How to Play Volleyball : Volleyball Safety Tips

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to talk about volleyball safety, how to stay safe
playing volleyball. It’s very important that before you start playing volleyball, every
time you play, you go ahead and stretch and have a good stretching session. Spend about
20-30 minutes stretching out your arms, back, legs, calves, hamstring, and shoulders. This
will prevent pulled muscles and whole lot of pain when you end up overexerting yourself
after not having stretched out properly. Many players like to wear knee pads like we talked
about, to protect their knees from excessive diving and falling down on hard surfaces.
Knees can take a whole lot of abuse from repeatedly falling down. When blocking or hitting, often
it is easy to allow yourself to drift under the net. When this happens, there’s a strong
risk of the opposing player landing on your foot and rolling an ankle or bumping knees
between the two players. Avoid coming under the net to avoid this from happening. In the
case of a player having weak ankles, he or she should wear a tough ankle brace. Constant
pivoting can reinjure or reaggravate an injury. The two poles holding up the net should always
have protective padding surrounding them. In this fast-paced game, many balls are played
close to the poles with collisions being highly likely. An uncovered pole could be a concussion
waiting to happen. Keep a towel around for wet floors and puddles. As you play, you can
get sweaty and sweat can drip on the floor especially if someone dives for a ball. So
you want to make sure you always clean up any wet spots because, especially hardwood
floors, can get super slippery if the floor is even slightly wet.

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