How to Switch Hit: Baseball Hitting Tips : How to Swing the Bat Right Handed

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village.
In this segment I’m going to teach you how to be a switch hitter. In this segment we’re
going to illustrate the swing from the right side of the plate. You want to position your
feet like so, make sure you are not too wide. The hands are up here, the first step is the
step forward, the second step is the rotation 45 degrees and make sure you are not on your
toe as your weight will shift forward. You want the weight to be on the back leg, the
third step you pull your hips through the zone snapping the wrist, snapping the elbows
all the way through to finish the swing.

18 thoughts on “How to Switch Hit: Baseball Hitting Tips : How to Swing the Bat Right Handed

  1. Check out my page and look at the "example.wmv" video, shows 4 of the best hitters in MLB with weight off the back leg. The back leg is an anchor during the swing once hip rotation has begun.

  2. LOL, very wrong. You do not put the weight on your back foot. Your back foot is supposed to be off the ground. And your front foot perpendicular to the pitcher. This is while in the swing. Look up Albert Pujol's swing guys. He'll show you how to do this.

  3. This isn't the proper way to swing. With your back arm you have to form an L and have your lead arm all the way out. Also, try to keep a circular motion with your hands. Keep your hips in front as you bring your shoulder around. This is how a lot of MLB players swing.

  4. Albert Pujols' swing says different. You clearly see that Pujols weight is basically suspended in his front foot until his swing is finished. THIS IS THE PROPER WAY TO SWING. ALL WEIGHT OFF BACK FOOT.

  5. No dude, really, look at Albert Pujols' swing. The back foot is just used to keep your center of gravity on your front foot. After the swing and the contact all the weight goes to the back foot to not fall down and to keep balance.

  6. i know im a right handed swinger and this guy has a problem to your toe should be in the floor and i think your absulutly right

  7. csn u do a softball teaching because i play softbal i can hit the ball and i need to learn how to pich a strike and i know how to swing a bat but my sisters say im doing it wrong

  8. well first of all the batting stance is whatever is most comfortable for the batter. his arms werent places correctly his right arm should be 90 degrees with the ground.

  9. How to switch hit: hit 100 balls off your tee every night left handed for 2 months. Thats how i did it =) just started switch hitting and im a sophmore in highschool

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