Okay, Adam Bazalgette here in Southwest Florida, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. I want to talk to you today about how to square the club face consistently. Obviously very, very important if you’re going to have accurate shots. Now, couple of things I want to touch on,
one is a practice strategy, but first let’s talk a little bit about maybe what not to
do and what to try to do. I’m going to suggest that it is not a good
idea. I’m going to use this as an example here. It is not a good idea to be too controlling
with your hands or to try to time everything down with these small control muscles. Typically that’s the first instinct of someone
that’s trying to control the club face, but I think it’s better to talk about the release
as a transfer of energy. More of a snap and a release of the club that
way, like a towel snapping straight. If you try to release that manually with your
hands, you’re not going to have a very powerful or consistent release pattern. Number one … Pick another of these up … I’ve got video’s elsewhere on this subject,
but use your body to create potential energy in the club and then transfer the energy,
much like cracking a whip or snapping a towel. That’s where timing comes in. If you can do
that consistently, time that release of energy consistently, it will kind of have an automatic
factor to the release of the club. Okay, that’s number one. Separately, even within that though, you still
have to have some feel for squaring the club face. Let’s talk about a couple of things and then
I’ll show you a drill or two here as we go. It is never a good idea to roll the face and
stall the handle. What we are trying to do is deloft the left
wrist and turn the club face in this fashion, that’s what should be making the club close. Has two advantages; number one it delofts
the club a bit and hits the ball more, compresses the ball more; number two, it allows the left
wrist to stay firm and stay in front of the club. Believe me if this club is going this way
and this is scooping, you’re going to have any control over that thing. We know it’s a transfer of energy. We know
as we transfer the left wrist doesn’t cup and scoop, it snaps and delofts like that.
How do we get the right recipe? Hard answer here, or maybe an answer you don’t want to
hear, you got to practice a little bit. Listen, anything variable like club face,
you have to experience different things to gain skill. I promise you got to get on a
bicycle to learn the fine turn of balance and you got to make a few mistakes as you
go. Here’s what I’m going to suggest … You can
see the flag in the distance … Take some little 3/4 shots. Make some strikes till you’re
hitting the ball solidly, and then over do that a little bit, and then don’t so it so
much and start see how the ball moves. Get some skill and acquire some experience.
I’m going to over do it this time and you can see that that ball, if you can see it
on the cameras, the left edge of the green. In this next one I’m going to try to make
the same basic swing and I won’t close the club so much. That one is right towards that right side
bunker. Again, my variable is that the energy is from the body out to the club. Got to practice
a little bit and play with some ideas. Get the ball to move different ways before you’ll
really have ownership over that skill. I hope this helped you. If you liked it hit
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If you have a comment or question about your swing, get it in the box below, I’ll get to
it as soon as I can. Scratch Golf Academy has a lot of material
that you might enjoy and find beneficial. Just browse it if you like. Under no obligation
there. Hope this helps you. Hope it helps you square the club face.

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