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My Name is Shyam. Welcome to Drome
Hopefully you would have seen the previous videos now the most important thing in bowling; how to swing the ball we are going to see about that now So u can see which side is shiny in this ball If the ball is released now, the ball will move in towards the right hand batsman Its called as inswing. So the wind hits the ball swings in it will come into the right hand batsman So shine of the ball is very important, shiny side facing the offside For an outswing the shiny should be facing the leg side this ball will move away from the right hand batsman, towards the this is called outswing, so shine of the ball is very important for inswing and outswing, it depends on how you hold the ball So if the ball is new, there wont be too much of difference with the shine We will not be sure if we want to bowl outswing or inswing We should always try to maintain shine on one side of the ball if we want to bowl inswing, keep the shine towards the off side and vice versa it will be difficult for batsmen to predict the swing so thats why we will have to keep shining on one side of the ball This ball is pretty new, so it will take a lot of time to reverse wheras this ball is old, while this a 20 over ball, this is a 35 over ball you can see the difference between these two So whats reverse swing is, once the ball gets old it will be very rough so if we shine on one side and make the ball heavy in this newish ball, the ball will swing to the opposite side of the shine this is called normal swing. Reverse swing is if the shine is on the outer side, the ball will out swing if the shine is reversed, it will inswing its the other way round in newish ball when there is not enough roughness so it happens reverse and hence its called reverse swing If the shine is shown to the batsman at international level even at Ranji Trophy level, batsman will look at the shine and play so its easy to predict which way ball is swinging so there should not be any clue given to the batsman thats why fast bowlers hide the shine and run in not to know the swing Another general thing for fast bowler is variation not bowl at same speed is called variation thats wht is called as slower one, now they talking about the knuckle ball Actually that knuckle ball was bowled by Zaheer Khan in 2011 World Cup it didnt become famous then because there was no awareness but nowadays because of lot of T20s, if we bowl only leg cutter or off cutter, batsman can predict easily so this knuckle ball, with normal seam position while releasing, lift your fingers and release all the efforts are the same with regards to your run up and jump without changing anything we should not give any clue to the batsman only while release, this should be changed because we are holding like this, ball will go little slow and thats the advantage hope it was useful for everyone. Keep watching, keep practising and dont forget to subscribe

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  1. Ok ji IPO aur bache manigana on speed kutta kutta kutta kutta shortcut akasol Rangala 15 energy YouTube Tamil photo wallpaper

  2. Bro Yenaku oru doubt oru 2 yearsa na tan team opening spell edupen apo 70/85kg irunden ipovum na tan opening but 100/110kg iruken,yen running distance kammi agiduchi but ball muna vida ipo tan romba adikama swing agudu,adu en?
    Apopo out swing aguradu vazakam but ipolam saramariya inswing agudu,out swing agudu en solung? Epadi na predict panradu yen bowlinga?

  3. His explanation on how it swings is completely wrong. Holding technique is right though. For Youngsters, please learn the science behind it correctly so you can improvise a lot. His explanation is wrong on why the balls swings to the opposite direction of shinier side.

  4. Adam hollaike of england bowls Knuckle ball often.But he will hold and release the ball with index finger and middle finger.

  5. Your video is spreading world wide .. please put english subtitles which is.universal language .. நன்றி

  6. Nice Shyam good to see you as coach Remember our olden days in both cricket ball and tennis ball… Proud of you… Super machi


  8. If you want to learn swing come to pakistan. Waqar and wasim both are here along with saqlin mustaq and mustaq ahmed.. can go to sri lanka for murli.

  9. Why Don't you speak in english….we are from Bangladesh are unable to speak or understand tamil brother….

  10. Please tell us about the importance of warmup and cool down exercises before and after session and demostrate some of the exercises as well

  11. Dear shyam , i just seen your video .I like your coaching style and presentation .I'm sure ur students are very lucky to have this type of coaches ❤..And all the best your Carrier and life …With love from a mallu guy from kochi ..

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