How to tell if your bat is broken | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Arghhh! Arghhh! Ever had one of those temper tantrums? Bat’s
gone flying. How do you tell if your bat is broken? Well there’s one simple way. The bat
usually breaks across here so that’s the first place to check. And the easiest way to check
is to put it on the table and give the handle a bit of a wiggle, if it wiggles too much
it’s time to buy a new bat. Remember when you’re doing this test, there’s
going to be a little bit of flex because it’s wood and it’s got a bit of give in it. The other thing you want to check is that
the handle isn’t coming away from the main part of the blade, so right in there isn’t
unattached any more. If you run in accidentally and catch the bat
like that, that’s the time that it’s likely to break because it’s going to break this
way but if you accidentally hit it like that it’s not likely to break because it’s going
through the edge so try not to hit at the ball with your bat like that.

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