How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs at Home!

ah that’s my voice echoes hear that
it echoes when I talk over the thing plus my pass out these are the sonar
grips these are the TS ones Janice’s compound fingerprint technology
I don’t know what any of that means today we’re just gonna install up a
little more comprehensive view after I have a chance to but play with these a
few times but for now let’s just regroup some pops okay I think everything I need um my
wife’s cooking pot don’t tell her don’t tell her I’m using this okay this is
grip solvent need this double-sided grip tape specifically made three clubs and
this is a tape remover remove some tape little hook grip not really that sharp
doesn’t work that well uh-huh and razor blade and hotel so you need I will leave
links below for for everything you need for all the equipment you need to change
your own grips it’s really pretty easy and I do it at home cheap as I mean
stuff pick up a whole roll is for cheap and this and just order your grips
online you’re good to go alright let’s get to it okay first
things first you want to remove your old grip just so you think I’m doing a
Lampkin commercial you’re wrong I use Lampkin grips so I’m still using
Lamkin grips these are old you should change your grips at least once a year
or every 40 rounds is kind of the general recommendation more if you play
more if you practice a lot I like to practice a lot so then you want to
change it probably twice a year you’ll be set take this thing off this is my
hook grip just put it in here and work away from yourself well you see it
doesn’t mine doesn’t work very well but but that would be the theory so I
usually just cut it try to hurt yourself oh okay yeah and then you wonder you
want to remove this tape sometimes you could just peel it off sometimes you
just get your razor blades just peel like that I can get this tool this is
made for this and this just goes right on your shaft it kind of fits around it
you do the same concept go like this you want to get your double side tape
and you want to measure it the same length as your grip now your tape and
your grip are the same length then you’re gonna put it on your club neck so
with a little bit of overhang here about a half inch or so fine just roll that on kind of like to roll
it on a little bit first get it almost all the way on and so you can actually
go all the way okay that’s so and I like to press these this part down
pretty good here now just uh on this end fish for the piece the flop that comes
out there you go and peel that off so I like to have it on pretty good it’s just
easier it’s easier to get that part to peel off if it’s on your club securely
first boom there you go and then push this down the reason you want this over
top of the shaft is so no dirt goes through the hole here onto and into your
shaft that’s what makes that rattling noise nobody like that okay you’re going
to put that lean that into your uh your wife some cooking pot just do while
she’s away okay make sure you got an hour so to do it then you get your
solvent cover the whole quick pour it in yeah shake it up well and then I just
release it off this end and pour it down okay so it covers the tape nice ah good
you’re good to go put the some people like this in the
front some people lights in the back I like the front it’s fine hold your club
up so it’s square okay just make it square and then shove that in you can
use a vice grip or something I just kind of line it up we’re good to go
sign in keep this over the pain boom boom baby and then I just you know
I just kind of adjust this a little bit so it’s perfectly up and down
I like these that have the it has the line just right here
perfect going straight up so it’s uh it’s pretty straight going straight up
and down boom when I’m done just tap it on the ground make sure that butt is all
the way to the end she’s my towel here right off a little
bit grip is done check it out oh I feel good
I feel it’s real good well like that got a nice uh like reverse tapering built in
so it doesn’t get thinner as you go down the shaft
it holds the thickness I’ve got it I’ll be playing with these this week you can
always get a second grip just line it up make sure it’s not crooked all the lines
should equal that this one looks great it’s that easy just weak grip that’s how
you do it do that what do I have twelve more third I’m doing 13 clubs not my
Potter so 13 twelve more to go you can use this this
is still usable that’s why you save it or pour back in there
reuse it ma’am 13 more to go 12 more to go I’m done so let’s be
serious for a second we grip your clubs at least once a year at least once use
whatever grips you want I’ll leave a link below for these I like these I’ll
try these next time these are a little tack here like that okay
go tackier yes one these are a little more grippier
like rougher those are a little more stickier so I’m good to go for a little
while ah all right thanks for watching hope you liked the video subscribe to
the channel if you haven’t done so already hit that like button share
comment see ya you

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