this game unites us. The youth feel invigorated
by the activities, and they often come
for training and exercises. This activity has a very good influence
on the village youth. They must abstain from mischief
and getting into trouble because those with bad habits
are not allowed to play. The lessons they learn here
go beyond volleyball. The players build character
and confidence as they work together to improve their skills. Parents are also happy with the changes
they see in their children. When D.K. comes to visit the families,
their doors are wide open. D.K. often travels
long distances on his bicycle. At times, he pedals 10 to 20 miles
to bring the message of hope. Here, a group of mothers
listens attentively as they learn about Jesus for the very first time. D.K. speaks with a sense of friendship
and personal involvement that shows his love and interest
for the villagers’ well-being. The youth also look up to Coach D.K. They are eager to hear stories
of Bible heroes who won with God’s help. The players often pray
for their community and friends, and for the games they play in. The game is a way to connect
with the community and make friendships. I distribute pamphlets
to gather the pupil. We also connect the games
to the church and, at times, hold worship in the place where we play. Today, there is a small church
in the village. Some 66 baptized believers meet regularly to sing, pray, and worship God. D.K. leads this group of believers
during the week and in the Sabbath service. Pioneer D.K.’s dream of growing
a new group of Adventist believers in this community has come true, but he knows there is still
much work to be done. And when he looks back
at what God has accomplished in the seven years he’s worked here,
D.K. is confident that the future is bright! Please pray for the Global Mission
work among the unreached people of northern India. Pray for D.K. as he continues
ministering through sport activities. We need many more pioneers
working in these unentered regions!

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