How to Play Volleyball : How to Practice Volleyball Fundamentals

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to practice volleyball, what are
some good practice drills to run. There’s endless types of practice drills that you
can run, but we’re just going to talk about three in this clip. A classic one to develop
fundamentals is called pepper. As we discussed, the fundamentals are a bump or pass, a set,
and a spike or a hit, and this one targets all of these. What you need is two players
and one ball. The players line up about 15-20 feet from each other, and player 1 will toss
the ball to player 2. Player 2 will pass the ball to the head of player 1. Player 1 will
set the ball back to player 2. Finally, player 2 will spike the ball back. Player 1 will
be in defensive position and be ready to pass the ball back to player 2 who will now set
the ball, and it continues again. This will give each player their chance to practice
all three skills. It’s a good idea for a team to practice transitioning in defense. Have
your team lined up in standard position, and have a man on the other side of the net as
the left, middle, and right side hitters. When they slap the ball, this simulates a
set coming to that particular hitter. Have your defense transition to the spots that
they would be in if the set went to that certain hitter. Go ahead and hit the ball and try
to get the ball up. As you’re running the drill, look for any holes that are being left
in the defense and compensate for your defensive strategy to cover these holes. A great way
to develop your arm swing and foot work in hitting is to run hitting lines. A player
will tell the setter what kind of set they want. They’ll toss their own ball and approach
and spike the ball. It’s good to run various types of sets to get practice on each kind.
The player will fetch their ball once they hit it. Blockers can be added for increased
difficulty, and it gives blockers a chance to practice as well. Another way to increase
the difficulty is to have a hitter hitting to the passers who will then pass and then
go up and hit instead of tossing the ball themselves.

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  1. is it legal or allowed to play the volleyball using other part of the body rather than the arm, i know it is allowed but could there be more than three passes on the same team in a game played with other parts of the body intentionally or unintentionally? thank You…

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