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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Raiyan
has asked us a question about how you spin the ball in your hand. The first thing is making sure you’re getting
enough spin on the ball. So the way I do it is I throw the ball into my bat to generate
that backspin. The next important thing is where you’re landing
it on your hand so if you’re landing it just in that cupping part of the hand and near
the fingers it allows you to feel the ball and also to keep it nice and soft and relaxed.
If you have a hard hand then the ball is going to just bounce off straight away. So what you need to do is have it nice and
relaxed and soft and just feel the ball in your hand. And just relax and let the ball spin.

18 thoughts on “How To Spin The Ball In Your Hand | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. How do I roll the ball from one side of my bat to the other? I saw in your "How to practice table tennis by yourself" video, but I can't do it 🙁 TEACH ME PLEASE

  2. What rubbers do you use? And did you you use different rubbers for the Ma Lin server?

    Nice videos keep going!

  3. I think you should change the title to 'How to spin the ball onto your hand' because initially it sounded as if it was a dirty serve trick video 😛

  4. can i have tips?
    i can play table tennis confidently with my friends,coaches, and team mates…
    however everytime i am fighting in a competition i always get nervous and sometime my shots are outside…
    so can i have tips from you? pls?

  5. Hey guys!!!! I just bought a Calibra LT rubber but I feel like it generates no spin!, the other rubber I bought was cheaper but I feel like it gives more spin to the ball than the other!! how can I know if the Calibra is worn out or something, I was expecting something super good to generate spin,
    Love your channel!!

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