How to Warp and Weave on the Schacht Cricket Loom

(♪♪♪) JANE:
Hi, I’m Jane Patrick
with Schacht Spindle Company and today I’m going to
show you how to warp and weave on a Cricket Loom. So the first thing
you’re going to do is clamp the back of
the loom to the table, and then you’re going to
clamp your warp peg to the other end
of the table. This’ll be as far away
as your warp is long. So now I’m going to
tie my warp yarn onto my apron bar, and I will centre this
in my weaving, so if my weaving is
six inches wide I will be three inches
right or left of centre. So once I have that tied on
with a square knot I’m going to just bring
my threading hook through the slot, and I grab the hook
and I take this loop and I put it around the peg, so now I’m going to have
two threads in that slot and that’s the way
it should be. So now I’m going to
do the next slot, and you’ll notice that
my warp yarn is going over
the apron bar, and I’m going to draw
that loop through. If you have a little
tension on it it’ll go through easier. And bring the loop over, and then the next time the loop is coming
under the apron bar, and then I draw it
through the slot again. So now I’m going to
measure my last thread. I’m just going to
cut the end off, and you want enough
to tie a knot, and you tie it nice
and secure at the back. Now you’re going to
cut this loop. Don’t worry; some people
are afraid to cut this but you’re just going to
hold it and clip it. And then do an
overhand knot just loosely. The only purpose of this knot
is to prevent it from going through the reed. So now you’re ready
to wind on the warp. I like to use
a sturdy craft paper like a paper bag
works great. So you just insert that. The reason why
you use paper is to keep the layers separate, otherwise they’ll slip down and your warp
won’t end up even. So I’m going to move
this knot down just a little bit. Okay, so when I have
about 10 inches up here, I’m going to stop
winding the warp, and now I can
thread the holes, so I’m going to tie–
untie that knot. And then I’m going to take
one of the two threads, it doesn’t matter which one, out of the slot and into
the adjacent hole. It doesn’t matter which
way you go, just as long as you go
consistently to the right or to the left. Now that I’ve
threaded all the holes, I’m ready to tie into
the front apron bar. So I’m going to divide about
one inch groupings in half. I’m going to bring them
over the apron bar and I’m going to go on
one side or the other of a cord. I’m going to bring them
over the top, around to the outside,
and to the centre, and I’m going to tie
a surgeon’s knot around once and twice, and that way it’ll hold, but you’ll be able to
adjust it later. So you’re going to tie
all your groupings and then after they’re all tied
you’re going to check, make sure the tension is
even all the way across, adjust as necessary, and then when
you’re satisfied, just tie a bowtie, and you can adjust this later
if you start weaving and you realize one
section is looser or tighter. Now you’re ready to weave. The Cricket Loom has been
unclamped from the table, and I’ve put it
right here in this notch against the table which makes it very
comfortable for weaving. So you threaded the loom with the heddle in
the neutral position. To weave, you’re going
to use the up position, and you can see
that the holes are up, the hole threads are up, and then the down position
where the slot threads are up. I’m going to place my shuttle
into the space between the raised and lowered threads, put it in at
a 45 degree angle, and beat. And then I’m going to put
the shuttle through again, beat, and now I’m going to
do the lower shed. And that’s all there is to it. Now you’re weaving. So, all the instructions
and pattern ideas are included with this loom, and you can find
more information on the Blick website. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

13 thoughts on “How to Warp and Weave on the Schacht Cricket Loom

  1. The best demo I've seen. Now we need one showing how easy it is to use a warping board for those really long warps! 😀

  2. Unfortunately this video does not show you how to begin your project.  My loom is warped and ready to go but without learning how to properly begin a simple project this video was of little help.

  3. My Cricket Loom will be here in a couple days, I'm pretty excited to get it. This is a great video! I do have a question though, what type of "thread" is used for warp?

  4. This shows how to warp this loom. Not really how to get started weaving. There are books and other videos that show that.

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