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What’s going on fantasy football fans. I want to do an impromptu video right before waivers go through. A lot of people don’t really know how to do waivers properly. To do your waiver wire claims, your priority and so on and so forth. It’s mostly a lot of really really small details but it’s going to give you that little advantage. You know, we add up all these small details and it helps you win. So I’m gonna go through detailedly how you should submit your waiver claims, what you should do in all the little details. Let’s get into it. Okay so this is my team right here… Right here as you can see the first thing we do is look at our team, see who’s on bye, what our needs are. So right now my best quarterback is Philip Rivers ok and this is ESPN by the way. So Philip Rivers he’s on bye ok my only defense is on bye, my only kicker is on bye, it’s Brandon McManus I like him but i’m not going to keep two kickers I mean he’s not like like Justin Tucker I might keep and and Gostkowski I might keep. I’m not going to keep Brandon McManus, even though I’m big on him. Same thing with the Jets defense, I’m probably not going to keep them.They play the Patriots next week. So I need a defense, I need a kicker, for sure kicker is the least important so kickers always go last on my priority and I could use I don’t need a running back I have plenty of those it seems like yeah I have enough of those… Got Kenneth Dixon on the bench. Wide receiver okay I don’t need a tight end so I could use a quarterback but I’m going to see what’s out there. I’m always wanting to try to buff up my bench so okay here’s the rules basically. The first thing you want to do, if you have an IR spot, put anybody who’s eligible to be on IR in that spot. So let’s say this guy if he had out designation I would move him to the IR spot. That automatically frees up a bench spot. I don’t have to drop anybody if i pick up somebody. That’s the first thing you do: put all your IR-eligible players in the IR spot. The second thing we want to do is look at my waiver order which sucks and if you have acquisition limit or let’s say you’re in a cost money FAAB whatever they call it where you have like a set amount of fake dollars or sometimes it’s real dollars that you have to purchase waivers. So you have to put in like a bid, a waiver bid. You look at that or sometimes your acquisition limit. We have an acquisition limit of 50. So I have plenty of acquisitions, but I’m waiver order 11 of 12 — thats bad. How I look at just about every week it’s a must win for me. This week let’s look at our opponent, Gorilla. Alright let’s look at Party Gorilla. Okay so he actually has waiver priority one ahead of me… so the first step was to look at the IR spot, put everyone in there. Second step is to look at waiver order, acquisition limits, whatever you have whatever restrictions you have, what waiver order you are. Third step is to look at your opponent — that’s what we’re doing right now. What are his needs? Okay he needs a quarterback but he’s… probably not going to get a better one. It’s a 12-man competitive league. I mean you could use a… his team is not really that good — he’s 3 and 7. What he can definitely use is a wide receiver because his first-round pick, his stud, probably his best player. Yeah hands down his best players is Julio Jones. Julio’s on bye. He also needs a defense. Falcons D wow horrible. So he’s definitely gonna need a defense, he might want to pick a wide receiver and what suck is I need a defense too. So you know I’ve already decided that kicker is going to be last on my waiver priority but i’m going to try to pick one up. And step four was supposed to be our needs, but we kind of already went over that so we know our needs: defense for sure, kicker but last and we could use upgrade at quarterback. So what I do hey I actually actually watch my own videos so we’re going to watch my video and we’re not going to play at all but you know every every Tuesday new waiver video and I go by my own rankings too… I don’t just throw it out there. So let’s just take a quick look at… we’ll just go in order at quarterbacks that are available so you can organize it by last, projected they won’t they won’t show the bye week though if you want to pick up some with the bye. I’m not interested in that. Let’s just go with average. Acutally let’s go with projected. I like Kaepernick so I want to pick him up. I think he’s my favorite quarterback to add this week as you as you can see Tyrod Taylor’s taken, Blake Bortles is taken, Kirk Cousins is taken. So let’s go with Kaepernick actually just dropped him but I can go with Kaepernick for Christine Michael or Paul Perkins. That’s a tough one. I don’t really like Cory Coleman either you know what I’m gonna get rid of probably Kendall Wright. Really don’t care for a wide receiver. I’ll go with Kendall Wright. You gotta decide two things really let’s see that’s the best way to explain it Who are you definitely going to drop okay and who’s your first waiver priority claim. So that’s the two most important things you want to know. Who I definitely want to drop and who do I definitely want to pick up. So I think I’m gonna have to decide between going with Kaepernick or a defense. I already know the two defenses I really want are the and that’s my video the Dolphins then the Steelers I think the Giants are taking the Rams are taken so I’ll probably have to settle for the Lions as my third option. And I definitely need a defense so I’m gonna put in several claims here. So here’s where it gets a little more tricky. So I’m definitely going with the Dolphins D — that’s my first one. And I’ll just drop the Jets defense because I only need one defense ok. And also I’m definitely dropping the Jets D. 100% and I’m definitely picking up only one defense. So we’re going to put them all to drop each defense we we say hey we’re going to pick this guy up we’re definitely going to drop the Jets defense in in that in for that new defense coming in. Okay so drop Jets D pickup Dolphins D ok just go straight to it. Next… next is the Steelers. Add the Steelers defense, drop the Jets. Okay, I know a lot of you know this, know most of this. Hopefully there was a few steps that a few details you didn’t know before a lot of you do this but i’m still show a little bit more to you guys the waiver order is very important. You want to make sure you totally understand that. Giants I believe are taken. Yup the Giants are taken. Rams are taken. See there’s anyone I’m missing… there’s nothing obvious out here at all definitely gotta go yeah Bills are even taken so Bucs are out there. I guess I can have to maybe try to pick those guys up. Alright so after the Lions, I doubt there’s going to be anybody I doubt people are going to try to pick more than three defenses. I can go check like who needs a defense but look I mean already know every defense is picked up. So after these three is probably not going to be any but I’ll still put in a couple more claims. So I’ll put in wow… even the Cowboys is picked up by a Dallas Cowboys homer in our league. His team name is Jerry Jones. So the Cowboys are picked up I definitely don’t want the Titans or Raiders gosh i’ll just put in for the Bucs. I mean it’s not even really worth it like oh i guess I’ll put in the Bucs. I really don’t want to start the Bucs D. Hey whatever ok so Bucs, Jets okay so we’re done with defenses alright. So we got a pick… hey are we going to drop a defense or pickup a defense first, it’s the same in this situation, or go for a quarterback first. I definitely want a kicker first so we’ll decide how might change my mind after this video but we’ll decide by the end of this video. And then go over it. So last one right here, we want to get shoot actually I wanted a there’s a couple wideouts available actually so yeah okay let’s just be a let’s go to the wideouts it’s easier. Okay we’ll go to the kicker so I can so switch it right the sake of the video. You’ll see what I’m talking about later alright so defenses ok so kickers we know we want this last but i’ll just do it right now so Santos he’s taken right yeah Santos is taken. Prater is available, Hopkins is taken, Gano is taken, so Novak is available. So it’s between yeah it’s between Novak, Robbie Gould or Matt Prater. I’m going with Matt Prater at home in a dome and has the best matchup, Jacksonville Jaguars right now. I don’t know when you’re watching this video, but right now as you can see, they allow the most points for kicker, he’s ranked very high on my waiver pickup short-term pickup. So add Matt Prater, drop McManus… and in case we can’t get Matt Prater, we get Novak. All right now last I need wide receivers. It’s actually been a good video. Hopefully at the end, I can put it all together so it’s more understandable. It’s beeing a pretty good video here because we have a lot of claims are not like a one-time like 40 claims 50 claims there’s only one time though I’d like two or three people I had to drop like I had to pick somebody up and I think that was IDP league where it’s even more messy. So there’s actually some good wide receivers we have to pick up here to improve our bench. Robert Woods is taken. I know that Meredith is available and that is my number one claim. So let’s go Meredith and let’s drop Kendall Wright. …Shoot maybe… maybe I could drop Christine Michael. You know I’ll just decide that later this is this is really tough but let’s so for this for this video state let’s drop Kendall Wright. I think I’m gong to go with that. I definitely need to pick up put in a claim at least for Meredith even though I won’t get him. There’s no way I’m gonna get him he’s gonna like the number-one waiver pickup this week. We’re going with that… and if we can’t get him, I like Garcon. Definitely get that… he’s ok actually. You know what, I actually don’t need any I don’t want I don’t want anybody else because I’m not going to start them anyway. I’m going to start a running back. Let’s go back to this, this is important. So these are all my moves ok so I know I want to drop a kicker I know the kicker is going to be last. Let’s make that clear ok alright so kicker is last. We want that. We don’t care about the kicker as much. I’ll take any kicker. All right. Now we have to decide do we want to go defense, quarterback or wide receiver. First you know I’m probably not going to get Meredith anyway. And I don’t need a wide receiver. I would really rather start Kaepernick this week, so I’m going to go with quarterback first then defense… just like how I have it. I made up my mind that I want my number one person to pickup is going to be Colin Kaepernick. I’m gonna go with Kaepernick. I want to start him this week. So that’s my first waiver pickup. So it goes like this: if I don’t get Kaepernick I’m gonna get one of these defenses for sure. There’s no one’s picking up the Lions defense I’ll tell you that… or shoot the Bucs. After that I’m going with defense actually really like these two: I like the Dolphins and Steelers. The Lions are ok and I don’t care about the Bucs… I really don’t care for them. So I’m going to put Meredith one up If i don’t get the Lions D, I’m so screwed anyway, I’ll just go with any defense. Like this is this is bad. Alright so that that’s it right there okay guys so just to make it clear it’s pretty self-explanatory so the waivers the first one right here is your number one priority then it was number two so okay so goes if Kaepernick is available for me which I expect him to fully be Kendall Wright is going to be dropped Colin Kaepernick’s going to be picked. Then it goes to the defenses. Now remember once Kendall, once this goes through which it likely will it may not but if it does then this is automatically cancelled because that’s the one for Cameron Meredith. Alright that’s already kicked that’s that’s automatically cancelled so if I still want a chance at Meredith which I won’t have any because he’s so low I mean going to be the top waiver claim already know that. I can go I need to find someone else to add for sure. I probably know you like to hoard running back so i probably won’t even do that. So it’s like I’m basically saying: I’m definitely going to get rid of I want to get rid of Kendall Wright right here. That’s how it goes alright so Kaepernick… Kendall Wright’s gone if Kaepernick’s there, then I go for the defenses. This probably won’t be there anyway, I don’t really care too much about that. And very last i’ll be able to drop a kicker and pick up a decent one. Definitely will go through. I’m pretty like I look at this league a lot. I know a lot of people don’t need defenses, a lot of people don’t need kickers and stuff like that. There’s only a few out there. So that’s it. That ends this. Hopefully that cleared up some things and made the waivers make more sense. Just one other thing to add is if you put the first waiver claim you put you don’t ever have to add Colin Kaepernick ever again. Let me let me give you an example so let’s say I really wanted Meredith more okay like I would I need this like I need this guy, I need Kap more but I really want Meredith. Pretty much regardless, I want to pick up this guy so I’m gonna go click him. I’m gonna drop ok let’s say Paul Perkins alright. Regardless i’m picking up this guy alright so this guy goes up alright so if Colin Kaepernick’s there i’m not going to be able to get this one’s not going to go through this automatically disappears waiver priority five but this is right here this is this becomes 5 basically this replaces that so because I still would have Paul Perkins and that means that if if Meredith is available still during this process, I’ll definitely be able to get him. Now if I didn’t have this one right here. If I didn’t do this new claim that I made and put it up here to 6. I would not get Meredith if I were to get Colin Kaepernick. Okay hope that makes sense. Again. if Colin Kaepernick’s available for my first waiver priority Kendall Wright wouldn’t be there. I need to put this claim in because this one won’t exist you need someone to drop all right. Now I changed my mind i don’t want to drop Paul Perkins so I’m going to cancel this boom I’m all set so those are my waiver priorities I’m going to get Colin Kaepernick if I don’t I’m definitely getting a defense, a good defense if Colin Kaepernick’s not there. And if I’m not able to get a good defense, I’m going to have to settle with the Lions or Bucs. Maybe get Kaepernick and definitely getting a kicker at the very end because that’s the least valuable position. Quick update! This is the next day, waivers went through. I was able to get my first waiver choice. I got the quarterback I wanted, Colin Kaepernick. Kendall Wright was dropped, Colin Kaepernick was added I wasn’t able to get my second choice, my top defense, the Dolphins, but close to them would be the Steelers so my third choice, I was able to get them. My second-favorite defense. I got the Steelers and a spot start against the Browns, they’re winless so far, so I like that. And as I predicted, I looked at the transactions and Mike Mital actually I believe got Cameron Meredith so he was picked way before even I was able to get my first waiver pick Colin Kaepernick so that went through. And lastly I got a kicker this week, Matt Prater, going against Jacksonville who’s ranked 32nd and allows the most points for kickers. So it went through just kind of how I was predicting it would go through. I just want to give you guys an update of my team now, after the waivers. Hopefully this video helped you out. Hopefully you know how to do waivers better waiver priority better it makes more sense There’s a little bit of thinking that goes behind it. You always want to win this week. Always look at your opponent see what they’re doing. And like I said I know my league very well so I didn’t need to look at all the other players. I study it all day like we’re all looking like who’s going to win. It’s very competitive right now by the way it’s Week 11. This is the Fantasy Couch league you guys are looking at. So very competitive I know it well. Anyway make sure you guys like the video, leave a comment below, let me know if you want to see more videos like this, if this was any help at all, if it wasn’t. Any suggestions, just leave a comment let me know make sure you use #AskTheBrain whether you leave a comment or hit me up on social media and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel. I’ll see you guys on the next video.

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  1. I need a RB off the waiver to start!!!. My notable choices are TJ Yeldon, Ivory, Langford, Duke Johnson, J White, K Dixon, Dujuan Harris ,  Asiata and Jalen Richard. Who do you think gives me the best chance of anything lol.

  2. I liked the video, but I don't understand why you didn't want to put Meredith at the top. If you liked him the most why didn't you put him at the top? It was almost as if you gave up on your top waiver priority. Can you clarify?

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