How to Play Volleyball : Referee Signals in Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to look at the official volleyball symbols. This is
the way referees are going to call plays; they won’t audibly say what happened on the
play. They will only give the signal so you’ll have to know what the signal means to know
how the play is called. Here’s the signal for a point or the winner of a rally. Here’s
the signal for ball crossing under the net. Here’s the signal for ball in bounds. Here’s
the signal for ball out of bounds. This is the signal for ball out of bounds after contact
with player. This is the signal for held, thrown, lifted, or carried ball. This is for
ball illegally contacted more than once by player. Here’s the signal for end of game
or match. This is for time out. This is for substitution. This is for authorization for
service. Here’s the symbal for delay of service. This is for player illegally touches net or
interferes with ball in net on opponents side, served ball does not cross plain of net, touches
teammate or fails to reach net. This is for double fault or play over. Here’s the symbal
for illegal block or screen. This is for player positional fault, wrong server, wrong position
entry. This is for illegally reaching over the net or contact with the opponent over
the top of the net. Here is the symbal for ball contacted more than three times by a
team. This is for change of courts. And this is for authorization to enter.

21 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : Referee Signals in Volleyball

  1. Wrong signals, outdated signals, poor technique on others, and that's before getting into the question of NFHS vs USAV vs NCAA which have "some" different signals for different calls. I especially liked the signal for "ball inbounds"… never follow your hand, always keep eye contact with your partner while signaling. But the absolute best is that he introduces this video as from "Expert Village", how ironic.

  2. there are to many wrong signals such as wrong block , touched ball over the net in the otherside of the net and others

  3. Truly terrible! If you a trying to learn the "symbols" for volleyball, close your browser immediately (after reading this comment).

    1. Several of these signals haven't been used for nearly ten years (under the net).

    2. The ones that are still used are performed horribly.

    3. Awful blue/green screen work at the beginning of the video.

    4. The info at the top right says that Mr. Beard played "competitive volleyball." How does that make him an expert at volleyball referee signals???

  4. Sorry safeppl. The "under the net" signal as show at 0:28 is no longer used in any rule set (NFHS, USAV, FIVB). It apparently is used only in Mr. Beard's world.

  5. @WeewodingProductions ye3ah right especially @ safeppl. he says the under the net isn't used 4 10 years then he corrects it? WTF is the real one???????

  6. This isn't outdated so much as just bad… some of those signals (eg, delay of serve being 8 sec) were introduced several years after some of the other signal were removed.

  7. @timasdf & @jbtrader Your a fuckin idiot dude….these are all currently being used. You must play some weird volleyball because your dont know shit. If you dont like the damn signs in this video then screw you and make your own goddamn video. ..

  8. @safeppl Sorry! The "under the net" signal portrayed in this video is not by anyone that follows the rule books or knows what they are doing.

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