How to Play Volleyball : How to Train for Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to talk about how to train for volleyball. Off-court
training will not only increase your performance ability, but it will also protect you from
injury. Training should include a balanced mix of cardio aerobic and anaerobic exercises
and weight training. Training should begin with a warm up and then a targeted work out,
followed by a stretch or cool down. Work outs should be focused on total body fitness, at
least three times a week. Good exercises to do with weights would include bench press,
dips, shoulder press, leg lifts, sit ups, and shrugs. To block or hit, a player must
jump. And if you can jump higher than the opposition, then you have a much better chance
of successfully blocking or successfully hitting the ball. So to train for jumping, you want
to do a few of the following: blocking jumps, standing jumps, depth jumps, and jump rope.
In blocking jumps, you want to find something consistent, a line, wall, or net, and you
want to take three steps to the side, left or right, exploding upward while reaching
over the net, or against the wall, or just penetrating in the air. Standing jumps would
be finding a point that you could stand and jump to and make sure that you hit every time.
You don’t take any steps…you explode upward and you reach with both hands. As soon as
your feet hit the ground, you explode back upward. Time on the ground should be minimal.
Try doing this until you can’t hit your target anymore. Depth jumps are when you stand on
a step or a box or anything elevated, and you step off and land with both feet simultaneously
and eplode upward, reaching with both hands. Time on the ground on this exercise should
be minimal just like on the standing jumps. Jump rope is another good exercise, and this
is great for cardio as well. But when you jump rope, you want to make sure that as soon
as you hit the ground you want to spring as fast as you can using your calf muscles and
the tips of your feet. The faster you spring, the better that you work your fast twitch
muscles which are the muscle groups you want to work out for jumping.

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  1. iive been playiin volleyball since first gradee nd started playin on a team in 4th grade till 8th grade nd ii never had to tryout 0r use ne 0f this until freshman year in highsk0ol and iim currently in 10th grade nd styll playiin

  2. What needs to be said, is that you SHOULD NOT do these drills daily. If you do, you will risk seriously hurting your legs, Knees or alot of other things. Every other day at most!!!!

  3. Omg you are all retarded like someone would bring a camra to a gym, of course it's fake!! Does it really matter who is telling who war to say? Imean really u watch this vid to learn not critizise!!!

  4. @Nejinetsuke lol are u stupid? look at his right ear or from this side left ear…if you notice he has earphones and u can also hear the voice talkin if u concentrate…

  5. When he was jumping on and off the box, his knees are getting closer together when landing. I was always told to avoid this!

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