1. Love the line about nobody needing a hip turn lesson before using a broom. This is true just like nobody flips their wrists early or pulls their arms in swinging a baseball bat. Visualizing the golf swing as just a bent over baseball swing like you mentioned in another video has been the single best tip I've ever heard. It has made night and day difference in my ball striking

  2. thanks for the lesson! i made the changes and boom i was making solid shots to the green. i made 2 birdies after the lesson and shaved 5 strokes off my previous game which i was hitting all my irons thin! awesome lesson. thank you! barry

  3. I love this drill..It's simple and it makes sense. Gonna start practicing the drill, hopefully it will pay off soon. Thanks.

  4. I started making much better contact when i started hitting BEHIND the ball. If a tight lie, 1/4 inch. Some people need hit behind ball.

  5. Hi love your stuff, I’m new just started at 62 yr. I have a question. On correct set up with an 8 iron (blade square on and knees bent)I move my hands forward (left)and with the club head resting on the floor I post up to my impact position ….. my club face does two things, it goes to open by about 15 deg. and the club gets dragged in towards me by about a club width. Obviously those two things must differ from set up to impact as the two change.
    1. the knees are bent at set up but straighter at full post up I can see this when I bend and straighten the knees at setup position.There’s about a club width there. 2. The club face will auto open as the hands move from the middle of your torso to the left side around 10 inches . So … I can’t get my head around those differences when a person makes a full swing and how do they allow for it.Am I going mad or has anyone seen this too or even explained it…..wow! Am I making any sense at all or am I imagining those differences, it’s driving me bonkers thinking on it. Please help!

  6. Greatest instruction video I’ve ever seen. I’ve struggled so much with both slicing and hitting fat and thin shots and you just fixed it all. Thank you!

  7. Great video. I really decided to practice with a purpose and paid attention to not swinging too much downward as pointed out at 2:40 with the iron shot. I hit a dozen shots and didn't shank a single one. Thank you!

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