How to Set a Volleyball BETTER in 5 MINUTES

hi I’m Riley McKinley gonna tackle the topic of hand setting [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one of the most frustrating questions I got my first year playing on the beach after transferring from Indore was wait weren’t you a setter why can’t you handset yep I was an all-american in college at University of Southern California played professional volleyball in Europe for four years and then was a setter on the national team for a quick minute real quick but I still got this Jersey however it did not take me long to figure out that all the skills that I had learned as an indoor setter for nearly two decades did not transfer over to the beach my brother and I spent the entire first year on the AVP bumps heading I can distinctly remember the handful of times we actually busted out our paws and hand set the ball otherwise bumps heading only it was crazy now I know I’m not alone here since we started this channel our number one request has been to make a hand setting tutorial so this is part one of the all comprehensive hand setting series first things first hand setting is a style now this has many implications if you’ve watched any indoor or beach volleyball match ever from the elementary levels all the way up to the pro or Olympic levels you’ll notice that every single player sets the ball slightly or even drastically different you’ll sometimes hear people say dang that guy flows absolute butter or she was just born with great hands and while the innate dexterity and coordination of certain individuals enables them to set the ball better than other people I am a firm believer that anyone can change their technique and become a great hand setter if they’re willing to put in the work and are constantly mindful of a few key things that we’re gonna talk about right now now because every player sets the ball slightly different than the other how is it possible that different techniques can produce the same result and is there one magical way you can position your feet legs body hands etc to give you the best possible chance at not doubling or lift the ball without sacrificing location those are two pretty good questions don’t worry we’ll get to both of those questions all in good time before we even think about technique there are a few mental aspects of hand setting that might even trump technique the paradox of pressure and perfection now what is that that’s when the more you try to squeeze that set into that tiny little window for your hitter the harder it’s gonna be to find that window as an indoor setter for the life of me I could not set perfect balls to the guys who needed perfect sets and yet to the players who didn’t need perfect sets I could set them perfect balls on command we’ve all heard the phrase aim small miss small named small miss small but speaking from 20 years spent as an indoor setter I could not disagree more with that statement when it comes to hand setting both on the beach and an indoor for example why could I set the middle from ten feet off the net better than when sometimes it was a perfect pass why can’t I bump set a shanked pass from the backline perfectly and then sometimes miss my target when I hand set on a perfect pass this comes from a devious trick our minds have conjured up for us called pressure when you are supposed to perform a task perfectly it becomes incredibly more difficult to do so but when nothing is expected out of you there is now seemingly no pressure to make anything perfect and you’re able to play without your mind handicapping you in other words the more pressure you feel the need to be perfect the less perfect you’re gonna play conversely the less pressure you feel they need to be perfect the closer to perfection you’ll get number two the more you try not to double the ball the greater the chance of you actually doubling the ball occurs in psychology there’s actually a name for this it’s called the ironic process theory you know when they tell you to not think of a pink elephant that’s all you can think about the ironic process theory is exactly that whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts actually make them more likely to surface so change your intention and self-talk distract that inner voice inside your head with positive actions as opposed to negative outcomes get excited about the opportunity to set your partner some lilikoi nectar flavored sauce as opposed to oh shoot this pass is super high am I gonna take it with my hands or am I gonna bump set it and if I do set it am I gonna double yeah don’t do that third and lastly the paradox of confidence hands heading is all about confidence but how do you gain confidence if you’re not a good setter I first experienced a similar paradox my first year playing professionally indoor volleyball in Italy when our team was struggling and the only reason my coach wouldn’t put me in is because I lacked experience and all I could think about was I’m never gonna get experience unless you put me in the game the same concept applies to hand setting you’ll never gain confidence as a hand setter unless you just say get and actually bust those paws out and hand set in the game and when it matters in pressure situations you can watch as many videos as you want and memorize all the tutorials but you’ll never be a great great hand setter unless you take that leap of faith and actually set when the game is on the line confidence comes from doing and doing and doing over and over and over again both in controlled and even more importantly uncontrolled pressure like situations so what does all this mean Riley sounds pretty damn daunting my point is this everyone is looking for the quick fix to becoming a great hand setter whether it be for indoor or beach volleyball and I’m not saying there isn’t one we’re actually gonna give you all of our secrets in an upcoming video with Casey Patterson but what I am saying is that is just as much a mentality as it is about technique one more thing if any of us have felt these phenomenons that I’m talking about just know that you’re not alone not only do volleyball players and setters myself included go through these emotions on the regular but it affects athletes across all sports all the time and sometimes the difference between great players and good players has nothing to do with technique it’s more about how they train this exact part of the mental game alright this is the first tutorial of our hand setting series so we’re bringing in this guy and then they’re bringing in me because these guys don’t know how to hand set subscribe hit the bell let’s do this stay tuned so easy when I’m it’s not my video

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