I’m not very special in that, I don’t really “prepare” that much. I prefer to laugh in the locker room, joke around with the young players and just enjoy the dressing room life with my teammates. Of course I change the moment I step on the pitch – but I dont really prepare that much. A good training session and preparation with the coach and the team, aswell as individually, is important. I work hard, get rest and have a good diet which are the fundamentals. I think those three things are crucial for today’s footballers without a doubt. Being physically in shape is what ultimately makes you perform well and enables you to reach your maximum level. I have a routine before the game starts, it’s nothing special, but it consists of some warm-up things and just focusing on the game. Being prepared and focused benefits both myself and the whole team. No no no no…. Nothing! When I go to the stadium I play Football Manager and listen to music on the bus, but in the locker room I’m just enjoying the time with my teammates.

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