How to Throw a Vulcan Changeup Pitch | Baseball Pitching

How to throw the Vulcan change up. The Vulcan change up is a pitch thrown between
the middle and ring fingers on the pitching hand. The name comes from Mr. Spock, for those of
you Trekkies out there, whereby he had a greeting
where he would part those fingers. Most recently, Eric Gagne, dominant closer
for the Los Angeles Dodgers, threw a Vulcan change up, as has Ian Kennedy
in recent years. Both pitchers
were quoted as saying that they got more movement on the ball and felt more
comfortable delivering this pitch than a traditional change up. I would caution young pitchers from spending
too much time learning the Vulcan change up. But rather, learn the three-finger trophy
change or the circle change up before fiddling around with
this more gimmicky change up grip.

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  1. Please do not title your videos "how to" when you never show somebody "how to." This was a total waste of time and will now prevent me from wasting time with any more of these worthless videos. Ugh.

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