How to Remove and Replace a Softball or Baseball End Cap

how to remove and replace a softball or
baseball end cap when I search Google on how to replace a bat end cap I got
some interesting queries the first one was from eHow how to remove a bat end
cap start off by saying to use a screwdriver and a rubber mallet to get
the cap off this almost made me stop reading. A screwdriver will not remove a cap
effectively and it will most likely cause damage to the cap. The number two
top search was how to remove an end cap on a softball bat that came from healthy
living this one you will have to use boiling water and if that doesn’t work a
blowtorch yes you read that right a blowtorch now I’m going to go over the
removal of an end cap the removal part is something that is a secret among bat
shavers as it takes a lot of trial and error to come up with processes that
work some bat shavers on the internet still have not mastered this art and
they rely on subpar work and aftermarket caps to remove and replace in caps I
will not go into every technique of an ink at removal but rather one that works
on a lot of bats only problem is you’ll need a bat rollin machine or electric or
manual step one place the bat in the bat roller as pictured below step two apply
pressure to the bat pressure will vary start off at half pressure and work your
way up the end cap area can be a bit more delicate so you need to be careful
education step 3 as you turn the bat rolling machine
the goal is to get the end cap to creep out about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch step 4
once the end cap creeps out adjust the bat so the rollers are about an inch and
a half behind the end cap or about a half an inch as opposed to right up
close to the to it as pictured in step one step 5 the hand hold the bat adding
pressure with patience some bats may crack while rolling but that sound will
be the hard brittle epoxy some bat manufacturers use it is also would be
the bat composite or laminate is breaking in that case the bat has big
problems this scenario is where a bat shaver can professionally help in the
removal this process will not work for every bat but quite a few models if you
have the time money and patience you can learn to effectively remove in caps but
there is not going to be an easy instruction manual because there are so
many variables and techniques for specific bat next
replacement of an end cap replacement is a little easier the most important thing
is to clean the area for a solid bond step 1
use a dremel with a sanding drum to clean excess epoxy from the cap and the
barrel to bat you can also use sandpaper or a file step 2
clean the area you just sand it and remove the excess debris use mineral
spirits or alcohol to wipe down the area make sure the area is completely dry
step 3 apply a flexible epoxy to the inside of the barrel where the cap will seat
into the barrel it is okay to be liberal while putting epoxy on there are there
are plenty of flexible epoxies on the market and home depot or lowes will have
a few step 4 you will have to seat the end cap inside the barrel this can be
accomplished by placing a cap on top of the barrel and pressing it on it can be
pressed on using a large 40 inch clamp or you can place the cap on the floor
and put the barrel over the cap and use your body weight to seat the end cap
step 5 clean the excess epoxy off the end of the barrel with mineral spirits
or alcohol you can also leave excess flexible epoxy on the barrel and
you will be able just to peel it off rather easily when it dries this is how
to remove and replace a baseball or softball endcap it can be
done by the beginner but practice makes perfect

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