How to Play Volleyball : How to Tip or Dink a Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. And now we’re going to talk about how to tip a volleyball. This can also be
called dinking. Tipping is achieved by using the same approach as a hit, but at the last
moment using fingertips or knuckles to direct the ball to a certain spot. The advantages
of this is it’s easy to direct the ball where you want and you confuse the players by acting
like you’re going to hit it hard when really you’re just going to tip it and let it fall
to an open hole on the court. You can tip it over a player who’s blocking and since
they can’t change their location, their physical location, because they’re already up in the
air it’s perfect and all they can do is watch it come down over their hands as they also
come down at the same time. This can be
a good strategy if players are leaving open gaps on the court or if they’re not covering
the blockers or if they’re playing hits too deep.

22 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Tip or Dink a Volleyball

  1. this guy makes me laugh i play for burnaby and im just watching these to see if this guy is really right but he's not so don't listen to him listen to a real volleyball coach!!!!!

  2. ok just so u guys know this vid is about blocking…and the blocking one is about serving…u "experts" need to get ur video names straight!!!! so that we know which is which!!!!

  3. Ok but why is he leaving 2 balls open between his two arms when he tries to show us how to blog.. This aint going to work my friend if you don't get your elbow together more..

  4. umm. u block like lloyd ball who never really blocks a hit lol. ur arms are too spread apart. and ur hands should be tilted more towards the ground

  5. @08dingle08 it's called a swing block and all high level players use it, so no it's not pointless at all. It allows you to move faster and jump as high as possible. Useful when you are playing against players that hit much much higher than the tape.

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