How to Play Volleyball : Special Hits in Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to look at special hits in volleyball and certain
special volleyball language. A roll shot is a particular hit where you hit the ball at
an off speed. You want to contact the ball at the lower part of the ball, and the player
rolls the hand over the ball to give it that top spin and it allows the ball to drop quickly.
You can also place the ball really well and hit it over the block, over their hands. Without
the roll it can remain in the hand too long and be called a lift so you want to make sure
you’re rotating over and following through over the ball so you get that roll. Back row
attack is when your back row player spikes or attacks the ball from the back row. A back
row player is not allowed to jump in front of the 10-foot line and spike like the front
row players. But sometimes the setter will set the back row just in front of the 10-foot
line so that a strong-hitting back row player can jump from behind the 10-foot line and
land in front of the line. He can land in front of the line as long as he takes off
from behind the line. A tool is a term that volleyball players use when a hitter uses
a blocker’s hands to win the rally. This happens when a hitter will aim for the side of a blocker’s
hands in order for the ball to deflect off the hands and go out of play for the rest
of the team to get. Since it touched the opponent’s hands last, then if it goes out on their side,
it’s out on them and you win the rally. A pancake is when the hand is firmly on the
ground, palm down, and when the ball hits the hand, it will bounce up high and still
be in play. A pancake is a last resort when you’re too late to do a proper dig or pass,
and it must be done on a hard surface. In outdoor beach volleyball, the sand is too
soft for the ball to bounce. The ball must be hit only on your hand and have no part
of the ground. If the hand is not solidly pressed on the ground, the ball won’t have
the bounce and will be probably nearly impossible to play up. This is great to use when the
ball is just out of reach of a dive.

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  1. you are a tool obviously not a volleyball player. Everyone knows that using the blocker and "tool" is the same thing

  2. so, when you loosen a screw you are no using a tool, you call it using the screwdriver right, i think i got your logic…

  3. Большое спасибо за просмотр вы настоящий мастер!

  4. i have those shoes :P,
    p.s-you need to learn how to dive correctly you'll get scrapes on your sides and the way you get on the ground is not very affective.

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