How To Weaponize Table Tennis Balls

hello and welcome to the slingshot channel I’ve seen some table tennis matches lately and I have to say these guys are just great the kind of speed that they could come up with shooting this like three grammed table tennis ball is amazing sorry I thought maybe I can do a trainer that helps these guys getting even better first I bought a full bag of these table tennis balls in bright yellow so you can see them better so this is what I came up with it doesn’t it look great thank you feeling cool looking it has a pouch that is big enough for the table tennis balls and it’s also chambered for one and of course it’s my one-piece trigger sear mechanism and it’s short so that you can really point it quickly with a long rifle that will be a little bit too clumsy loading is fairly easy you just draw it back like this and then you put in the table tennis ball like this and then it’s ready to shoot let’s find out how fast this thing shoots okay that’s almost 48 meters per second quite amazing I think that would be a word record for table tennis I dug out this old table tennis board leftover from the people that lived here previously there was no net so I put in a piece of wood just for the sake of the experiment first which should straight down to test point blank okay and that’s gone for good see what you can do when we use the wheel table to display so we could of course change direction very quickly and then that would be hard to cache very interesting see when it hits the plate it develops these rings I don’t think that is normal it must have been because of the power let’s test it on this sword made by James hell I made the handle but he made this wonderful blade and is really sharp you can shave yourself with this thing so we put the sword in the vise and now we try to shoot the table tennis ball against it and see if we can slash it wow it works you these do not fly far because they are light and have a lot of air resistance so they are really fast at first and then they are resistant slows them down quickly now here is the idea we fill them with liquid in this case it’s water with a syringe so we poke in the syringe and we squirt in the liquid and we do this repeatedly until it’s full once it is full we seal the hole with a little bit of duct tape like this because of the weight and what’s inside this one behaves entirely different to this one this one is filled with air therefore you can compress it and it Springs out that’s why you can really shoot them heart against the surface and it comes right back now this one is now filled with water which means it cannot compress and it would shatter like a raw egg Wow one more filled with water I leave it to your imagination what else could be put in one of these this of course also shoots stillborn that was easy haha so I hope you liked my little tennis ball shooter that’s it for today thanks and bye bye

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