How to Practice Fundamentals | Volleyball Lessons

When we talk about beach volleyball practice
fundamentals, we have to go back to the basics. Everything starts with the serve. The receiving team passes the ball up to the
setter. The setter sets the ball, and the hitter hits
the ball. On the other team, the defensive team, they
block and dig. Blocking is when the person that’s closest
to the net puts their hands over the net and tries to block the ball, or redirect it to
their digger. Then the digger tries to dig it up to their
blocker so that they can set the ball, and tab their own offense. There’s a lot that’s different in beach volleyball
than indoor, and one of the things you have to factor for, is the environment. And so, you have the sand that can be deep
or shallow. You have the weather. You can have wind, rain, sun. And those are the basic beach volleyball fundamentals.

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