1. Hey Adam, nice advice. By the way, that fairway looks insane, I bet the head-greenkeeper screamed like a little girl at 8:44.

  2. can u show me how to shift weight as i am having the problem of rotating my hips too fast so that they go too much ahead at impact and the upper body remains backwards. basically upper body not firing or syncronizing with the lower body.

  3. great video. Thanks.
    Note:Impact bag: old gym bag with two feather pillows in front and tightly rolled beach towels in back

  4. Adam, great instruction as always. A pro once told me to go to the range for 2 weeks and hit nothing but punch 8 irons. He said to pretend there was a branch about 2 foot high just in front of my ball and think about hitting under it. The problem is that's all well and good if you have a fluffy lie because you're hitting off a pristine fairway like the one in your video or hitting off a tee. But 80% of the courses most of us play on the fairways are not that great and the ball is sitting more bare. It's just not that easy to not try and help it up out of that bare spot and scoop it. Of course I could roll it to a better lie but I try to play like the rules say. So it's just tough.

  5. I get a raw spot, sometimes bleeding, on the inside of my forearm about 4 inches up from my wrist. I think it's from the top of my glove rubbing somewhere on my downswing. Is this most likely from flipping my wrists at impact?

  6. I went through multiple coaches and none of them could get me to stop flipping. I then went to GolfTech where I was put in a high speed camera and chest harness. They found that the reason my left wrist and at times my left arm would break down, causing me to flip, is because my hips were not open and my left shoulder wasn't rotating through at impact. So my hands had no where to go; but the club head's momentum continued on resulting in it making a flipping motion. And because I still had a good follow through after impact, this issue was camouflaged. This is a problem that can't be seen by the naked eye by my previous coaches because it happens too fast. I'm now aware of needing to open my hips a lot more at impact. All my previous teachers tried to fix this issue with my hands and swing technique but the flipping continued on and at times made my swing worse. So if you are suffering from this problem, film yourself in slow motion and seee if you've got your hips "very" wide open at impact. If not, then this is your cause. Your left arm needs left side clearance in order to continue through. GolfTech showed me a lot of great number of videos where the pros' hips are wide open at impact. The more clearance the better. You have to learn to fire at the hips first and everything follows. I finally have developed a nice shaft leaning position at impact. After years of frustration. Hitting a bag like Adam is doing here helped me a lot too.

  7. This is the biggest issue with my game. I struggle making solid contact and when I do strike it decent, it's usually a high ball flight and lacks distance. I believe it is a combination of my weak grip and lack of hip rotation. Great video, hopefully your tips will help me overcome this infuriating problem.

  8. I think my flip might be caused by shifting my hips towards the target too early in the swing. How can I rectify this? It feels unnatural to just stop shifting weight!

  9. But then why do we need a follow through at all? How does that movement you've shown link to follow through?

  10. Hello Adam, please suggest on the flw situation: i have a certain side angle b/w the left wrist and the shaft, and when i lean the shaft forward with a left shoulder a little bit opening at impact, i foind the the club face is open, so some suggested to grip abt 15degree to the left for compensation with that. Now at setup, without this, i ma trying moving the handle in all directions and see the face will change correspondingly. So strungling so far!

  11. Hi, Adam! No matter the grip is, shall i feel/create pressure on the RIGHT side of the handle at impact? And how to deal with unstability of the handle in the left wrist, changing from cupped at setup into flat at impact position? Thnks!

  12. Hi Adam, great video. Quick question, how many reps of the short finish drill should I do before seeing an improvement in my full swing? Also how would I transfer it into a swing with a full finish? Would I be simply creating the same feeling & then continuing to my finish? Thanks

  13. Adam is the best of golf instructors on youtube i have come across my golf game is transformed by watching his videos

  14. Thank you again for your GREAT instruction. I have been flipping for a LOT of years. my flipping came for getting more speed through the ball. I have seen myself with my arm are apart a lot so I have a lot to do. Learning to get my arms together and firm up and hips to rotate .

  15. Adam. Love you videos please keep them coming. Just wondering how this would continue through to complete a full follow through from this position. Or is it not a big deal? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

    All the best.


  16. Stop flipping 1) keep body rotating thru hit 2) Make sure you get the hands moving forward all the way to the front thigh at impact w/ irons.

  17. Great video! I just started opening the hips and transferring weight to the point to where the right foot is almost taking a step. Now my perfectly straight swing started flipping to the left. It probably a combination of my changed body position at impact and the fact that I've stopped keeping the wrist too firm. Hopefully this will help a lot.

  18. Great information. I've been having wrist pain after I play and I can feel the tightness all the way up to my shoulders. I hope this helps ease that pain.

  19. The "chopping a tree" analogy is so fitting—there is no real follow-through possible when you chop a tree so it seems if you could forget about the follow-through on the golf swing (although you will still actually have one) you can make a more natural swing like when you chop a tree and make solid contact almost automatically…

  20. I can't seem to stop flipping. I go to try out new clubs (pumped up lofts) and they go the same distance as my old traditional lofted clubs.

  21. I grew up on a farm and really never thought about the golf club needing to be like swinging an axe. That was something I did alot growing up in Kentucky. Funny, how my mind never applied that concept to the golf swing.

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