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You ask if there’s any drill to help you serve
and loop. Ya we have a drill there. So you serve, now you’re… thinking after serve you want to attack and but most time happen no good
chance so you just push back. Now when you practice this one you have to know serve and attack. Serve and attack combined combined that means try to make one movement. Like after serve, automatic – BAM go attack. But if you after serve stay here you I think most times going to
push back or just block back. Because you’re standing here most
times they return the ball to your backhand side. So right now you’re going to get
a change. After serve stay here. So take a look where’s your forehand side? The whole table is your forehand side. You have to use your forehand.
You have no choice. You’re going to say “ah, what if they push
to my forehand, what can I do?” Sorry you have to attack you have no choice. Because you are ready to attack. So for example like this, after
serve, standing here attack. One shot, game over. Then, same thing after serve standing here. See, forehand side. You have no choice to do your backhand side unless the ball come to here. But you don’t have… don’t worry
you already got the point. So after serve stay here. After serve come back here not too much chance to attack. So you can practice like this way your ready position. I mean attack ready position around this area. You have to turn your body. Uh… don’t be scared. No worries another corner, one step Bam. Okay? So when you practice
you can try… you can practice this way. Okay now my helper going
to push anywhere this side and this side. Okay? Anywhere. I’m going to do serve and
attack. After serve I’m going to stay here. So take a look it’s not too hard. Crossover, easy. Serve again crossover You see that? You practice fifteen minutes, take a short break or
let your partner practice then come back still practice this way. This is the best drill for that one. Okay, you can try it.

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  1. This is a good video for me, i use the advices here, as i used the ones in the video "how to practice without a serious partner".
    P.S. What blade and rubbers you use?

  2. @2ShaePussyCat Glad the videos are of use to you. Coach Li currently uses a Palio KA Offensive blade with Butterfly Sriver rubber.

  3. I want that shirt. Best instructional I have found though. Even though I play Jpen, there are many tips I can pull out of these videos.

  4. Can anyone help me? I am what i would like to call myself a full out attacker. i am always looping the ball to the other person to different spots of the table trying to get them to miss. But for some reason the ball ALWAYS comes back, and after 6-10 hits ill eventually miss it. what should i do? not attack as much or something? i feel like its pointless attacking if i just end up loosing the rally at the end of it. please help me, give me suggestions on how i should play.everyone always blocks!

  5. the return he is giving is too high …. u really have got a problem if he returns low on the farther side of the table

  6. True. But they aren't playing a competitive match. The practice partner's job here is to support the skill you're trying to develop, not to try and win the point.

  7. My name is Gian from Belize (Gee Yan), i always try to hit my opponent's angles but i falter, could you show me how to do this successfully?

  8. Once you feel comfortable practicing at a certain speed, have your partner delivery a slightly lower, faster return and master attacking that. Presently, you can also practice a more defensive return against those low, fast returns as well to set up a possible fifth ball attack.

  9. hello coach i just want to know how to receive good services i m a bit weak in returning good services do u have any tip or any vidoe which give tips on improving the service returns?

  10. Yes we have a video on the way shortly that will cover a service return question. If you'd like to submit your own question to Coach Li please go here: tabletennisuniversity(dot)com/videos/coach-qa/

  11. Make the most of it! Not many players can make that claim. If you want to make your forehand better then practice as much as you can. But if your backhand really is much better than your forehand then setup your points so that you use your backhand more. Play angles that force your opponent to return the ball to your backhand 🙂

  12. But if your partner had attacked your ball on the end of the forehand you wont dream of bringing it back on the table

  13. If your serves are being attacked we suggest working on your serves. The first step to executing planned attacks is having a variety of effective, deceptive serves.

  14. These videos are only for beginners! If I am the opponent, I will loop if you serve long and push short if you serve short underspin.

  15. His English is good enough, but he might not express himself as well as he would with his mother tongue? Xie Xie TTM

  16. . . . sometimes happens to me ! Could maybe try practising brushing the ball lightly to develop greater spin in your attack – I find good spin is more useful than more power. Also try heavy top-spin into the opponent's body (and/or their cross-over point). If it keeps coming back high, I eventually try a chop/smash, which is a shot I improvise and works quite well mostly.
    K. (Level 2 Coach)

  17. Bought all the dvd's and used the service mastery one the most.
    Maybe the English of the coach could have been worked one, but overall these are VERY good for beginners and seasoned players 

  18. My father did the same thing, the point is to take any and every chance to gain the advantage over your opponent and to expect that the opponent will expect it and/or your opponent will do better. Just watch the ball, where the opponent is positioned, where you think he will try to position himself, etc. If a ball comes straight to you and you can move yourself to attack the ball, do it, youd be an idiot not to, and dont give your opponent that opportunity if you can do anything else that can succeed as much or better–in other words, that would be a stupid mistake

  19. No…just look how the Chinese does after they served.  They prepare for the backhand return of their opponent. And if there is enough time to move for the forehand loop. They does. Chinese never leave any side of the table unguarded. Together with their super fast footwork. They can achieve strong forehand. Like Zhang Jike does. Just look at the muscles of his legs. Hahaha. Jaw-dropping footwork!!!

  20. If the ball goes to your backhand side. And no more time to adjust for your forehand. Like how mostly Zhang Jike, Ma Long does. They use backhand. Deep strong backhand to lift the ball up the table and the rally goes on. 🙂

  21. Hello Coach Li, first off thank you so much for these videos, I learned a lot already from just watching two! If I can give some suggestions, it would be helpful for you to separate the videos into playlists with beginner/intermediate/advanced so people who are starting out can learn the fundamentals before moving on.

  22. I serve with reverse pendulum because the spin of the ball wil react with the rubber and the ball goes every time to my forehand side and I can loop kill directly

  23. thanks coach for the tip, im a long pips player, usually my serve return are on my deep backhand side. your tip got me an idea where to stand after serve and i have to develop a strong pivot footwork to cover the rest of table. more power

  24. Interesting…am gonna try this. Specifically, when you use the Pendulum serve that pushes the ball towards your backhand.

  25. yep that's a goo advice. My coach told this too.
    this is not good with very good opponents because, on this video the helper is just not playing, he's justing gently pushing back the serve with a Sllloooow return.In those conditions, of course, it's easy to attack. but with a fast return you don't know where it goes……

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