How to replace fuel filter VW GOLF 5 (1K1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

1. Open the fuel door. 2. Unscrew the fuel filler cap. 3. Lift the car using a jack or place it over an inspection pit. 4. Prepare a container for fluids. Required tools:
All-purpose cleaning spray
Phillips screwdriver
Fluid container
Crow bar 5. Clean the fasteners of the fuel supply lines.
Use all-purpose cleaning spray. 6. Disconnect the fuel supply lines from the fuel filter.
Use a crowbar. AUTODOC recommends:
Be careful! Fuel may leak from the filter housing and hoses. 7. Loosen the fuel filter mounting.
Use a Phillips screwdriver. 8. Clean the fuel lines.
Use all-purpose cleaning spray. 9. Disconnect the fuel supply lines from the fuel filter.
Use a crowbar. 10. Remove the fuel filter.
Put the old filter cartridge in the container. 11. Install a new fuel filter. AUTODOC recommends:
Make sure that the fuel filter is positioned correctly. Consider the fuel flow direction mark. During installation, take care to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the fuel filter housing. Take care to only use quality filters. 12. Connect the fuel supply lines to the fuel filter 13. Tighten the fuel filter fasteners.
Use a Phillips screwdriver. 14. Take the fluid container away from under the fuel filter. 15. Lower the car. 16. Tighten the fuel filler cap. 17. Close the fuel door. 18. Run the engine for a few minutes.
This is necessary in order to make sure that the component operates properly. AUTODOC recommends:
To protect the environment from pollution, be sure to dispose of the used filters at special collection points.

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