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I know some people they just practice alone. They have no partner and once they get a partner their partner just wants to play the game. And they have no chance to practice. So you can think about it that way.
For example, me I drop in today come to table tennis here and I find a partner and he
says “I want to play game.” But for myself right now I don’t want
to play game I want to practice my my forehand smash. Okay. So he wants to play game, I want
to practice my forehand smash. How do I practice? Okay if you want to play game
okay I go play game with him but may I have a ball please? When I play the game with him I won’t
aim to the score. I don’t care about the score. I just care about my own part. What is
it? It’s forehand smash. How can I make the forehand smash. So forehand smash you want to start from the rally. Okay start rally. So when you serve
you don’t have to serve bottom spin. You serve bottom spin they going
to push back, it’s no rally. How about you serve this way, just no
spin on side and top like this. Ah it’s easy. Then you start your rally. You start your rally then you got
the chance to practice your forehand. Once the ball come to your forehand side
you’ve got the chance to practice. If you miss it’s okay don’t worry about it.
You are not aiming to the score. And when he serves you try to make it all topspin.
How can you make it? If he serves bottom spin of course
you’re going to push. You can push to his forehand side
and let him loop you block, then back to rally. If he serves side and bottom, if you can just lift the ball like this then
you go back to rally. So if both of you play rally you
got the chance, BAM! Still practice your forehand smash. So one game, two games, ten games later at least you practice so many times
your forehand smash. What is it, you have to plan it. Not “oh he only want to play game I
don’t want to play game.” Okay just wasted time. No when he wants to play game you
just plan your own thing. Now you’ve got the chance to practice. For example another one, I want to
practice my backhand loop. Same thing backhand loop against bottom spin.
So what are you going to do? When you serve you’re going
to serve bottom spin. Serve… Loop. Nice. The serve comes to my backhand side,
loop. See I got a chance to practice my backhand serve. Sorry my backhand loop. You plan it.
You can do it. Okay.

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  1. @007StevenS A "swipe" (stroke between a push and flip) would be a better choice for you. It is easier to control and is good for confusing your opponent. The stroke is obviously much easier to explain on video and we hope to include it in the future. We currently have a video on fourth ball attacking so check that one out for some good tips as well.

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  3. 1. First, focus strictly on placement, not on spin
    2. Once you can place the serve where you want 9 out of 10 times, then add a small amount of spin.
    3. Repeat the process, adding a small amount of spin and mastering placement. Add more spin, master placement, etc.

  4. How does wanting to have fun affect their partner's effectiveness at helping you train? Do they play terribly on purpose?

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