How To Score From Third Base

hello welcome to baseball player university i’m Jeff Forney your host of baseball player university scoring from third base it is so important here guys that were flawless as this point and time we’re getting ready to score a run and we know that runs will help us win a ballgame i’m going to talk about a good walking lead here at third base as well as how to return back to it in fair territory so you need to join me here let’s go we’re talking baserunning and more important than that we’re talking base runner at third base people we are ninety feet from scoring we want to be almost perfectionists over here at third base we’re gagaint 90 feet from scoring runs is what wins ballgames we don’t want to make mistakes here at third base so we want to make sure we’re practicing good efficient based on first thing we’ll talk about is our lead now it’s two types of leads over here based upon if the pitcher in the stretch or if he is in the windup our lead the distance that we get off at third-base will be determined by the third baseman if he’s back we can take an extra step before standard we used to come off for one two three four so we’re nice and comfortable but now we start walking lead we want to start with the right foot if we start with the right foot that’s very important will end on the right foot headed towards the hitting zone all the movement starts he gets to the stretches right left right and my weight is always forward on this front foot right here now if the ball is hit i just simply cross over and go if he catches it or comes back or comes out i need to make sure that I turn and block out the line of sight of the catcher block off the bag catchers are less apt to throw down the third-base they can’t see the bag so it’s very important we always take our lead one in foul territory just a little bit on the foul sideline we don’t have to be way over here because we want to have a straight line score about six inches off the line right here now we come back in fair territory blocking off the sigh of the bag we’re going to practice in here with some of the guys Chris is going to demonstrate he’s the pitcher this is great way to set up your drills you got 4 or 5 guys and break off the pitcher so we’re going to see the pitcher’s motion as well as a good walking lead go ahead ty get us going buddy alright he comes out there three to four steps hey this right left oh that good back good came back inside line alright next guy with I ok your walking lead everybody’s a little bit deeper might be able to get another step toward not grip right left oh I have you know they look risky there he did the shop on that spot we can go right left but if you notice he went right left you got into a couple of his way is right here he feels more comfortable getting into this position out of the shop either way it’s good we just want to make sure we got the weight on our outside link right here alright Stephen demonstrate for you right now oh good nice graduate way down there now pitcher in a full windup up ty go ahead mr. obviously we have a little more time we don’t want to walk down here too far cause we’ll get into no-man’s land we start here we can delay our are start based upon when the pitcher gets somewhere in here we just walk casually until he gets there the we get a little more aggressive what he gets the leg lifted we’re going off the full windup we’re go ahead ty good alright very good good chris you got he go to extend a little bit he extended a good aggressive lead right there if you good as you see that Chris kind of waited extended the lead based upon the third baseman but he just wait for the pitcher got to leg lift and just stated his normal shuffle that’s fine also good steven want to learn to teach our players but especially here at third base a play called contact that’s what we’re running when the ball is hit immediately at contact we’re telling the guy to go so as the ball gets into the hitting zone they’re reading the down angle off of the ball and they’re going to immediately break so i’m gonna practice this with the Chris is going to throw the ball I’m going to hit it if it’s a long drive they freeze if there’s a fly ball to get back and tag but now what we’re really working on that ground ball that breaking on contact alright go ahead and deliver and the stretch see the good walking reading down contact good boy good break attaboy ty good read that boy Chris downward angle good last once alright good attaboy steven as you can see a flyball and flyball he immediately went back and tagged up guys remember we’re 90 feet from scoring no mistakes at third base the only way we get better there is to practice it practice it practice it we’ll see you on the segment want more great baseball information coming into your homes on a weekly basis hit our subscribe button and give us a thumbs up we’ll keep it coming for you until next time h His Peace always remember this is baseball player university where the field is your classroom

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