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Some tips for serving in beach volleyball
to help you get a more accurate serve are as follows. The most important part about serving is your
toss. Getting a consistent toss will increase the
accuracy of your serve. I like to start with my hand already on my
right side to my right arm, and then I toss, step, and let the ball drop, and I watch where
the ball drops, and if it’s in front of my right foot and lined up with my left foot,
then I know I’ve got a consistent toss, and I will practice that toss over and over again
so the ball drops in the same place. I also do it with my eyes closed, toss, step,
and catch the ball like Statue of Liberty, or let the ball hit my hand. If I can do that with my eyes closed, then
I know I have the consistent toss. A couple factors you have to remember that
there is wind in beach volleyball, so when you toss, the ball may blow with the wind,
so you have to counterbalance by tossing a little bit in the wind, so it blows back to
where you want it to be. A couple other tips for serving is to pick
an area that you want to hit before you serve the ball, that way you have a better chance
of hitting it. What you’re thinking before you serve actually
plays a big role into what ends up happening. If it’s pressure time in a game, and you’re
thinking, please don’t miss this serve, you’re actually more likely to miss this serve because
all you’re thinking about is missing. Your thoughts are very powerful in the sand,
so thinking positive things when you’re playing will actually enable you to perform them under
pressure. I also like to reset if for some reason I’m
unsettled when I’m serving. Sometimes you’re all ready to serve, and then
the whistle gets it blown, or a player needs to wipe her glasses, or they fix the line,
and they’re trying to interrupt your train of thought, so I like to drop the ball completely,
and then pick it back up, and reset back to what I was thinking before. I’m serving such and such and such, toss,
and execute. Those are a couple tips for getting accurate
serves in beach volleyball.

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  1. Def some good advice! Train of thought is such an important factor that a lot of players take for granted. The game is heavily based on maintaining momentum.

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