How to read and return sidespin serve in table tennis

Welcome back to my channel. I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s learn how to return a sidespin
serve, short and safely with Michael Maze. Maze announced his retirement in 2016, saying
“after several operations, I can no longer train one hundred percent without pain and
therefore not compete at the level I�m used to.” Michael Maze is a former professional table
tennis player from Denmark. His strength is in his strong forehand loop
and lobbing. He is currently considered to be the best,
defensive lobbers in the world. His strong forehand loop, his forehand pendulum
serve, and his confident defensive play away from the table make him a top world class
player. Maze currently uses a Butterfly Timo Boll
Spirit Blade with Butterfly Tenergy 05 on the forehand and the backhand. He changes the rubber every 2 weeks. I hope that he will come back because table
tennis is such a great sport! Really impressive, right? Yes, Maze has a really good service receive
skills. Pro players train 6-7 h daily until they master
the skill. But don’t worry! I will give you 3 tips to return the sidespin
serve correctly. If you don’t know, why top players prefer
doing the sidespin serve, watch the video above for the real reason. Tip 1: To keep your return short, you should
contact the ball in the early timing. At the position 1 to 2 timing. If you hit the ball late, it’s very difficult
to keep your return low, and short. So the opponent will attack your return easily. Here are the timing position: from 1 to 5. I’ve explained the “hitting timing” in a previous
PingSunday video. Search “Optimal timing table tennis” to watch
it. So you should contact the ball at position
1 to 2. Well, you know what, sidespin ball has a lot
of energy. So to return it short, you need to absorb
energy, otherwise, you can’t return it short correctly. But how? I’ve explained the PingSunday video, named
“Contact Point in Table Tennis”. To absorb the energy of the service, you need
to hit the ball, near the handle of your racket. Here, at the position (1,2) and (2,2). Because the velocity of your racket at this
position is minimum. So your return is less affected by the spin. Let’s see it with Michal Maze’s contact position. Can you see it? Yes, great! OK! Tip 1 and Tip 2 is the easiest one. But the last tip, is very difficult for the
new players. So please concentrate right now, because this
one will decide the quality of your return. Well, Chinese coach says “You can return every
ball short, no matter how much spin on the ball”. Yes! but the problem is you must hit “on”
the rotation axis. If not, you will “eat” the spin of the ball. On the rotation axis, there is “no rotation”,
“no energy”, right? Look at here, it’s on the North, and South
Pole of the globe. “Ting!”, Aha! So imagine is the incoming ball with pendulum
sidespin. So hit the ball, at on the bottom back. Here, on the rotation axis. So you won’t “eat” the spin. The last skill is the hardest. To learn this feeling, practice a lot, and
you can realize where is the rotation axis of the ball. Hope you improve your table tennis skills
everyday! And don’t forget to support my channel (share,
comment, and offer me a coffee, if you like). I’m EmRatThich, see you again. ??!

14 thoughts on “How to read and return sidespin serve in table tennis

  1. I can win against my opponent who is strong equal to me, but I loose against weak player. I forget the correct stroke. When I hit the ball my weak opponent blocks. But the blocked ball is too slow. My weak opponent do not know the correct strokes. I get mentally disturbed, tensed and do not do a correct stroke. I forget the key " power from the ground" and I cannot estimate where the ball bounces. Please help me coach, I completely believe in you

  2. but this is not how my opponents serve me their sidespin. They do it long and on my backhand not short and on my forehand like in this video.


    Mr Emrattich is the above method not an easy to way to identify the spin?.

    And thanks for ur videos. Very informative and useful.

  4. At 1:10 Maze should sell his bats instead of tearing off the rubber and replacing them. The price his team could get for them would easily recoup the cost of buying a new bat & rubbers every 2 weeks in convenience alone..

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