How to Serve Reverse Pendulum Version 3 0 Yangyang’s table tennis lessons

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys what’s up this is Jung Hyung here welcome back to eating house table tennis lessons after talking about 2.0 vision in my last video let’s get going to say the last vision our final destination first let’s take a look at this 3.0 mission this vision looks as similar as the 2.0 vision but if we compare those two different visions and pay attention and I raced movements you could say in the 2.0 vision I use my formal arms to generates pain but it’s 3.0 vision I used my wrist to do so which makes my stroke shorter and more efficient so let’s check out the breakdown of their stuff same as 2.0 vision at the beginning totally the bar raise your arm your shoulders level tilt your homo arm like this and go mafia thermo arm this time especially move your wrist towards to your body while the bar is chopping then accelerate your wrist to contact the ball in the opposite direction as you serve a regular pan yourself [Music] this vision mainly uses an arrest to stuff reverse pendulum stuff keep your rest flexible buy new stuff the whole process of rest movement looks like this now we all know we should contact outside part of the bath I will go deeper in my future tutorials and talk about how to serve Max Payne Cyrus bang and a top space of this kind reverse Pandora’s earth but for now just focus on this even for this earth which is a small joke and mainly use our rest we still want to use body to generate more power your body follows through with their stroke movement try not to be too stiff [Applause] [Music] that’s all the lesson for today thanks for watching please give me a thumbs up and leave your comments down below let me know if you have any questions about this stuff alright I will see you guys in my next video and we should guys have a wonderful day bye [Applause]

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