How to Sell Baseball Cards

How to Sell Baseball Cards. There are different outlets available for
selling an individual baseball card or card collection. Know how to sell the fruits of your hobby
and avoid getting ripped off. You will need Internet access A baseball card
and/or collection A card grading service and a sports card dealer. Step 1. Learn baseball card collector jargon. A “set” is a consecutively numbered series
of cards. A “jersey card” includes a swatch from a players
uniform. While an “insert” is part of a card set, its
appearance is different from the rest of the card set. Step 2. Learn terms used for card values. “Book values” are set on baseball card price
guide values. “Sell value” is the most recent sale price
paid for a card or collection. Step 3. Learn the descriptors used in grading card
conditions. Terms include “mint,” “near-mint,” “excellent,”
“very good,” “fair,” and “poor.” Card prices can be affected by physical conditions
where there’s corner wear, creasing, and trimming. Step 4. Get your collection professionally graded. You can find grading services through sports
card collector publications and online groups. While professional grading can cost a lot
of money, it provides a valuable endorsement when selling your collection. Step 5. Go to card collector shows to get an overview
of current baseball card prices. You can find information about schedules for
shows in your area by searching online. Step 6. Visit a major card company website for a list
of authorized baseball card dealers. Get a price quote at a dealer’s shop. Step 7. Sell through an online auction like eBay,
especially if you feel that you know your collection’s value. The internet can help you reach collectibles
buyers from around the world. With some effort, your collection is sure
to find a good home and bring you some cash. Did you know As controversial Detroit Tigers
manager Billy Martin posed for a 1972 baseball card, he discreetly “flipped the bird.”

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  1. And another step is, always handle the cards by the edges. This way, you can avoid any smudges appearing on the card. The way they were handling the cards in this video will make the card values go down.

  2. Christ Almighty! Do you believe that baseball card collecting was at one time a hobby that used to be fun and enjoyable!?!

  3. Grade everything 😂 have fun spending like $1000 to grade 100 cards worth $10 and increasing the value to $12.50

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