How to Present the Ball to the Umpire for MORE STRIKES! [MLB Framing & Receiving Catcher Drills]

what’s up guys coach Madden and I’m here with omere santos former major league catcher
coach andrew Divino and we’re here at Kissimmee Florida and the Triple Crown
Sports Academy if you’re a baseball player 8 to 17 years old looking for a
travel baseball team this is the spot we’re gonna talk today about receiving
the baseball as a catcher right it’s very important to receive that ball well
we can talk about framing we just talk about everything that these guys the
catchers and coaches who are watching this video need to know to be a better
receiver and framer as a catcher what do you guys got for me question we’ve got
to catch the ball I mean we’re catcher we’re supposed to catch the ball after
that everything else came in place you want to be soft you want to catch strike
for strikes a little bit of the edge we try to butter balls are both strike a
strikes I see a lot of young guys when they’re when they’re catching some of
these balls outside that are such balls and they try to grab it and pull it
across and you’re not fooling anyone at that point right I think in my opinion
you’re actually making the umpire probably mad
yeah and he’s probably gonna give you less calls because he thinks you’re
trying to trick him all the time so that’s a great point so now what
about I know framing and receiving has a lot to do with the glove and the hand
but what about the body how does that work I mean you gotta stay on control
and try to not too much too much receiving is how you present the pitch
you’re not gonna be if you moving side to side to get a pitch it’s how you
present the pitch I mean the less that movement you have the best view the
umpire is gonna have to call strikes and they are so empowered like catchers and
they cost rice because they like the catcher’s that’s when you get the umpire
sell that the umpires on your side so you gotta be quiet back there and that
you said important you got a strike strikes both are balls let’s talk about
the glove what are we trying to do with the hand are we trying to roll it this
way are we trying to get our thumb underneath are we trying to stick it out
straight are we trying to give a little bit with it what’s the technique on that
principle you don’t want it you don’t want to have that arm really stand
you’re gonna want to have any point right here
no target so when you get the lower pitch if your up and
then you have that wrist movement then they lo the boys gonna be no you’re
gonna catch it and then go up again so we want to have make sure that low
target realize your wrist when the boys coming and the more important thing is
beat the ball to a spot if you can beat the boat to a spot you’re gonna get a
lot of strikes a lot of strikes so another thing is how you present the
pitch if I’m back here I see Empire you know they close to you like this and
then I see this another movement getting people I mean a lot of people have
different teaching way to to teach the Harrow I mean frame the pitch my way is
and I think it’s the right way from an umpire and I see that this part of the
glove every time and he’s I mean I mean pulling the ball like this and I seen
this part of the glove it looked like a strike most of the time if I I’m framing
the ball down and I’m framing like this and I didn’t see that pitch for a second
like the umpire I’m saying why the glove you like that exactly exactly is the way
you present the boat vampire and my thing is that you can realize that there
is a little bit like this but remember don’t too much because then you go and
up to down it’s gonna be tough to get that low strike I mean low ball for
strike most of the time if you have low target just realize there’s a little bit
and then you work from the ground up throw under the ball and if you can beat
the spot the ball to the spot regardless you gonna get a lot of
strikes that’s a great point because as a pitcher I’m trying to throw especially
my type of pitcher I’m trying to throw it low in the zone I’m throwing balls
that are having good depth on it and I’m trying to make it move so as a catcher
that’s hard but if you know that trying to beat the ball to the spot and working
through it is a good thing also I see a lot of catchers at least
the ones that I was thrown to when they get to extended or they try to
when they get long their arms like a lever so when it hits it does that drop
and pull back up so you can have that same effect being here we’re too far out
so you got to find that perfect spot and kind of have that that good framing and
receiving you don’t want to always have that you don’t want to have that like
you say that arm stand because I mean you have just a little space to to work
you always want to have that arm even if you cut the pitch you don’t want to be
standing away you always have that little bit bend in the arm so you can
have some movement to work side to side because I mean if you stand I mean that
pitch is going to be tough so you always have to be I mean on that on between so
you can move side to side let’s say you call for a pitch on this part of the
plate and the picture gives you a ball that’s close to a strike but it’s on
this side of the plate how are you trying to frame that pitch and what are
you trying to do it’s all depends if that pitch take you away these mean that
you think you cannot turn anymore you got to catch it thumb up
you have to because you or don’t want to be it’s the same way the umpire see this
it’s a ball exactly even though even though even
though if you catch it for a strike exactly even know sometimes when you
pitch I think it may be happy with you or you throw a lot of sinkers power
sinkers so you’re outside outside and then they catch it call it right in the
middle and call football so you gotta be gonna have that knowledge that if you
cannot turn anymore catch it like that outside of the knee you sometimes some
catch you have more room to work in that side the others some someone has to go
like this so one even can go like this and catch it for strike but you gotta be
careful with those power sinker yes exactly yeah you you might if you are say you
can chip a little bit see if a little bit because you can practice like that
you can shift side to side but in reality you don’t have time for that you
only have time for a split second I meet you you can I mean a few inches you use
a surgery that we weren’t talking about you can practice like that so you can
have some movement your hips and everything but I mean we are game
there’s no way Chapman is throwing you know I mean you’re not gonna have time
to you know what I mean right yeah it’s too fast exactly if it’s too
fast to even make that beneficial to you so you gotta be able to catch it with
your with your hand even though working on it could be good beneficial to work
on the hips in reality it’s probably not gonna
happen exactly exactly so in no strikes while what I like to do I mean like we
were saying before I see some people catching the low strikes and begin like
this I mean to me is too much movement if you can in there low strikes if you
have the the it’s better to go up they go down so if you have that low strike I
like to I like them to catch it and bring it up a series don’t know any
movement not I mean turning like this that some people see the risk I would
like to have the risk as quiet as I can so you can present the pitch with the
umpires in this part of this glove so because the umpire at some point is
going to lose the ball if it’s down if the umpires are back from their good
that’s they have some good and they’re closed today today by the by the
shoulder but he’s far I’m gonna get a lot of straight from them from the
umpire – a far because he’s not going to see the only gonna see my when I present
hit the pitch to him so that’s a bandage when the umpires are back and then I
would like to bring movement the whole hand I’m here and bring the pitch yes
with the whole not race movement or anything that’s
what I mean I’d like to to teach and I think this is a lot of benefit if you
see best receivers on the big leagues you can look at all the best terrified
receivers from the last three or four years they are the same and they all do
the same movement so what is that teaching you that we gotta follow them I
mean it’s no no way to change the way we resist the ball right if they ended
there in the big leagues and they’ve been there for is there for a reason
that that worked so that’s the way I like to teach my kids so we talked about
the low pitch we talked about the pitch that is loved sides of the catcher this
pitch to me it’s pretty probably the easiest one to the to the harm side what
about the pitch up in the zone how are you trying to do to work on that one the
patient of the of the song like we were saying if you can be the ball to the
spot you’re gonna have a lot of success so if the picture is up and then you can
have the from let’s say from the chin up maybe is gonna be high he’s gonna be a
ball so if you’re high if you’re I got a ball here in this you know and then I
ask you catching the ball you already been in the bottom spot
right there damn that little movement you don’t need catching and drop it all
the way to down here you just need a little bit half-inch that’s it and
you’re gonna be covered straight but if you hit the last movement that the pitch
out of the zone the less movement that you have you’re gonna be more successful
if you have another movement in a ball it’s gonna be a ball but if you can keep
it even even I see umpires he’s in there back here in the outside corner outside
corner for a strike and they call it here they throw it here and they just
moving half inches strike still ball but they didn’t have didn’t see too much
movement not the key representing the ball and they have the last movement and
out of their soul that’s a great point two things I want to add to that
catchers if you think framing or receiving to the zone meaning not to the
middle of the plate just from the outside to the outside strike much
better because less movement the second thing I want to talk about as a pitcher
we had a pitch called the sixth spot which was a pitch a ball or two off of
the plate so the catcher would set up so if this is a strike he would actually
set up a ball or two off to the plate and a lot of times if I did my job and
hit him in the in the myth we got that call for a strike even though it was
clearly a ball or two balls off when you can make the catcher look like he’s
right there and hit the spot a lot of times boom they’re calling that one so
again it has a lot to do with the catcher is seeing and if you can present
it in a certain way you’re gonna get a lot more calls than if you’re trying to
trick him all the time exactly and then you as a catcher have to pay attention
to the umpire behind in the first two innings if he’s calling there don’t do
any different I mean don’t try to trick him because
he’s already giving you know he’s already giving you that pitch that a
ball maybe a half inch so don’t try to dream and go far stay out there and I
mean left movement he’s gonna keep giving you the call inside so when you
were talking before you said you want to be back be back here and be quiet and
present the ball but talk about when you’re playing Major League Baseball as
a catcher were you talking with the UMP like trying to be friendly with him
trying to communicate with him how is it are they different how does that work no
they’re not different they just like you said you have to be friendly I mean the
absent code that you’re gonna get close call and then if he makes a code that is
going to happen there big leagues Empire but they meet some cause I mean say you
just talk to him friendly hey what do you think I mean I wasn’t right and if
you give that confident to them they’re gonna ask you it what do you think and
you you got to be honest you got to be on if you’re honest and I think what’s a
boss a really okay and they were gonna be they’re gonna be really appreciate if
you do that be honest and then remember they’re cameras everywhere now and you
tell them there was a ball you’re gonna have humming behind the play again say
that was a ball man you lie to me that’s when it’s gonna be
trouble if you are friendly to them and you are you gotta be respectful
respectful you gotta be respectful and then honest
that’s the big key owners if you’re honest you’re gonna have a lot of calls
honest honesty and then and if they messed up anyway don’t get mad because
you’re gonna have 19 see with him behind you so hey do your scare I mean don’t
get me wrong you’re gonna get it and you’re not gonna be a real I agree with
every call but you gotta take care with respect because you’re gonna see him
down the row again so just say yours forget about it okay it’s good I mean I
am but honesty that’s a great point because I see a lot of young players and
even coaches who first bad call they’re all over him and then for the rest of
the game it’s are yelling fast and everyone hates everybody and it just
gets way out of control when there’s a much more strategic way to get him on
your side and give you those close calls because it’s a game of inches I mean
really we’re talking about tiny movements back here that could be called
balls or strikes and if you have this guy on your side that’s definitely a
benefit to you and the better that you are at framing those pitches you’re
gonna get more of them so if you can have those two things you’re gonna get a
lot more calls than you would if you were just being a jerk to this guy
missed one and you’re trying to trick him every pitch I’m gonna give you a
small story when I came up with the Mets I was catching I think was my third game
and I don’t wanna say any name because people know this guy he’s an umpire
offshore field if you say something he’d throw you out and people don’t know
about baseball know about who I’m talking about
so I was catching and you know I mean I’m know and then I was trying to it
wasn’t that bad I was trying to frame some pitches and right away after my
second page he say hey hey rookie if you wanna stay in the game you better stop
that he got mad pills peed on me I went to back to the dugout
and I was into my manager and the bench could say
this guy says no yeah he’s gonna throw you out so stop that and then I went by
say just go back there and talk to him and be honest and say I didn’t mean I
didn’t meant to do that whatever and I went back and then he came friend of
mine you know he was all you know y’all we don’t here we don’t do that you know
you make the umpire look when we start having a conversation during the game
and I mean after I was fine and then I got a I got a big point from my bench
coach that that guy used to sing you have a knife wound up they say talk to
him about his sons I mean the way he seen and everything and you will watch
everything and I did then I was a game changer it was a game changer completely
it was my friend after that but I mean yeah like this I mean you gotta be
honest to them now try to chop them up because they get pissed that’s a great
point what I used to do as a picture to my manager used to write the umpires
names on the lineup card so you can look so I always made sure to know their
names when I went in there so that I could just say hey what’s up Jerry or
whatever it was and just that alone a lot of times the guys doing there they
don’t know they just think there’s the umpire or whatever you know so when I
started coaching I would write the nut the names of the umpires on the lineup
so my guys would know as well because I just think like the little things like
that especially as a pitcher cuz you’re seeing so many different guys out there
catcher you’ve got all game to deal with him I might only be pitching one inning
and and they rotate all the time so just knowing the guy’s name when you go out
there he’s gonna feel a little bit more comfortable calling your pitches they’re
giving you the the calls that you want for example if pitchers close to a balk
you know maybe he could bang you right away or maybe he goes hey let’s come set
a little bit longer gives you a warning before he bangs you on that box so it’s
the little things just knowing their name and and trying to be respectful and
be honest like you said yeah way something happened like a backhoe
whatever a just three minutes ain’t nothing that forget about it don’t carry
that to the whole game because like you say it’s gonna be a mess hey after that
I mean you joke around with the three innings later yoga wrong with the umpire
and then we say oh this is these guys are professional you know I mean he
didn’t so you said and that’s a great point
because it’s not only the rest of that game you’re gonna see him again and
again and again and again so you’ve gotta be a side sure
now are there any drills that we can do for framing and receiving yes the one
that I like that everybody likes I said will the bird hang with the border and
we’re gonna kind of throw it quick quick to the to the catcher and be
soft I think everybody knows how I know this real butter it looked simple but it
works wondering I like to do with the with the younger kids and even big kids
I’d like to put this bull football on the end of the hand two fingers to catch
the pocket on the pocket of the glove and I like to take the heavy ball and
catch it with those three fingers so no injury that I’d like to do is i
with the web glove two fingers it helps a lot to catch the ball on the right
spot and it’s gonna help you – it’s kind of like a I coordinator – with the wet
glove and then we’re gonna we go short distance and then we try to go back make
it tougher like we were saying trying to game like do one more so you can catch
it I know I do that we like to do – is with the Machine if you have a machine I
mean if you have a machine good I mean racking fire with a small glove and
that’s gonna help a lot because it’s kind of like we were talking about great
game speed and game like I mean practice with the machine that I mean you can get
a lot of done with the machine on framing another to do that we like to do
to work on the piece down on the bottom we wrote the ball like this see that
movement just trying to make that movement the whole arm not not doing
like this brought the ball and then touch it and flip it that’s something
I’m trying to work on that thing on the game we used to like we were saying try
saturate so he called the game comes and went try to do the same movement so and
you got to throw that ball a little bit firm in the ground ball
I like to do on our drill bounce it and throw the catcher you want to be soft
you don’t want a hyper extend your elbow working too far through the ball because
then you’re not gonna have any flexibility to catch and you want to be
silent in in your body also are they elect aha I mean do an ordeal work on
the bottom of the zone we heavy ball trying to throw in a
kinda in the flyboard loop it and then catch it our on the bottle and so on and
pull him off for strike just a sad way stuff those were some awesome drills
that the heavy ball low in the zone I’ve never seen that one before that one’s
awesome I like that a lot really works on you know helping you because if you
get a pitch a really fast pitch at that look and bottom of the zone it feels
heavy so that’s kind of making you work on things like that that’s great and
also the one I never saw was the rolling one down at the bottom of the zone two
really great drills I’ve never seen before so thank you for teaching me that
I’m gonna be stealing those drills for you guys but also those are great
because catchers who can get the low pitch are the in my opinion the best
catchers yes that’s the hardest one to work on as a catcher or get cold in my
opinion speaking as a pitcher who knows nothing about stretching also these
smaller gloves you use the valley catcher’s glove and the mini web glove
you know training small is a great way to really work on that hand-eye
coordination and just get better if you can do it with a small glove you’re
gonna be the fury is you should be able to do it better with the bigger glove
right yes that’s great thank you so much guys I was a great video great tips and
we’ll see you guys in the next video don’t forget to check out the links down
below omere Santos baseball camps calm as well as Triple Crown Sports Academy
if you guys are in the Central Florida area they have travel teams 8 to 17
years old come by training the facility coach Andrew does some lessons here and
if you have any questions drop them down below and we will talk more there hey
guys I want to ask for your help with something
Triple Crown Sports Academy romeo santos his wife coach andrew a few other
organizations they got together and they were collecting some used baseball
equipment and recently they took all that equipment down to the dominican
republic and handed it out to players who really needed it he was telling me
there was over 200 kids there some of those guys were down there fielding with
bare hands fielding balls using broken bats and equipment so it was really a
great experience for them to go down there and just see the benefit that
these kids got from getting some of this equipment and he said it was a real
positive experience and they plan to do it again and that’s what I’m reaching
out to you for is to see if you guys have any used baseball equipment now I’m
gonna be going through my house in my garage and seeing some of the stuff that
I got I know I’ve got a bunch there and I want to bring that as well and if you
guys are interested in helping with their cause their initiative and you
have some old stuff laying around I’m gonna leave a less down below you could
ship your stuff right to that address I’ll make sure the right people get it
these guys are planning to go back to the Dominican Republic Columbia possibly
some places here in the United States you know they’re playing just because of
the success of it the first time is to keep doing this and you know homier is
one of the most generous people that I’ve come across in the game of baseball
and just in life in general and I just think it’s a really great
thing that he’s doing and I want to support it and you know having this
community you guys here on YouTube I just wanted to reach out and see if
anyone would like to do that as well so thank you always for the support here on
YouTube with me and if you do have some equipment we would be very grateful and
thankful to you if you sent it in thank you so much guys I’ll talk to you soon

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  2. Hey Coach two things: First, I used to be a catcher, Class A, and with the Mets but I didn't make it, lol. I ump now at the amateur level I have fun because as an ump, it's the closest thing to the game – if you don't play.

    Again, 2 things: you look good John behind the catcher, reading the pitches lol. Also, you make great questions. The other thing is, i noticed his accent. Boy! We, Latinos, might not speak good English but we love the game lol.

    The Dominican Republic? My island. I'm from Puerto Plata. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing this and the hard work, Coach.

  3. There is a difference in "framing" and "raking"! Presenting strives and tryn to STEAL pitches with ones that are not! See even high school kids "rake" a pitch that was already a strike and cause the ump the see movement and call it a ball!
    Tryn to get my 10 year old to "stick" the pitch but he had travel coach show him to pull EVERYTHING to the chest!

  4. So glad to see catching tips and drills like this! I know when I was in high school ALL my coaches were pitchers and never worked to develop the catchers. They just expected everything to be framed thumb down. Once I start coaching I will be using all of this. I feel at the lower levels catchers don't get the drill attention they need at a young age. That is why you see these kids in the LLWS trying to frame balls 2 feet out of the zone.

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